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Sgt Justin C. Williams lost his battle with PTSD on Sunday November 3, 2013. His family found out that his expenses would not be covered since he was no longer in service and he did not... more


Updated posted by April DeMoss 2 months ago

I just checked, it looks like John has not taken this down yet or collected the money out of the site yet... please, YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO DONATE TO JUSTIN'S FUNERAL FUND! They almost have it paid off..

Also, remember, donations are tax deductible at the end of the year. Even though you missed the chance to donate for this years file, you can still donate now and claim the donation when you file next year! IF that doesn't convince you to donate before it's over with, IDK what will...

Please, help this amazing family pay off their sons funeral costs. It would mean the world to a bunch of people.

Thank you very much and have a blessed night, and a wonderful weekend!


Updated posted by April DeMoss 2 months ago

Alright! This will be my last post before John takes the money and pays toward Justin's fund! Please please please share and donate what you can. We have about 24 hours left to get $900 collected!

God willing, this will be shared enough times to get the money that is needed! Please share share share!

We can do this guys!

God bless you all!



Updated posted by April DeMoss 2 months ago

Hey guys! It seems like it has been forever since I have been able to get on here and update! My computer crashed on me and it is so hard to get anything done! I have taken the time to sit and figure it out on my dinosaur tonight so that I can post a message from Justin's dad, John.

John Williams-

"Going to keep this up about 48 more hours then we will turn in what we can, thank you all who have donated so much, if you havent please try and help so we can get this done in justins honor WE CAN DO THIS. I know its been a long hard battle for everyone believe me we understand, SHARE SHARE SHARE if only a little i know justin would be smiling and thanking you, its just on my heart so bad to get this taken care of and i know with all he knew we can pull together and do this

thanks everyone,

Love Dad"

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! We can get $900 in this 48 hour time frame! I KNOW that we can! Please share, donate, and share again!

Thank you to everyone that is so supportive of this wonderful family and thank you to everyone that is so deli gent about sharing this page!


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Created by April DeMoss on November 7, 2013

Sgt Justin C. Williams lost his battle with PTSD on Sunday November 3, 2013. His family found out that his expenses would not be covered since he was no longer in service and he did not have any civilian life insurance. His family is in need of donations to help cover his funeral and burial costs.

Any leftover money will be used to help raise his two young children that are now without a father due to this horrible, silent, killer.

Any little bit will help. Thank you very much and God bless you.

Justin C. Williams Evansville, Indiana Justin C. Williams, 25, of Wadesville, passed away Sunday, November 3, 2013. He was born December 31, 1987, in Evansville, to John and Carolyn M. (Shadrick) Williams, Jr. He was a member of the Indiana Army National Guard for seven years and a US Army Veteran serving with the 163rd in Iraq from December 2007 to December 2008. He was a member of Ironworkers Local #103 and attended Destiny of Faith Community Church. He was a member of the Order of Saints Motorcycle Club and enjoyed riding his motorcycle. He was an outdoors man and enjoyed fishing and driving around in his car. He was a good father and was a family man. Justin was preceded in death by his niece, Abigail Williams. He is survived by his son, Malikye Hayden Williams; daughter, Kinley Rae Williams; parents, John and Carolyn Williams of Wadesville; sisters, Stephanie Brown and Janetta Skelton, both of Evansville; brother, Stephen Williams of Wadesville; fiancé, Leah Simpson of Boonville; and nieces, Breanna Williams, Launa Skelton, Kyrsten Williams and Katie Williams. Services will be 1:00 PM Thursday, November 7, 2013, at Alexander East Chapel, officiated by Rev. Everett Freels, Rev. Michael Pfohl and Rev. Nathan Whisnant, with burial in Sunset Memorial Park. The Vanderburgh County Retired Veterans Memorial Club and the Indiana Army National Guard will perform Military Honors at the cemetery. Friends may visit Wednesday from 3:00 to 8:00 PM at the funeral home. - See more at:

