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On February 27th 2014 Sarah Reinert lost her battle with breast cancer. Thank you so much to everyone that donated to help her fight. Below, is a small part of her story. Hello, my nam... more


Updated posted by Sarah Lechner-Reinert 2 months ago

My fatigue is getting better. Still very achy with this fold weather. Please share out my page as I still need help and thank you, thank you for all the help you've given.


Updated posted by Sarah Lechner-Reinert 3 months ago

Still getting fatigued at times. But my nausea is better. Please keep sharing my page out to help and thank you again for all you help.


Updated posted by Sarah Lechner-Reinert 3 months ago

Well I was able to get my y90 treatment yesterday, but I still need help with the very large copays for it. Thank you to all who have helped and please, please share my page. I'm looking at larger bills from the treatment to help save me.

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Created by Sarah Lechner-Reinert on December 3, 2013

On February 27th 2014 Sarah Reinert lost her battle with breast cancer. Thank you so much to everyone that donated to help her fight.
Below, is a small part of her story.

Hello, my name is Sarah Reinert I am just 35 and I have stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to my liver and bones.
Insurance premiums and co pays have eaten our savings and we are now facing very frightening times. Just last week, the day after my 35th birthday I found out that the chemotherapy I have been on is not working and the cancer is progressing.

I am a mother,

a wife

and a registered nurse.
However now I am the patient.

I now will receive very harsh chemotherapy one time a week and radiation every day to attempt to keep the cancer under control, but the doctors do not seem optimistic. All this and now because of the side effects from treatment and the advanced stage of my cancer I am no longer able to do the job I love. My work helped me stay positive knowing that I was helping others. For now that is gone and I have to focus on me and spending as much time as I can with my children. One small bright spot is that many doctors have told me that there is still hope, it is a liver direct treatment called Y90. They say it is the best chance to extend my life. But my insurance company is denying coverage due to the FDA not approving it as a breast cancer treatment yet. They call it experimental even though It has been proven to extend life in people with liver and colon cancer in the liver. However the FDA has not approved the Y90 for advanced breast cancer. The problem is that on top of all the expenses we have now the Y90 is very expensive.
And with our now crippled income I am worried I may even lose the insurance I do have. I am faced with very few choices but to turn to friends, family and even kind strangers for help.

So please help if you can. I am not ready to leave this world yet. I need to be here to watch my seven year old daughter grow up. I need to be here to see my step sons walk down the aisle. I want to be a grandmother, and I want to go back to work so I can help people heal and return to their lives.

I am going to stop now because I am crying again.

Please help if you can.

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Sarah, I was sent this information in an email and immediately thought of you. I hope and pray that you are hanging in there. Please read this - and have your husband read it - and perhaps there may be some help in it for you. mistry/2001/11/wormwood-extrac t-kills-cancer-cells

posted by Lynn DeJong 4 months ago

Hi Sarah. You don't know me personally, but I worked with your dad at Falk Metz for years. I spoke with both your mom and dad last night at our office party and they told me what was going on. Please know that you have been in my daily prayers. Four years ago, my father passed away. He had liver cancer and there was a drug that he needed that was not approved by the FDA either. However, they told me to go through a funding called "NORD", which I did. I don't recall exactly what I had to do, but it worked. Research it if you can. I wish you the very best and KEEP FIGHTING! May God watch over you and your family always.

posted by Monica Loye 4 months ago

Hi Sarah, my name is Suzanne an I was diagnose on Aug 5,2013 with Stage 3 Breast cancer.. Immediately I thought to hurry an do exactly what the oncologist an doctors suggested. The whole 3 step method. I did the surgery part out of pure fear because everything the doctors saying we all believe to be right. But Sarah I tell you it's not the case. My daughter has helped change my outlook out cancer completely. I had an consulation with Dr. Garcia at UTOPIA WELLNESS in FLORIDIA. It's a ALTERNATIVE CANCER TREATMENT Please have someone close to you that helps make decision watch this if or the first 5mins. It's life changing. I also agree with Penny Stout Gerson Therapy is known to be amazing!! LIVE FOR YOU!! PRAYS SEND ome/success/

posted by Suzanne Alexander 4 months ago

FYI, Have you already heard of the Gerson Therapy? I have heard amazing stories about cancer survivors and while it is expensive, it may be a fraction of what you are currently paying. I wish you the best and will pray that you can beat this cancer and live life to the fullest.

