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Hey minions, the Colonel needs our well wishing and any donations you may be able to give. We don't know how long he'll be under medical supervision so we're just asking for a little bit... more


Created by Anne Marie Avey on November 21, 2013

Hey minions, the Colonel needs our well wishing and any donations you may be able to give. We don't know how long he'll be under medical supervision so we're just asking for a little bit of help. Prayers and positive thinking still goes a long way, too. Thank you so much for the support!!!

After his bills are covered, anything left over will be donated to emergency pet care. Every owner should need to do what they need to do in order to help their best friend! Thank you so much!

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I am happy to donate to the memory of Colonel Meow. He amused and entertained me greatly. Thank goodness for Colonel Meow and all those who visit this page with love. To those that are suspicious and negative, it is apparent that you are insensitive and thoughtless at best. Unless you actually donated, which I am sure you did not, the definition of DONATION is a gift or offering. No one needs to explain where the gifts went. They have done nothing wrong, the donations are legal, the donors are happy to give their money away, and the only one unhappy is you. You need to police your own behaviour. You are making a spectacle of your self in the worst way. Try to be a person you can proud of. You are never going to take the joy away from Colonel Meow's memory. Thank you again for sharing Colonel Meow with us. xoxo

posted by Sue Hazuda 1 month ago

The comments asking for proof are ignorant mostly because if it were true that Colonel Meow was not dead, it would be easy to find out. Why assume evil, making it more difficult to mourn this kitties passing? How about waiting a bit before demanding proof. Be considerate. or, if you really want proof, you'll do it privately and not in the open just to amaze everyone with your silly complaints. Grow up and have some consideration!

posted by Eric West 2 months ago

I am a very new Minion, but came very quickly to appreciate and love Colonel Meow. He was gone much too soon. Bless you all, and may you find comfort in your memories of him... *HUGS*

posted by Trish Short Lewis 2 months ago

RIP Colonel Meow. Bless.

posted by Laura Dodge 2 months ago

R.I.P. Colonel Meow... and for the rest of you who left all the negative comments.. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

posted by Susan Alger Salsberry 2 months ago

I am sorry to have to inform all here who do not know, that Colonel Meow has sadly passed away. His beloved owner posted the sad news on Colonel's Facebook page. RIP Colonel Meow x x

posted by Caz Draven 2 months ago

Maybe Catster will tell us what you did with the extra money. They covered this story, we need the ending.

posted by Robin Hendrickson 3 months ago

And the ugliness from syncophants continues. Imagine any other so-called public figure who had collected money from fans telling telling fans to just "go away and mind your own business". Amazing what some allow people to get away with. Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible. They'll believe anything they see in print. E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

posted by Sandra Fredine 4 months ago

Hate to state the obvious, but if colonel meow is so unwell, why is he appearing in Friskies videos? I know that if my cat had surgery within the last month, I would not want that stress on him. Especially with heart issues.

posted by Robin Hendrickson 4 months ago

Great Joanne, now please go away. You don't have to donate anything. You sound like a creep who wants to get into others' business. Get off your high horse and be quiet.

posted by Bethany Willins 4 months ago

I will never cease to be amazed at the entitlement some people feel they have, especially when it's over the Internet. You know perfectly well that Colonel Meow is unwell, you can see from his page that he has over a quarter of a million fans, you know that his owner is with him, but you still send several questions asking for a "precise diagnosis, precise treatment and precise clinic" what makes you think that she's got time to reply to anyone, let alone you with your stupid questions? No one is forcing you to donate, this isn't a mandatory donation page, if you don't like the terms of it, then walk away, the same you way in which you would with any other situation, all you've done is made yourself look like an idiot at a time when someone is already worried about their pet. Try and think first the next time you engage your keyboard, use some empathy.

posted by Charlie Mitchell 4 months ago

I am sure you do not need this anymore... Maybe you should give back to other funds. Maybe Friskies will back you in the future rather than asking from everyone else.

posted by Robin Hendrickson 4 months ago search_and_Tools/Principles_of _Practice/Donor_Bill_of_Rights .html Donor Bill of Rights

posted by Sandra Fredine 4 months ago

I do understand the need for fundraising... I am currently doing the same thing here on GuFundMe... I do also understand the need for transparency when asking for funds. I am happy that Anne Marie does not have to worry about the bills for her baby... Unfortunately, our outcome was not as good as the Colonel's... I lost my Stewie in February to Lymphosarcoma. I am still trying to raise funds to cover the balance of the $28,000 I spent to try to save my Guinness Cat. It is amazing what we can do to help others if we know help is needed.

