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Our daughter Vanessa (Nessie) is an 18 yr. old Sr. at Jimtown High. She was born premature and has had multiple health issues,epilepsy w/gran mal seizures,low immune system,scoliosis,ast... more


Updated posted by Anna Tice 2 months ago

Well we will beginning our 4th week out in Rhode Island, treatments are working just not as quick as I would like them to work. Vanessa was able to wear a regular sock and a crock on her left foot which she hasnt been able to do since before October 5th. Please continue to keep Vanessa and us in ur prayers. Unless some unforseen circumstances happen this week we should be coming home at the end of this week.
Mark and Anna Tice


Updated posted by Anna Tice 2 months ago

Well we were informed today that Vanessa will be staying a 3rd week. Tomorrow she starts treatments twice daily with physical therapy in between. Along with the CRPS Vanessa also has two other diseases working against her. Please continue to uplift her in your prayers.

Thank You

Mark and Anna Tice


Updated posted by Anna Tice 2 months ago

Well , last week didn't go as well as we hoped. Nessie is not only fighting crps but also enthesitis related arthritis and benign hypermobile joint syndrome .. we're not sure of what Dr. D has planned wether it be injections or surgery to relieve pressure..please keep her in your prayers as this has been very overwhelming. Thank you -Mark and Anna Tice

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Created by Anna Tice on January 5, 2014

Our daughter Vanessa (Nessie) is an 18 yr. old Sr. at Jimtown High. She was born premature and has had multiple health issues,epilepsy w/gran mal seizures,low immune system,scoliosis,asthma ,as well as cardiothoraccic surgery at age 15. In June of 2011 she was hospitalized with organ failure ,other then putting her on several meds. to help her continue to function, the drs. could never seem to find the root cause. With meds. and physical therapy she was able to have a grace period. Then in october of 2012 nessie had to be hospitalized again with organ Failure and severe pain, this time it affected her left leg, after an mri the drs. also discovered an adenoma. She then spent the month of january 2013 at the cleveland clinic,their she was diagnosed with crps and with new meds. treatments and intense physical therapy she was able to return to school (after missing 95 days). Since she was feeling better(in remission)
, she decided to try out for color guard(it was her first time being able to participate in a school sport) we were a little nervous about it ,but supported her. She worked hard during practices and learned to cope with her pain and had physical therapy 3 times a week. In oct. 2013 Vanessa was marching out to the field and felt her left foot explode, it was an excruciating pain and she felt like a knife had went thru her foot. We took her home and gave her pain meds. , but by the next morning her foot swelled up to twice the size and she had no feeling in her toes. She couldnt even soak it in water because it burned her skin, from this point on she could no longer wear a shoe. We tried every treatment possible acupuncture,deep tissue massage,spinal nerve blocks,tens unit,etc. Other then help with minor swelling,these treatments did nothing for the severe pain that she was experiencing. After Mri's and Xrays drs, found more problems not only is Vanessa in full CRPS flare up (complex regional pain syndrome),which has no cure, but they also believe she has Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS) Vanessa,s pain has now gone from her foot to her calf and now onto her hip,shes also beginning to experience hand cramping,Nessie also suffers from scoliosis as well as other back problems ,so getting comfortable has not been easy. She is now on crutches ,but is having difficulty with that because of her pain.As of now, We have 2 new options for treatment- Prolotherapy and Calmar scrambler therapy,Unfortunately neither of these treatments are covered by insurance. PLEASE help our Nessie get the treatments that can help her get back to her smiling happy self. The pain has become completely overwhelming for her and we need to act fast as she is continuing to get worse. We know that God has a plan for Vanessa and we have faith that he will bring her an infant we were told that she would have a lifespan of about 2 years, well she's proved the Drs. wrong :) Help her to continue to do so! Vanessa has an appointment on Jan. 20th for the calmar pain center in Rhode Island, please help make this possible. God Bless, Mark and Anna Tice

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I'm 39 yrs old seven yrs ago I had a surgery that went wrong I now have rsd same has crps I can't longer work I have little to no use of my left arm and now have it in both of my legs and feet I'm looking for more people that have it and understand what I'm going through my name is robin hawes I leave in reedsburg Wisconsin

posted by Robin Foster Hawes 3 months ago

Hey everyone it's Vanessa I would like to thank everyone who has donated for me to get the treatments:) you guys are truly such a blessing:) xoxoxo~Nessie:)

posted by Vanessa Tice 3 months ago

I just want to thank everyone for your generosity, prayers, and support with this.

posted by Mark Tice 3 months ago

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BLET #335

28 days ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. BLET#335, Pittsburgh Division NS




1 month ago



guy barto

1 month ago


Wishing the best for Vanessa. Engineer CN Rail Flint Michigan.



David Hall

1 month ago


I hope your stay in Rhode Island was as best as it could be. I am from RI and a CSX BLET member and I hope Nessie and your family the best of hope.



JJ Balonek (div815)

1 month ago


Hope everything works out for your beautiful daughter. My family has sent our prayers.



Mark D Junek

1 month ago


Good luck, Mark; more important, God bless Vanessa, you, and all your family. my prayers for you. another Mark, BNSF 36 yrs, Sheridan, WY



mike davis

1 month ago


hey, Mark and family. Mike Davis here. Engineer in Pensacola, Florida for 38 years with CSX. Hope miss Vanessa is doing better and will continue to do so! Saw the article in the BLET magazine and wanted to help out. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for yall.



Donnie Despines

1 month ago


God Bless, My family and I will pray for you all! Best of luck raising the money and with your treatment. Stay strong!




1 month ago



Tim Reiter

1 month ago


Mark,I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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