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Updated posted by Alex Carson 7 months ago

Hey all,

Thanks for your inquiries about having this page also fund a charity in San Francisco.

My original plan was to switch the benefiting charity after a certain point, but it appears that you cannot do that on this site. Seattle Children's is locked in as the beneficiary.

I appreciate the thought, and agree that splitting it would be best. But I cannot do that now, and don't want to lose the momentum we have started to see with media by creating a new fund with a new link.

I would ask you all: If giving is in your heart, worry not about the geographical location of the beneficiary.

We're so thankful for your contributions!


Created by Alex Carson on December 18, 2013

Sports rivalries are fun.

Living in Seattle as a 49ers fan has provided lots of banter, back-and-forth prodding and fun memories of game day.

What people elect to do with their money is their own business. I'm not going to question anyone's motives or moral compass based on such acts, but can't we do better and turn something so negative into a positive?

No billboards. No bricks. No airplanes. Just help kids.

49ers and Seahawks fans: Let's unite. Join me in showing the fans, teams and media watching that we are above such petty causes and can get along in the name of good.

The original plan was to switch the beneficiary from Seattle Children's to UCSF Children's at some juncture. I was unaware that is not possible on this site. Since Seattle Children's is locked in, I would ask you all to worry not about the geographical location of the beneficiary. Sick kids are sick kids. Please consider donating regardless.

100% of your donation (minus the processing fee) goes to this cause. There will be no furthering of the rivalry made with your donation.

Just help kids.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Would have been nice to organize behind this effort. We had an idea about doing a strict fund raiser for donations between us and the 49ers if we met in the playoffs...but that's kind of been hampered. Damn, I wish you would have talked to us before doing this. Could have been 10x greater.

posted by Cedric Morris 7 months ago

Excellent idea. Rival fanbases can come together for a good cause!

posted by Tre Faaborg 7 months ago

Thank you for this...Go Niners! Best wishes tokids at Seattle Children's.

posted by Scott Seronello 7 months ago

Good point. Since it's about unity, how about splitting the final donation amount in half to benefit both hospitals? I love the intention of this page, though :)

posted by Jessica Gardezy 7 months ago

I think this is a great idea. I would like to point out that there is a children's hospital here in SF. Since Seattle's Children's hospital is being donated to already...let's bring some love and donation to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

posted by Jennifer Bulleri 7 months ago

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Go Niners!



Colleen Malley

7 months ago


This is cool and Seattle Children's Hospital is the best! Thanks!



Michael K, Ryan M, Carlena D

7 months ago


This donation was collected at work by three wonderful Seahawks fans!



David Dewey

7 months ago


Happy Holiday around the world from Steilacoom. Go Niners #6


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