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Dessa Main a 31 year old warrior. Since the age of 17 she has battled Chronic Kidney failure. She was placed on dialysis for 3 months after both kidneys failed my mother donated to her a... more


Updated posted by Timothy Andrew Main 5 months ago

We want to say thank you for all who have given,prayed for the family and the kind comments to Dessa. I want to let every one know every comment is read to Dessa and she is thankful. Through this page we were contacted today by SurfKy an online news station by a great lady by the name of Taylor Riley who took the time to come and interview us. We are thankful for the doors the Lord is opening up. Please continue to share and lets raise the money to make Dessa's wishes come true!! God bless.

T.A.Main and Family


Updated posted by Timothy Andrew Main 5 months ago

folks please share this on your page.


Created by Timothy Andrew Main on November 11, 2013

Dessa Main a 31 year old warrior. Since the age of 17 she has battled Chronic Kidney failure. She was placed on dialysis for 3 months after both kidneys failed my mother donated to her a kidney. The kidney lasted 13 months before failing due to rejection. She then was placed on dialysis for 9 years and many surgeries. Chris Main her younger brother donated a kidney to her and lasted 3 years and 11 months before a rare disease attacked the kidney and body known as Calciphylaxis. The disease is only found in less than 4% of renal failure patients. There is no cure or treatment for the calciphyaxis. Vanderbilt, OMHS, and the Mayo Clinic has done all they can do to help. This is a very prolonged, very painful way to die. Today we found out that she has no life-insurance. As a family we have raised what we can now we are reaching out to each of you. If the Lord does not give her a miracle she has nearly a week to live. She is an apostolic young lady that has based her life around the Lord and Has been used in the sign-language ministry. Please donate what you can and if nothing can be donated please lift us up in prayer as well. With the funds that are raised we will hold a funeral and make her last wishes come true. God is in control and we want his will. Please share with your friends, family, and churches. God bless.

Rev. T.A.Main and Main Family.

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Dessa, I don't personally know you but I know jimmy and timmy I'm praying for you and your family each and every day may god make your days painless and memorable I will continue to pray for you may god bless you and your loved ones.

posted by Kelsey Norris 5 months ago

Dessa,I just want you to know how much I have been praying for you,I have been real sick and not able to come visit but did call and you are in my thoughts and prayers,I think back to when I first meet you at the rock port church, I was sitting all alone by my self and you came and sat by me and just starting talking like you new me forever I'll never forget that you and a few others talked to me and I'll cherish that moment forever my heart you are a true friend love ya dessa and I will be praying love Denise,Rene,and boys

posted by Denise Mendez 5 months ago

God is good and his watching over you,,I remembered you when we live at Deer trail you were my next door neighbor and your brother Timmy mow ed my yard...I lost my son Jimmy almost 2 years ago from car wrecked, a young man took his life as he was on his way to college at Cinn.Ohio,,,, With my strong faith in God I making it thru little by little everyday....God will guide you thru daily and you were and still are a beautifull and strong in heart lady....God bless

posted by Joanne Bickett 5 months ago

God Bless you and your family.

posted by Dessie Aaron 5 months ago

Dessa, I'm sending up special prayers for you tonight. I'm blessed for knowing you. :)

posted by Loren Garza 5 months ago

Dessa, I am SO proud of you and your family! You inspire me. I know a few of my friends donated anonymously to you, they know we appreciate them, whoever they are! Beacon of Hope is still receiving offerings and we upload them as they come in. We are appreciative of all who give to your present need. To Dessa's Friends: Please share the KYSurf newstory on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google...anywhere you can. The more who see it, the better the chance for someone to be inspired to give. I KNOW this need will be met! We love the Main family! God BLESS them for what they are going through right now. MUCH LOVE and PRAYER being sent to all of you!

posted by Sherii Parrett 5 months ago

Dessa, you don't know me but Melody is my cousin. I have a daughter who has lost both kidneys and had a transplant 2 years ago. Tonight when I go to bed and say my "Please and Thank You" list, I will certainly ask for blessings for you!

posted by Mindy Tobe 5 months ago

Your in our thought and prayers Dessa......I could bring the cowboy back to talk to you ha ha

posted by Timothy Jackson 5 months ago

You have always had a beauty that glows and surrounds you. It is deep and everlasting. You are one of the few I have the privelage of knowing who is genuine with your love, kindness and faith. It takes an amazing young lady with courage that only a few possess to maintaine your ability to smile with all you have had to endure. I pray daily for a miracle, after all your dad is walking proof miracles are not a thing of the past. Please keep smiling, you have a beautiful smile. Knowing you is a blessing. Love to you and your family....Shellene

posted by Emma Davis 5 months ago

Dessa, I am believing for a miracle, because I know of one that happened a long time ago, and you call him "Dad"!I love your family very much, and I know God is Faithful to hear our cry, and meet our need. May God bless you and your family with another Miracle, we know He's able!

posted by Janet Lottes-Griggs 5 months ago

Odessa, I'm believing for a miracle, because I know God does them! I was just testifying to someone the other day about the walking miracle that you call Dad...I love your family dearly, and I know God is Faithful to hear our cry, and come to our rescue!

posted by Janet Lottes-Griggs 5 months ago

God Bless you - keep positive as you are now being prayed for all over the world.

posted by Barbara Meakins 5 months ago

You are def in my prayers!! God is great! Please watch over her!

posted by Nickie Montgomery 5 months ago

Praying for you

posted by Diane Walker Anderson 5 months ago

Dessa, you deserve the best there is out there for your recovery. I wish you a great journey on recovery. You already have the best support and that is your family and friends prayers. God will help you and bless you the best way that he sees fit. I am praying for you with others! Sincerely Melissa Bermudez

posted by Melissa Bermudez 5 months ago

Dessa, your a strong beautiful woman. Your story has inspired me! I'm so glad I got to bring Bentley up to see you. If there was a way you could receive another kidney I would gladly donate mine to you! I believe in God and his miraculous miracles. You are one! And I hope everything turns around for you and your family. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything I can do please let me know. I love you all. Your amazing. Keep up the fight you will pull through! Prayers and love, phylicia Fisher! :)

posted by Phylicia Fisher 5 months ago


posted by Sarah Obryan 5 months ago

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Praying for Dessa and her family.



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Praying for the family




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So sorry!




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