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Nov. 8, 2013. The most powerful storm ever to make landfall in the history of mankind has hit the Philippines and has devastated much of the Visayas region. Tacloban, Ormoc City, Merida,... more


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Thank you so much for your contributions. We appreciate it and we are grateful for all your support. I would like to wish you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday.

To all our family and friends around the world, may you be richly blessed with all things wonderful and good! keep sharing.... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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Hey Guys,
Just a little update... Thank you so much to those who have donated and supported our campaign. So we have gathered $935 in the past month...That's fantastic!!! I have sent a total of $1,015 + $25 transfer fee for the sum of $1,040. I have a screen shot below of the transaction history of all the money sent to the Philippines. I will upload details of each transfer in the next post. Still have no electricity in our town and I've asked my mom to take photos of receipts and building materials that they bought so I can show it to you guys. Unfortunately my mom's camera got destroyed but she have borrowed camera and took photos with her cellphone also of everything...Again thank you so much to those who have supported our efforts and cause...


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Created by Juvelyn Richmond on November 8, 2013

Nov. 8, 2013. The most powerful storm ever to make landfall in the history of mankind has hit the Philippines and has devastated much of the Visayas region. Tacloban, Ormoc City, Merida, Leyte and her neighboring towns are hit the most. They are hit right in the center of the super typhoon Yolanda around 7:30 am to 12:00 noon, leaving houses and buildings in ruins and hundreds of family displaced and homeless. Leyte, Philippines is in the state of calamity right now. Thankfully, there's no casualties or any reported death as of now in the area where my parents and family live which is in Brgy. Puerto Bello, Merida, Leyte . Power lines are all down so no electricity are expected for a month according to some people there. Our family and friends need help to rebuild their houses and also need basic services and needs. They are very poor people and mostly rely on rice farming as their source of income. Sadly that got destroyed too, all the rice farms was almost all ready to get harvested and would've been a great help for my people their to start over again but all of that now are gone and buried in water and mud.

It is so heartbreaking to see all the pictures and videos that people shared on online medias, like facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube. Tears are just not easy to control hearing and seeing the stories shared from family and friends on how they suffer. My parents house lost their tin roofs and damaged windows, my aunts and uncles and neighbors houses are gone. There are only 3-5 houses left there standing, everything got destroyed! But it's not the end of the world, although they did feel like it was when the wrath of the typhoon hit our beloved homeland. That's why I am humbly asking for any amount of donations from your kind heart to help the typhoon victims.

We have to give them relief goods which will include basic needs like food and water. Mostly the proceeds will primarily focus on giving materials for re-building their homes. Like giving woods or lumber, nipa and nails to those who lost their homes. I have set-up a goal of how much money we want to be raised, however, if we've reached our goal, and exceed it, any amount will still go a long way over there. Our hope is that you can give a little that will still go a long way in the efforts to help provide hope to the citizens of this very small town. Please help us raise money to help the families in our tiny village in Baranggay Puerto Bello. Any help would be much appreciated especially your prayers. All the funds raised will be directly transfered to my mother, Mrs. Luzminda Bartolabac, she is one of the Baranggay Officials or Administrator there. She will distribute the funds to all the families in the community and other areas that also need help.

Thank you very much and May the Lord Bless you and give you all peace and love.

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Loville Millett

4 months ago


Be strong in the face of your adversity. May God comfort those affected, bereaved by losses, and restore hope to the despairing



mindy Kulhanek

5 months ago


Very Very sad, prayers to you and your family!!! XOXO Mindy and Norm



Heather Morrow

5 months ago


Wish we could give more.



Becca Kabisch

5 months ago


Praying for the safety and a quick recovery for your family Shenith!!! Hugs becca



Stephanie Hall

5 months ago


In love and respect for Shenith, Angela, Beverly, and David Jackson.



David Kalmick

5 months ago



Jennifer Whitt Brown

5 months ago



Ana and Gregg

5 months ago


A little help for the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Leyte.



Gabrielle Richmond

5 months ago





Shenith Jackson

5 months ago


From me and Suzette.


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