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I am raising money for the new lungs that we have been praying to God for. I am now in the End Stage of my lung disease with 14% lung function and though 3 of my children are grown up,I... more


Updated posted by Cheri L. Cisneros 7 months ago

Hello to everyone!!! Well, here I am one month post my double lung transplant! Praise the Lord!! :) This s huge!! I feel so very Blessed to be where I am right now. The Lord has been so good to me.
I pray for all of you who are currently waiting to get that wonderful call and I pray your wait will not be much longer. I also pray for those working at getting on the waiting list that things go smoothly for you and that soon you too will be waiting by your phone for that very important call. What a Blessing that day will be. It is coming. Do not give up hope God will provide for you when the time is right. He knows when that time is.
It has been an amazing journey. I prayed before that I would get my new lungs before I had to go in for my next 6 minute walk. What is so funny and a blessing is that I got the call for my new lungs on the 19th of August and the did the surgery on the 20th of August. My next appointment for the 6 minute walk was that Friday the 23rd. LOL Made it just before it got there. Awesome! The Lord answers all kinds of prayers! :)
I am doing really well from what the doctors have been telling me. I am taking walks every day, going to rehab three times a week, to clinic once a week for labs and spiro. I have cooked my own breakfast and I can not remember when the last time I cooked anything was. It feels so good. Now I do have a considerable amount of pain I am dealing with still but I do realize that will pass in time. Lord willing, sooner than later. :) The nausea I have been dealing with has been really bad but now that they have given me some phenergan and we have stopped three of the meds temporarily, I have been doing much better today (Saturday Sept. 21st). I ate breakfast and had a salad for lunch and have not been nauseated. Praise the Lord!!! :)
We are in an apartment here in Dallas for the next few months. Probably get to go back home to Abilene,Tx in December sometime. Finances are really , really hard right now and I pray that we are able to get some help. I don't mind asking that is there is anyone that is Blessed enough to be able to help, I would appreciate anything you could afford to help out with. Paying for two households as my youngest son is back home at our house and going to school and so we have two places to pay for to live plus the approximate $600 a month for my monthly medications and that is after insurance has paid their part. It is really a strain. I plan to work on some sort of fund raisers once I get back home. Not sure what will come of it as I am a very quiet person and really have only a few friends literally , it makes it harder to get a fund raiser going. Most of my friends are online. :) I pray this does not offend anyone that I am asking but I am being real. I have a need and if I don't ask, then no one knows I need the help. I know there are so very many of you that know exactly what I mean. So, if you an help, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can not, that is ok. We all can not afford to do this I know. If you can not help, I would love your prayers.
For those of you who wanted to know, I am including my current mailing address for while I am in Dallas.
Cheri Cisneros
1310 N. Cockrell Hill Rd Apt. 715
Dallas, Texas 75211

That is all for now. I will update again probably next month. Thank you again to all of you who have supported me financially and those that have supported me with your prayers and well wishes. I am so grateful to you all. God Bless you !!! Love and Hugs (((HUGS)))


Updated posted by Cheri L. Cisneros 8 months ago

Hi everyone this is Nikki, Cheri's daughter in law! I just wanted to update everyone that August 19th 2013 at 8:52 pm Cheri got her third call to receive her lungs and arrived at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX at 11:10 pm. Cheri received her lungs around 10:23 am on August 20, 2013. Thanks for everyone's prayers and donations! Join the Breath of Life Facebook Group to keep up with updates and pictures! Blessings to you all!


Updated posted by Cheri L. Cisneros 11 months ago

Hi everyone, Well the second call came on May the 7th at about 6:50pm. Just like before we were all just doing our normal routine things for the day and then even though I have a special ringer on my phone to alert me that the call is from the hospital, I got a regular tone ring and so I answered it as I saw the familiar 214 area code. My husband was right there by me watching TV with and everyone else were other parts of the room.

As I listened to the lady, Teresa, on the other end of the line, she starts to tell me that they may have possible lungs for me. Then proceeded to ask me several routine questions about my current health, when did I last eat and other questions. She then tells me that they need me to go ahead and get on the road and to get there as quickly as safely possible as there was a shorted window of time to work with. . I told her fine and thank you and we will be on our way. Dallas is where my transplant hospital is located and takes about 3 hours to drive with good traffic. Last time we took the Care Flight plane but it took so long to wait for them to get ready,,get a plane to Abilene and then to our destination in Dallas that we chose to drive as we could get there faster we had leaned.

