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This is Xena the Fighter. She was discovered on 1/20 in some hills in Jurupa Valley by hikers. She appeared to have been attacked with deep lacerations to her neck, chest ,and legs then... more


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Rise and Shine!


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Created by Elisa Eguiarte on January 20, 2014

This is Xena the Fighter. She was discovered on 1/20 in some hills in Jurupa Valley by hikers. She appeared to have been attacked with deep lacerations to her neck, chest ,and legs then led up a hill with a wire and put in the enclosement belonging to an electrical transformer, left to die. The Hikers called Riverside Animal Control, but feared that they would euthanize her based on her wounds. They also posted it's pictures and wounds on FaceBook and tagged some advocate animal lovers that immediately started networking to save this girl. The horse was released to DVM Bryn Moser who has volunteered to save her. Xena is on her way to a very long and costly recovery. We need help paying for vet costs, food, and foster care.

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People are awful. Just awful. I pray that the person or persons responsible for leaving her in this shape are found and charged! No animal deserves what she got and she is just a trooper. To endure what she has and keep her head as tall as she is and the will to keep fighting. So proud! :)

posted by Tanya Rogers 2 months ago

I read today that they believe that people are using other animals such as horses as bait for fighting dogs. That may explain the 6 dead goats. It's just sickening how low people will go for such demented entertainment and money. I hope they catch the evil people responsible for this. Go Xena!!!!

posted by Michelle Catlin 2 months ago

Very happy to see the increase in donation!!! Will be following Xena healing progress. Sending Prayers for all who are caring for him

posted by Shawn Gatto 2 months ago

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has donated. It is absolutely unimaginable what was done to this sweet girl. Her will to survive this horrific ordeal is beyond incredible. The treating veterinarian, Dr. Moser, has been amazing. She gave this brave little mare a fighting chance to survive and worked on her for 8 hours straight the day of her rescue. The outpouring of love has been overwhelming!! It's unbelievable just how many hearts Xena has already touched. We are searching for whomever is responsible for doing this to her. Unfortunately in our search today we came across 6 dead goats in the same area that Xena was found. We will continue to investigate in hopes of finding Justice for Xena!!! Thank you again and may God continue to Bless Xena and all involved with her rescue!!

posted by Lisa Campbell 2 months ago

If she could talk just imagine what her story would be. How can people do things like this, I just do not understand it. God Bless all that are helping her

posted by Debbie Marsh 2 months ago

Glad this poor girl is in loving hands now. Hope she has a full recovery and happy days ahead.

posted by Kris Beckman 2 months ago

I am so happy the hikers found this sweet mare. I know the vet will restore her health. Shame on those who neglected her.

posted by Jana Alton 2 months ago

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Cecilia Lenasdotter

1 month ago (Monthly Donation)



Christine Wood

1 month ago


Please update us Zena's progress. God Bless You.



Tanya M. Rogers

2 months ago


Many many prayers for y'all! Its amazing how strong and courageous one horse can be. :) Shame in the one who left her in this shape.




2 months ago



Kim Vickery

2 months ago


Bless you for helping Xena! Much love and prayers for a long, happy and healthy life for her!



Lisa Hutchin

2 months ago


Thank you for helping a horse in great need. Thank God for the good people in the world.



Bettina Kozlowski

2 months ago


After Elsa's story from Utah ended so sadly, I am somewhat hopeful Xena will recover from the horrible brutality inflicted on her by humans. Animal abuse laws need to be strengthened.



Debra Roe

2 months ago



Nancy Dykeman

2 months ago



Cheryl Gough

2 months ago


Prayers for full recovery, physically and mentally!


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