posted by Penny Stout 4 months ago

Were praying for you Sarah, I dont know if you remember me but we hired in together at the VNA. Your story is spreading and I hope every little bit helps. My wife read it from one of her friends and then I saw it. God bless you and your family

posted by Tom Grynovich 4 months ago

Sara the radio station 93.9 lite FM here in Chicago is looking for people in need to help raise funds. You should contact them. Also I am sure you have done this but just in case have you looking into drug trails of Zevalin (Y90)? These trails cover all costs of the drug and insurance is not an issue. I hope this helps...good thoughts you way.

posted by Jennifer Haselhorst 4 months ago

Just want to thank everyone for all the support, emotional and financial, that everyone is providing. Sarah has been fighting this awful disease for around three years. She has been able to keep going and not quit. Thanking all again.

posted by Suzette Reinert 4 months ago

Joe, political arguments have no place here. This is totally to support Sarah. She cannot be dropped from her coverage due to a cap on her insurance, or from a pre-existing condition, or because she has cancer. These are protections for her, and reasons for her to not worry and to focus on her recovery and healing. These are facts she can count on - just as she can count on her Marian family to support her along the way. There is so much love in the Marian family - and it IS the GREATEST thing. Blessings and Peace, Sarah.

posted by Lynn DeJong 4 months ago

You may want to find a new oncologist because not all of them are created equally. I'm seeing Dr. Farhat in Crown Point and he is incredible. The added benefit of going to St. Anthony is that they will do everything possible to find charities and various societies that will help pay for your medical bills. Crown Point may be a long drive, but the people at St. Anthony are second to none and some of the most compassionate people that I've met in my life. There is always a way if you truly believe there is. Dont give up! There are also some alternative avenues that you may want to look into. My good friend Renee Kimberling owns an alternative clinic here in Valparaiso called Healing Arts Center and can certainly provide treatments to run along side your chemo and radiation. Vitamin B17 is also an important step when killing cancer cells, it is banned in the US because it cures cancer, but you can find it on Amazon, the vitamin you're looking for is B17/NovoDalin, not NovaDalin, and it is recommended that you take up to two in the morning and two at night. Do some research on B17 and you'll find a lot of great, very positive information about it. I'm truly pulling for you, Sarah, and hope that you take advantage of some of the information that I've provided. Sometimes traditional medicine just can't get it done and that is when alternative medicine, natural medicine, can work wonders to bring you back to the person whom you know you deserve to be. If you have questions please contact me at jeremy.carnahan@impactsolution I'd be happy to help answer any questions I can.

posted by Jeremy Carnahan 4 months ago

Sara, you'll be in our prayers. Lynn, you obviously aren't familiar with the ACA. You still keep your insurance... that doesn't mean they will pay for pre-existing conditions or treatments that government bureaucrats don't feel like approving or treating. The only thing she'll be getting extra from the ACA will be increased premium costs, higher copays and more denials of coverage/treatment.

posted by Joe MolonLabe 4 months ago

You cannot lose your healthcare because of the Affordable Care Act. So that is one less thing you need to worry about. Focus on fighting the cancer with everything you have! Avoid all sugar!! Look at the nutritional things you can do to help yourself fight this! Prayers for you and your family!!

posted by Lynn DeJong 4 months ago

My thoughts and prayers are with you!! I pray you get the treatment you need!!! Never give up!!

posted by Jennifer Lussow Bechinske 4 months ago

My prayers are with you and your family. miracles happen daily, let yours be one of them!

posted by Ronda Underly Van Voorhis 4 months ago

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