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It was just over two years ago Shane did what we thought was crazy, impossible, and to say the least, a "lifestyle change"! It all started when Shane, His father Bob Barry, Josh, and I... more


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Wow everyone this is the coolest thing to see everyone come together and keep a dream alive!



Created by Travis Nicolet on December 8, 2013

It was just over two years ago Shane did what we thought was crazy, impossible, and to say the least, a "lifestyle change"!
It all started when Shane, His father Bob Barry, Josh, and I took a free class with the coast gaurd on sailing and seamenship in the Santa Cruz yacht harbor. From there, I would say was the start of the adventure..
At work I was talking with a client, Nikki Brooks who said she may have a possible boat to get us started , but it would have to be looked at, because it needed to be peeled out of the side of a mountain in Soquel along the creek... 3 weeks later and over 100 hours of blood sweat and tears, including rebuilding the trailer underneath the boat, a beautiful Catalina 22 emerged..
That boat taught us how unforgiving small boats were and countless near death experiences brought me talking again at work which brought us to the next free boat..
I currently have a Cal 27' in Mission bay, San diego. It was given to me by Frosty Hesson, the only catch was it was 300 miles away in Oxnard. I started taking trips checking it out, whiel Shane was on his first major trip from La paz to San fransisco, which got cut short in San Diego due to a crazy captain who actually turned on the crew with a knife! Shane had to save the crew member by choking the captain taking the knife away!
When he got home I had his next adventure ready! Bob and Troy Shawdrove us to Oxnard and dropped us off, wished us farewell and we began a 3 1/2 day action packed weekend of learning how to sail, through some of the toughest waters in California! In and out of three storms we arrived in the Santa cruz harbor at 12 am, pouring rain, 10 foot seas and 25 gusting 30 knots! (I was literally kissing the ground)
On that trip is when Shane said," if I had a boat I would sail around the world." That night on Craigslist I found the boat, which he is on today, for "FREE". We took a zodiac out to where it was moored and came aboard. It was full of trash, half full of water and about to sink, when he looked at me and said ,"This is it."
He went home and called the man and the guy said, "Sorry it's been given away." That night on Myles Seiz last night in america we launched a midnight operation to my boat, motored to the Santa crus wharf , tied it off cut it free and like modern dsy pirates, took the boat back to Capitola! The owner freaked out the next day when his boat was gone but Shane reassured him he was the guy for the job.
He finally gave in and the transfer was made for $1.
8 months later after basically rebuilding a solid wooden L36, engine and all, from basically the ground up, Shane was ready for the trip. His father, John, and him did the first leg to Cabo san lucas over two weeks, where he was left to continue on for the next two years alone.
I've had the pleasure of joining him for a total of less then 2 months in Mexico, The society islands, and most recently Fiji.
The stories, videos, pictures from his voyage have literally left me where I can't sleep when I think about them. The waves we have scored in Tahiti, Fiti bay, Tavarua , Cloudbreak, to name some, has been a chance of a lifetime. The skills aquired i've picked up have taught me so much.Needless to say, when he makes his book it will be well worth reading. Through storms, cyclones, swells, love and tragedy, he is todays version of a modern day pirate.
Being with hm and learning of the countless days of work for amounts of money that most of us would laugh at, Like scraping boats in shark infested waters, for 2 days straight, earning $40..haha who does that?
So for this Christmas i'm going to do what anyones best friend would do and try and rally some money for him..Anything will help.$5,$10,$20.
I'm going to put an envelope at David adams salon, 877 41st. ave Santa cruz, CA 95062.. I will start it off with $50 bucks and even if thats all he gets i'm sure he will be grateful.IF SENDING A CHECK PLEASE LEAVE BLANK. If you would like to donate I will be making him a post on Christmas with all the names of people who helped so if you would like to donate just hit the join button and I will include your name in the post! If someone is noton FB and would like to join just leave your name at the salon with your donation and I will include that too.
Again I understand that this time of the year is really hard on everyone so don't feel obligated because he has NO IDEA I'M DOING THIS, so don't tell and lets suprise him on this Christmas

David Adams Salon
877 41st Ave., Santa Cruz, California 95062

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To big adventures and good friends. Be safe and have fun.




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Love u buddy! Keep the journey going



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Live on !!!



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Enjoy the journey!



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Safe travels hermano!



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"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." -Isak Dinesen "We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came." -John F. Kennedy


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