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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Inc
White Plains, NY
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Updated posted by Sarah Comeau 7 months ago

The count down begins; only 9 more days until our fundraiser! Thank you to those who have already donated, helping to make our goal $1000.00 more within reach every day. Only 93 dogs to wash and we will have attained our goal! I'm not scared, bring on the doggies! :)




Created by Sarah Comeau on November 6, 2013

Myself and the ladies I work with are all self-employed pet groomers. Volunteering and donating our time and money is something we have all enjoyed doing in the past, but we want to do more. We want to not just use our businesses to make a living, but to also be able to use it to give back and try to make a difference, no matter how small it may be. We are thankful to be in a position where we can do such a thing. Together we put a fundraising plan into action! Scrubbing Paws For A Cause is a quarterly fundraising event to raise money for select charities throughout the year. We wash dogs for just $10.00, and every dollar raised goes to the charity we've chosen. Our next fundraising event will be on December 8th from 10am to 4pm. The charity of choice for this event is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
All money raised will be donated in the memory of Keegan Heavey, a wonderful person and dear friend. He was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy soon after. At his last chemo visit he was declared cancer free, however passed away shortly after at the age of 31 from complications of the chemotherapy. Leaving a very large hole on this earth and in everyone's heart who knew him.
This gofundme page has been created in an effort to raise as much money as possible to aid in the fight against cancer! No donation is too small.

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$90 raised by 3 people in 8 months.


Sean Qualls

7 months ago


Great Job. Jen and I are happy to be supporting this cause. Until next time......



Helen Clary

7 months ago


Thank you so much, Sarah. My nephew suffers from leukemia and recently underwent a transplant. If you need extra hands on Dec. 8th, please let me know. Again thank you for your efforts!!!



Denise and Larry Lundgren

8 months ago


Best of luck with your fundraiser! Love, Mom and Dad


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