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My sweet boy has had a ruff couple of days. His body is extremely sore and it hurts for us to even touch him. Today I took Wy, and Graycee out for a while so he could rest. We are faced... more


Updated posted by Shannon Barnes-Toomey 2 months ago

Hero's just like You Cash...thank you all for the generous donations! We want Cash to have the celebration of a lifetime!!



Updated posted by Shannon Barnes-Toomey 2 months ago

well our dear Lord has called Cash home this morning, no more pain or suffering for Cash. Only those left here to grieve. We need to wrap our arms around Rob, Megan, Wyatt and Graycee. On behalf of the family in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to this site. Any cards can be sent to PO BOX 1181
Exeter, CA 93221
There are no specific dates as to when or where services will be held. To be announced later. For now continue to pray for comfort for the Shank/Bradford families.
Thank you and God Bless each and everyone of you, hug the ones you love just a little tighter today. And Megan, Happy Birthday...I love you!


Updated posted by Shannon Barnes-Toomey 2 months ago

We have decided to increase the donation amount with requests for helping with the inevitable costs that are soon to be endured, we don't even want to say the words, but sadly financial help is needed. Days are going by too quickly for Rob and Meg. Neither want to leave Cash's side for a second. Time is of essence now, continue to lift them in prayer. Every prayer is read by the family!! And ENDLESS thanks to all who have helped!! God Bless...

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Created by Shannon Barnes-Toomey on November 16, 2013

My sweet boy has had a ruff couple of days. His body is extremely sore and it hurts for us to even touch him. Today I took Wy, and Graycee out for a while so he could rest. We are faced with a hard decision on stopping chemo. We don't see much improvement, and I really don't see making him go through more treatment being fair if the outcome is going to be the same. I don't want to keep him here longer for selfish reasons, ( if that was the case id keep him forever) and put his ...body through that if he cant handle it. I never thought I would have to pray to God and ask him to please take him before his pain gets too bad. I can't stand to see him hurt. Days go by so fast dealing with everyday life, and doing the things that have to be done everyday. But at night when everything is quite, I find myself thinking way too much. I'm trying to be as positive as I can because I still have two other kids that need me and they hurt just as much, if not more because they don't understand. I keep hoping its just a bad few days, but I know in my heart the reality of all of this and how horrible cancer is. He still has fight in him though which amazes me everyday. He is always going to be my hero. I don't know how much time we have. But as his mommy all I ask for is comfort and no pain. We will see the doctor Monday and hopefully be able to get a different plan for pain management and will go from there. For those of you still on this journey with my family, thank you. We all have an amazing support team and you are all amazing. Praying tomorrow is a better day ♡
Love, Megan

Cash is an amazing 4 year old boy who was having awful headaches and vomiting. Mom took him to K...aweah Delta where they said he had a virus and sent him home. The next day mommies gut said something wasn't right so off to the doctor again he went. Doctor believed something wasn't right so she ordered a CT scan. Scan came back and showed fluid on the brain. Every parents worse nightmare was coming true for Megan and Robert. They were sent immediately to Valley Children's hospital and an MRI was ordered. Those results came back to show there was a brain tumor. Cash so strong had to undergo surgery on Saturday October 20 to place a shunt to drain the fluid and get a biopsy of the tumor. He is such a strong boy, his parents and family even stronger. They are still waiting on biopsy results so they know where to go from here. Please continue praying for the family and if your able to, donate a few dollars to the account. Every little bit helps. Just knowing everyone is praying for them helps keep them going. ♥ As most of you now know Cash's tumor is back and spreading rapidly, he is now just being kept comfortable and free of pain, radiation and surgery is not an opion at this time. He will hopefully be able to come home to be with his brother Wyatt and sister Gracie in the next week to celebrate a special early Christmas. Please pray for the Shank family during this time. With God's love and comfort we ask for your help to make this early Christmas come true by easing the financial burden. God bless each and everyone of you for being prayer warriors for our little Superhero Cash...

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Cash, my sister has a week. Same thing you suffered. This WORLD IS STILL BLESSED BY YOU!! AMAZN, that GOD because of YOU, brought me into your website! God is ALWAYS HERE FOR US! THX to you CASH, I'M FEELING IT! LOVE FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS IN THIS LIFETIME!!

posted by Laura Berry 1 month ago

Rob Shank Just letting u know he needs spongebob seasons 1 3 7 9 and 10 if they have it..... just puttin that out there about an hour ago Unlike 1

posted by Holly Carter 2 months ago

He will continue to be in my prayers. We have been there and had a son diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at 20 months! That was 30 years ago. I believe in miracles and will pray for your precious baby boy!

posted by Renee Thomas 2 months ago

Prayers and love from Team Catherine we also have a grade 4 brain tumor Glioblastoma . No one fights alone.

posted by Noonefights Lone 3 months ago

Prayers are being sent your way. May God watch over you and your family

posted by Mikayla Padilla-Ramos 4 months ago

Hugs beautiful boy, I shared your story here journey

posted by Violeta Pineda Zepeda 4 months ago

Lord God, You are the Great Physician. Cash Shank is sick and needs your healing touch. Lord, you are the healer of weaknesses, colds, flu, fevers, viruses, chronic conditions, tumors, cancer and other diseases, and you are the healer of Cash Shank. As we ask you to heal Cash Shank, We will declare by faith that this child IS receiving your abundant healing power right now and that Cash's health IS steadily improving. We declare that we will not look at what our eyes see, but we will look at what our faith sees. We will feed our faith concerning the healing power that is bringing health to Cash. We will stand strong behind your biblical words: "By his stripes, we are healed." * Thank you, Lord, for bringing your awesome healing power into this child's body. Lord, We will praise you for healing this child. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen

posted by Robert De Bruin 4 months ago St. Jude's behind the scenes with Jennifer Aniston

posted by Shannon Barnes-Toomey 5 months ago

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Beth Berry

2 months ago


Praying for Cash's family today and always!! Fly high Superhero



Faith, Paizlee & Preslee Price

2 months ago


Continued thoughts and prayers for the tough days to come :)



Hutsell's Homemade

2 months ago


Continually lifting your family up in prayer. God bless you, sweet family! Cash was such an inspiration to us!! ~Dustin, Genny and Oliver Hutsell



Noemi Benavides

2 months ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family. May the sweet memories you had with Cash comfort you through this difficult time.



Steve and Alesia Kiper

2 months ago



Allen Dimick

2 months ago




2 months ago



The Hughes Family

2 months ago


Cash will be truly missed, but his strength and positive attitude will give all the Firefighters the strength to continue on in his honor.



Sharon Fowler Hopkins

2 months ago


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