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Updated posted by Chris Young 10 days ago

Thanks to a recent wave of awesome people donating to the Boys and Girls Club Marathon Team my current fundraising total is $3,915! Last year I was able to break the $4,000 mark but I am confident that we can blow that out of the water this year! Today I did a 12 mile run and at mile 10 a grouchy looking old Woburn man sitting in his front yard started chanting "Boston Strong" over and over as I ran by his house, the last 2 miles where my best miles of the year! I can't wait to toe that line in Hopkinton in two weeks!



Updated posted by Chris Young 2 months ago

Less than a week til my fundraiser and the marathon is just starting to real! My legs are continuing to feel better than they did this time last year and I am excited to see how my 17 miler goes on Sunday. I only have four more long runs until I toe the line in Hopkinton. Here is a pic from my 16 miler last week, it was my 4th time running the Super Sunday race in memory of Jeff Price...the trip just keeps getting longer and stranger!


...what a long strange trip it's been


Updated posted by Chris Young 2 months ago

45 degrees out today and my first training run of the year in shorts!

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Created by Chris Young on December 12, 2013

As many of you well know last year I decided to run my first marathon. The experience was one that changed my life, the first 14 miles were the most incredible miles I have ever run and I felt like I could take on the world. As I got to mile 16 I was feeling my legs and I knew that the next miles through the Newton Hills were going to be a true test of my training and my determination. I finished the hills strong but I hit another wall at mile 23 that was unexpected. As I struggled through what I thought would be the easiest part of the race the thought of crossing the finish line and knowing that my wife and best friends would be there was the only thing that kept me going. I has told Erica to stay on the left side of the road, I like to run on the left side and I didn't want to miss her. I also told her to be a few hundred yards before the finish so I could get a burst of energy to cross the finish line. I had no idea that I had just told her to stand 40 feet from a deadly explosion. Nor did I know that as I was shuffling along during mile 24 that my wife was running to find me and our friends were frantically looking for her thinking she must be dead. I had no idea what my brother had just seen live on TV and that he knew my pace should have had me just crossing the finish line. I had no idea the severity of what was going on when I reached Kenmore and among the cheering spectators I saw her horrified face screaming to me. One of the few things that I was sure of in the months following the Boston Marathon was that I would be back and I would get the chance to cross the finish line. If you have taken the time to read this please take it one step further and take the time to make a donation.

What is easy to lose sight of following last years Boston Marathon is all the goodness that comes from the event. In 26 years the Boston Marathon has raised over $140 million for charity. Last year there were 3,000 people who ran under a charity bib. This year I am proud to be running the marathon for the Waltham Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club is a place where youth development comes first. At the club kids can eat, play, study, swim, sing, and most importantly be themselves in a safe and supportive environment. The cost of joining the club is only $15 per year and the operating costs of the club rely almost entirely on donations. I am proud to be on the first ever Waltham Boys and Girls Club Marathon team and I thank you in advance for investing the future of our youth!

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Jess & Frank

2 days ago


We'll be cheering you on from Seattle, best of luck Chris!



Maryann & Steve Landry

4 days ago


Best of Luck! With much respect, The Lamdry's



Anne Marie Gobron

5 days ago


Wishing you the best of luck! -The Gobron Family



Manjiri and Pete Machak

5 days ago



James Flanagan

6 days ago


I wanted to make sure you could say you exceeded your goal! Best of Luck and Enjoy!




6 days ago




9 days ago


Way to go, Chris! I love what you've done.



jim and emma young

10 days ago



Jeff & Gina Young

12 days ago


Good luck Bro!



Jeff Satwicz

13 days ago


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