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Dallas and Brooklyn along with their grandmother, Theresa, were involved in a terrible car accident. They are currently in the ICU at Cincinnati Children's. Dallas has some bleeding in h... more


Created by Brittany Lewis on January 17, 2014

Dallas and Brooklyn along with their grandmother, Theresa, were involved in a terrible car accident. They are currently in the ICU at Cincinnati Children's. Dallas has some bleeding in his brain and some liver issues right now. Brooklyn has a serious brain injury that has caused permanent damage. The extent of this damage is unknown at this time. Her ventricle of her heart was crushed and her heart has suffered bad bruising but if her lungs heal, her heart should make a full recovery with no long term damage. She is currently unable to breath and is sedated at this time.

This account is being set up to help support in the cost of medical bills. We know that this entire situation is in God's hands and we appreciate anything and everything people are willing to give or do to help this family. We ask that you keep our family in your thoughts and prayers and ask you to pray not only for the children and their parents but also for the medical staff that will be providing care for them.


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Are there any recent updates?

posted by Michelle Caridi 2 months ago


posted by Eileen Elizabeth 2 months ago

I dont know you, but my nephew Nick Hawke went to school with Dallas. I have a son that has a Traumatic Brain injury due to an automobile accident and spent many months at CCHMC in the rehab unit. He too was on a ventilator (for over 2 years) and I know the pain and heartache you are feeling. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can assist with or any questions I can help answer as far as the brain injury (from my own experience of course). My son is 5 years post accident....prayers for you all. you can pm me on FB if you would like. If you are in rehab unit and have been given the DVD "A Road to Recovery", you will see me, my husband and our son in the video. Your babies are in the best place possible!!! GOD BLESS!

posted by Angie M Davis Hammann 2 months ago

There is a great thing at Children's....ecards. They are delivered daily and are very uplifting to the kids that have long stays. Praying god wraps his arms around all involved and gives you peace and healing.

posted by Delhia Taylor 2 months ago

I am so happy that Dallas is well enough to be released from the hospital. God does answer prayers. We will be praying for Brooklyns surgey to go well today and pray that she makes a full recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. God bless you all.

posted by Nicole Wood 2 months ago

Update from my sister: "Update: Brooklyn remained the same today. Sleeping and on the vent. X-rays showed improvement in her lungs. Surgery was scheduled and it just wasn't aligned in Gods perfect timing for it to happen today. Tomorrow is her day. They will also try and take the tubes out after surgery and see if she can breathe unassisted. She will remain heavily sedated so she isn't moving and will be prepared for surgery at 11 tomorrow. Dallas had X-rays that showed a compressed disk and he was fitted for a brace that will be done tomorrow and he will be released. Again your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness is so appreciated and we are overwhelmed and humbled at the love for our family. Thank you. We wouldn't be getting through without each one of you"

posted by Rebecca Randall 2 months ago

Update from my sister, Brooklyn and Dallas' mother: "Update on Brooklyn: Today started off hopeful and bright and took a terrible turn that completely shattered our hearts. She remained the same all day; and was scheduled to be taken off the vent tomorrow morning. An MRI was done to check her brain injury in more detail and the dr decided to do a neck one as well thinking maybe we could rid her of the neck brace that's laying on her broken clavicle bone. Praise The Lord! With out that neck result she could have been paralyzed or may not have made it. God has been shielding her from so much that I can do nothing else but fall on my knees, with tears down my face at his mercy. Brooklyn will go into surgery tomorrow to have plates and screws put into her neck since torn ligaments don't heal. After surgery they will also remove then vent and see how she does. The MRI also showed shearing in several spots of the brain. These are like scratches when you fall and scrap your knee. There were some additional blood spots found and the dr prepared us for the set back and the possibility of months if not longer to regain simple tasks, processes, memory and so on. The results from the MRI took us and the nurses totally by surprise today. One nurse said to us that we could try and find a case where a child is moving and lifting up and acting the way she was with this kind of injury but we wouldn't be successful bc it doesn't happen. I know it was my God bracing her neck each time they changed her pads, my God holding her spine straight each time they moved her and my God that protected her spinal cord during all the chest compressions, the throwing up, the moving around at the scene. He protected her from this huge threat. And again he protected her by having the dr order the broader MRI. Brooklyn is now heavily sedated as to not move and protect her spinal cord. We really need you to lift her up and pray Jesus's healing power over her body! May Gods will be done and I ask that you pray that he make it clear what I am suppose to be learning and moving toward from this trial and heartache. I know why we go through trials and I am trying to figure out how he is trying to mold me and my family into from this."