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Just to let everyone know i have been saying we can do this, well today thanks to all of you and the so many friends family and military friends Sgt Justin Williams had we can now say WE DID IT, today i paid the final expenses in full, a big thank you to Mrs Demoss for all the help because without her i know nothing about computers lol, God bless and thank you all, i know Justin is smiling and saying thank you. Love to all Dad

posted by John Williams 1 month ago

Feel free to contact me by phone at 8124497869 and I will gladly prove this money and any other monies collected have gone directly to funeral expenses. You obviously have enough fall to post such ludicrous allegations here yet have no knowledge of any other details. You are partially correct in the cemetery plot. The plot is provided at no cost, but the funeral, grave marker, and other death related expenses are what these donations are for. I promise you and anyone here that every penny is documented and accounted for

posted by Stephen Williams 4 months ago

All: T-Dog, while still using his uniformed photo no less to gain attention is no longer in the military. No doubt he could not get his professionalism or military bearing in line long enough to hide his ignorance. I have fielded calls from the family, Soldiers and friends regarding his insensitive and ignorant posting. We can only hope that Mr. T-dog never fully has to appreciate the pain that so many family and friends of Justin have endured when he himself becomes a father. T-dog had no idea of the amount of distress and personal safety concerns he created when he showed his ignorance. The page creators have been contacted to remove this post. I ask that none of you waste your time on a man who obviously has no respect and goes by T-dog. He really is not worth the additional issues confronting him would create. If we are judged by the size, number and types of individuals that show up to our funeral, then I would say that Justin was pretty amazing. He had a way of making you feel like you were in his small circle of close friends. We just didn't realize that his definition of "small" was so large. Lets not let the ignorance of one individual ruin the amount of effort put forth by Ms. DeMoss. It would be a shame to let such comments cast a shadow on the good this has done for the family.

posted by Joel Matherly 4 months ago

Dear T-dog how dare u comment on something u don't know about. Be a man and state your name. Because there are a lot of soldiers past and present that would like to meet you in person for saying what you just said. I see your wearing a uniform so you should know this is hard for the family. But don't you worry I will find you and address this issue proper. RIP Willy don't worry your battle will fix this!!!

posted by Montrel Johnson 4 months ago

T-dog you should really get your facts straight before posting such rude and inappropriate comments. What you don't realize is that this family has been part of the military for the last 15 years. I promise I will make every attempt to contact your commander to advise him of this situation and will show him what discredit you bring to yourself as well as your unit. The link you provided doesn't work either. If you have any knowledge at all you can see the VA no longer posts that information on their website.

posted by Stephen Williams 4 months ago

T-dog, SHAME ON YOU! How dare you get on here and leave such a nasty comment! The only scam here is the military NOT helping to bury one of their own! Justins funeral is costing our family 17000 + dollars! How dare you waste space on this page with your nasty opinion when you dont KNOW anything about this! Go on over to Alexander funeral home and fit that bill for us if you think its such a scam!

posted by Janetta Skelton 4 months ago

From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one of you,all i can say is the pain that anyone has to go thru is unbearable but knowing justin had so many caring friends helps the grieving and for that i am also thankful,God bless each and every one of you.

posted by John Williams 5 months ago

Thanks so much for your help ,omg the pain is so unbearable and then no insurance at all ! and a week later oooh I cant even say thank you enough

posted by Carolyn Williams 5 months ago

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!! His big sis Stephanie

posted by Stephanie Brown 5 months ago

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Dustin Miller

2 months ago


Carolyn has always been like a mom to me sorry for you loss.




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Debra Crabtree

3 months ago


My heart breaks over soldiers lives being lost to PTSD. I hope you reach your goal and beyond. Sending love and strength to you all.



Matt & Jamie Montgomery

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Brittany K

4 months ago


Many prayers for peace and comfort to your family. RIP




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