So I turned to my husband and said "Ok, lets go" and he said "Where?" I said "To the hospital, they want us to get on the road now". He was surprised. He heard nothing I was saying on the phone and so he yelled to everyone to get ready, we got the call. It was great!!! Made a few phone calls, got the bags in the car and got gas in the tank and off we went.

We ended up making to Dallas in about 2 1/2 hours. My oldest son drove with the flashers on. HaHa! So, we get there, and since it was at night had to check in through the ER. Got that done and then they had us sit and wait till the had someone to escort us to where we needed to go which ended up being the 7th floor. Room 745. After arriving there, nurses were immediately there to start getting me ready,. Shower, urine,blood draws, x-ray, AKG, medication check,check vital signs ask a lot of questions , -put on ID bracelets, talk to the doctor on the phone and some sort of antibiotic breathing treatment and took a pepcid capsule. Ha Ha The surgery was scheduled for 12:00 am (midnight).

A little after 12:00 I said my I love yous to everyone in my family and the wheeled me off to the operating room. I was so glad to see the nurse that was going to be in the operating room was the same one that was there from my first dry run. I liked her. After they got me in the operating room they put on the stylish hair net and ran the IV and the other IV thing that they put in your artery. That really hurt!!! . I was all ready again, just waiting for the word so they could put me to sleep. After awhile the phone rings and the nurse waves for one of the male attendants there to answer the phone,. As I almost am holding my breath, I see him make a motion with his hand to the nurse and it was not a good one. She had that look on her face as she came slowly walking towards me once again. She tells me it was canceled again. The longs once again were not good. They had fluid in them so they could not be used. It was sad, and I hated that I had to leave there once again with these old , sick lungs but I am handling is so much better than the first time.

After a short wait we all piled back into the car and headed back home once again to wait for yet another call. Praying the third time will be THE CALL. They say third times a charm. :)


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Created by Cheri L. Cisneros on June 27, 2011

I am raising money for the new lungs that we have been praying to God for. I am now in the End Stage of my lung disease with 14% lung function and though 3 of my children are grown up,I still have a 16 year old Son with me that I pray this lung transplant will allow me to still be here to see through his adult life.

The money collected will go towards transportation to and from numerous appointments to Dallas,TX and for gasoline to drive back and forth,for lodging,food, any medical expenses that are not a covered service under our insurance, co-pays for medications,temporary living during the several months after transplant, ect. I am listed at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas which is about a three hour drive from where I live. The donations raised by the previous sale have been exhausted from all the travel, to appointments and related expenses and breathing medicine co-pays, ect. We could really use your help.

Supporters can also help by saying a prayer for me. We are praying believing that God is going to give me new lungs and also that he will keep me well enough to make it to the lung transplant. Your prayers would be appreciated.


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So proud of you. Your faith and love for Jesus will sustain you until that day arrives for two new lungs. You are an inspiration. Love you dearly.

posted by Janie Williams 12 months ago

Still waiting on San Antonio to call back with the second appointment date. They are getting more medical info from back home in Abilene,Tx.

posted by Cheri L. Cisneros 33 months ago

Please call us and let us know how things go on the 13th Once you get settled! Love you!

posted by Nikki Vaughan 33 months ago

Love you Cheri still praying and praising God for the miracle and love He has for you! (((HUGS)))

posted by Nikki Vaughan 33 months ago

That is very sweet Stephen and I appreciate all your caring. Right now I am letting the good Lord keep me in his hands and protect me till time comes for the actual transplant. Amen

posted by Cheri L. Cisneros 34 months ago

Wanted to let you know that you are loved Cheri. God bless you...

posted by Stephen 34 months ago

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After hearing the good news today that you received your lungs, my heart was filled with love and joy. I am so glad we got a chance to talk to each other. You will be hearing from me soon. Love ya Tanya Ewig



B Miller

10 months ago


I hope You keep positive. God has made a way for us.. (((Hugs))) Well God Bless you my friend..xoxo



geraldine castillo

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I pray you reach your goal.



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Moving it over here...Good luck Cheri, and I hope your call comes soon!!




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