posted by Robin Hendrickson 4 months ago

I recently came across Colonel Meow's facebook page. Having a rescue Persian myself I instantly fell in love with the Colonel, his story, and his character that Anne Marie portrays in her loved feline pet. I don't see the need for negative comments. If there aren't enough details for you to feel comfortable with donating, kindly donate to a cause that you are comfortable with donating to without contributing negativity to another person's cause.

posted by Brooke Irving-Moyer 4 months ago

I wanted to donate, but I sent two polite messages to this pages organizer, Anne Marie, and never received a response. In addition, when I asked the same questions on the Colonel's page, I was accused of being a troll. The questions I asked that prompted the ugliness? Here they are: What was the precise diagnosis? What was the precise name of the surgery the Colonel underwent? Please send me the contact information for your vet so I can donate directly. And, finally, please specify precisely where the surplus funds will go, not just a vague statement about "other animals in need." Sadly, I never received a response from his owner, and nothing but ugliness from some of his followers. So I declined to donate.

posted by JoAnn Kimball 4 months ago

First off, Welcome Home Colonel! Second, I am disgusted that anyone would leave a negative comment about the donations for this beloved cat. Those of you leaving negative comments obviously have not been following Colonel and surely are not minions! It's my understanding that Colonels mom didn't start asking for donations until people started asking if they could donate. She also stated that anything leftover would go to emergency pet care. Anyone is free to donate to whatever they feel like. Yes it is astonishing just how much money was raised and, to me, that is proof of how many animal lovers we have here, even if it is a cat that we may never meet. And while I am curious as to what exactly was wrong with Colonel, his mom really doesn't have to share that unless she is ready to. And vet bills can be $10,000 plus. I know that from experience.

posted by Alicia Brush 4 months ago

I think it's great that you reached your question is..if you reached your goal or have what you needed don't you think that it's time to say thank you and leave so that other animals or people that haven't reached their goals can have a chance..

posted by Raquel Therican 4 months ago

I really love animals and appreciate that humans can become attached to them, but I'm just a bit flabbergasted. Before coming onto this page I'd noticed that one fundraiser had failed to make half of it's 15k target in a month - it's goal being to feed 1500 homeless and people in need on Thanksgiving for free, yet people seem to give more willingly to a cat? I don't condemn donating money to this cause, on the contrary, it's a positive thing that the animal is being treated etc. but without attacking the generosity of each individual donator, to my mind it seems to symbolise an uncomfortable double standard that human beings, especially within Western cultures and society's have towards animals and their fellow race... That's just my observation; but all's things said I'm glad the cat's all good!

posted by Isaac McCardle 4 months ago

I think it is only a kindness to share certain information with your benefactors. Contrary to some belief I don't find that negative, complaining or accusatory. It should be a just a cautionary kindness when people are giving from their hearts in a time where abuse is rampant. Please, folks, give with your brain as well as your heart. IV's are an absolute when an animal is hospitalized even when no surgery is involved. Are the pictures posted as 'walking' and 'home at last' not current? Where were the IVs inserted? "To prevent life threatening bacterial infections, it is important that the skin overlying the catheter site be clipped of fur and scrubbed with a surgical disinfectant."

posted by Sandra Fredine 4 months ago

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Sue Hazuda

1 month ago


Thank you so much for sharing Colonel Meow with the world. He amused and entertained me greatly. I am deeply sorry for your loss, we grieve with you. Rest in Peace Colonel, you will forever live on in our hearts. xoxo



Eric West

2 months ago


So sorry for your loss but thank you for sharing such an awesome kitty with the world. I donate in his memory and hope you continue to donate to good causes.



Small Minion

2 months ago


Can't stop crying.




4 months ago



Deborah Trujillo

4 months ago



mollie w

4 months ago


get well soon, colonel!!



Shannon King

4 months ago


So glad you're home, Colonel!



Jennifer Foster

4 months ago


Hope you feel better Colonel Meow!




4 months ago



Odell Carter

4 months ago


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