posted by Rebecca Randall 2 months ago

My daughter Lauren is in Brooklyn's class and my daughter Jenna goes to school with Dallas. We are so happy to hear they are starting to do better. Lauren was wanting to come see Brooklyn. But I'm not sure how you guys or the hospital would feel about that. Do you have a Facebook page where we can stay updated on their progress? My email is westmom25@yahoo.com please let us know if we can do anything for you. Even if that is just coming to sit while the family takes a couple hours of rest. We are all praying for y'all and can't wait to see the kids back up and going like the Panthers they are ;)

posted by Brandy Westermeyer 3 months ago

I don't know you personally but my children go to school with your kids. My heart is breaking for your family. We are praying for for these precious children and for peace for the family. Please let me know if you need anything.

posted by Nicole Wood 3 months ago

I don't know your family, except through your photo and in my heart. I cried during worship this morning as I felt the Lord say to come to the hospital to pray over these children. Weird I know since I don't even know you all!! But I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and have witnessed so many healings through the laying on of hands. If you want me to stop by, call or text me at 513-600-2139. And know that you have a prayer warrior in me!

posted by Terri Bardua 3 months ago

Update from my sister, Brooklyn and Dallas' mother: Tonight as were resting down to sleep this momma is humbled at the generosity of so many friends, family and people we have never met. I have not learned a word that would describe the feelings in my heart. Your prayers are so appreciated, I have watched Gods hands all over my babies and the worries in my heart and mind eased and taken away. Your encouraging words have lifted my spirits and have been inspirations to so many people who are watching this remarkable outpouring of love for these precious children. Part of my prayers last night were just to see brooklyns eyes and to know she remembers me, that she is still in there somewhere. God is faithful and today..... Brooklyn opened her eyes one time for me!!! She was being moved from side to side and opened her eyes and was looking toward the nurse, I said her name and watched as her eyes slowly made their way to my face. She starred and I was able to tell her happy birthday.!! She began to wiggle around and lift her arms off the bed before falling right back to sleep. It was well with my soul to get even that small snippet today. A peace of comfort has come across my soul and I have been able to sit back today and just reflect and give God glory for all he's done and his hands of healing working on my children. Brooklyn.... We are making small steps, but small is better than none. She is being removed from one ventilator tonight to the other one that simulates more natural regular breaths. We will get another look at her heart when she is switched to the other vent and see the improvements being made. Her facial twitches have subsided. She is moving her arms to pain and pushing her legs when she is hurting. The goal... Her her breathing on her own. The hospital was so awesome for her birthday. She is stylish with her toes painted from the family life centers birthday present to her, her blanket was full of balloons and her door had pretty pink banner to celebrate her birthday. Cupcakes and balloons fill the room. It isn't our ideal celebration for her birthday but we are celebrating that we are blessed enough to still have her with us. Our nurses have been the best and God has created each of these women for this specific job. There is no better place for these kids to be! Dallas.... Slept a lot today. He got up and walked to get a Popcicle and jello. That amount of activity wears him out pretty quickly and he goes back to sleep. He changed his clothes, And passed his speech test. Some of the things he says are still not completely correct or clear but he is on the road to recovery! Dallas said today several times that he doesn't like video games. For those of you who know him you are probably laughing right now. His Humor is coming back. When asked today (after numerous questions to him from the nurse) if he had any questions he replied "yes, where's my ticket out of here" and another time they were waking him up to check his brain and responses and she asked his name and he yelled Dallas! Then she asked where are you and he raised his hands up and yelled IN BED!!! He would usually never yell at a stranger but after being so tired and woke Every hour to be asked this same question he have her a loud smartelic response. She found it funny and I saw my good old Dallas. We are on the road to recovery and ask that you still keep our children in your prayers.

posted by Rebecca Randall 3 months ago

Happy Birthday Brooklyn, You and your family are in our prayers. This is from Haley Bishop and our family. Brooklyn, Dallas and Theresa you are strong and God is working to heal you.

posted by Crystal Tarvin 3 months ago

Happy Birthday Brooklyn, you guys are in our thoughts and prayers! Get well soon, we love you all!

posted by Deanna Sallee Lauderman 3 months ago

Happy Birthday Brooklyn, you guys are in our thoughts and prays! Get well soon, we love you all!

posted by Deanna Sallee Lauderman 3 months ago

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From Jackie & Jamie Turner. So sorry we couldn't make it to benefit tonight!



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I met Brooklyn a few years ago when my daughters cheered with her for SK. She was the sweetest little thing then and I see from the posts I've read she is still just as precious as ever! It is amazing to see God working through your lives and I pray He continues to heal. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.



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Dear God, You are powerful, you are strong. You are the creative force behind all that is. You are the energy that flows through us all. I believe your strength is bigger than the weakness. I now see and feel. I believe you can heal. I ask you to heal Brooklyn. Amen




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Prayers for the family



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Praying for your family and your sweet angels


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