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Updated posted by Marcia Galvan 3 months ago

The guys hit the trail about 2 hours ago!

The weather is clear right now, 13 degrees. They are expecting some snow later tonight.

Each of the guys entered the race separately, so they will work at their own pace. So, each can exit the race when they have reached their limit, and the others can continue until their limits!

They've got this!


Updated posted by Marcia Galvan 3 months ago

I have changed the goal to reflect the new goal to get the most bang for YOUR buck!

Data Dimensions in Janesville WI has agreed to match donations UP TO $5000!!!

Way to go everyone!! Your support and love for the veterans and for our guys is AMAZING!!!

3 days 'til boots on the ground!


Updated posted by Marcia Galvan 3 months ago

Just an update!! We HAVE reached our goal, we are currently sitting at $4265.00 with cash donations!

A local business, Data Dimensions, contacted the guys today and has said they will MATCH the their donations up to $5000!!!! Currently, that's $8530!!! If we can raise $735 this week, we will have raised $10,000 for Housing4OurVets!!!

To give you an idea, last year the program raised $14,000 in cash donations. (Additional in kind donations) Since they are a fairly new organization (the vets wing was added about two years ago!), that's is FANTASSSSTIC!!!

Here are a few news outlet links that have done stories on the guys!! Enjoy, and thank you for your support!!

4 days till boots on the ground!!

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Created by Marcia Galvan on October 31, 2013

On January 19, 2014 Joel, Derrick, Dick, and Tony will tackle the FROZEN OTTER!! The Frozen Otter is a 64 mile hike through the rough, glacier imprinted terrains of Kettle Moraine in WI, likely with a few feet of snow on the ground. They will have 24 hours to complete the 64 mile hump; the Frozen Otter has a completion rate of about 2%, and only allows 100 participants each year! For more information, visit their website! (

UPDATE: Many have asked how many miles each of the guys will be completing. The answer is: 64!! They will EACH be hiking 64 miles!

You might be asking WHY a person might choose to expose themselves to this type of crazy, right? They are raising money for Rock Valley Community Programs HOMELESS VETERANS program. (Please visit their website to learn more about the program, and other ways you may be able to help our nations heroes! ) A cause near to all of their hearts, Joel, Derrick, and Dick all served in the Marines, and Tony is a former military brat of a retired AF Officer. If they can strap up their boots and trek 64 miles through the highly glaciated areas, in frigid temperatures and snow, within a 24 hour timeframe, can YOU pledge their success and help our nation's heroes when they need us the most?! (All donations are tax exempt!)

Please take a moment to read a note from each of the guys on why this run is important to them:

On January 19th, 2014 I begin a trek through Kettle Moraine State Forrest with three close friends to raise both funds and awareness for the homeless veterans housing program, Housing 4 Our Vets. This program especially important to me because of my experience with recently discharged veterans. Although most see the typical homeless veteran as someone who has served in the Vietnam era (or earlier), I have interacted with several recently discharged Marines who have also fallen on hard times. Without the direct support system they’ve grown accustomed to, it seems transitioning to independent living is often more difficult than expected. As a Marine reservist who has acted as a liaison with several support facilities for these Marines, I have come across dozens that have found themselves in unfavorable living conditions. Housing 4 Our Vets offers studio apartments to help with the present situation and supportive services meant to change lives forever. Please show your support in serving those who have served us by sponsoring me for this 24 hour race through some of Wisconsin’s most rugged terrain.

As a Marine, it saddens me to see so many of my brothers and sisters completing their tours of duty only to return and lose the fight here at home. These Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen are returning with wounds that cannot always be seen. They suffer from things such as Post Traumatic Stress, depression, alcohol and drug addictions; they are desperate in a job market that doesn't recognize our skills because they don't have paper degrees or certifications like that of our civilian counterparts. I am competing in this race to raise awareness and to contribute funds to an amazing program that assists veterans transition back into safe, sober, independent living. Housing 4 our Vets not only provides housing and a healthy diet; it combines all available resources to aid the veteran in getting their life back. This includes individual case management, job training and placement, transportation, education, group and individual counseling, recreation, and a solid support structure. Please join the cause by sponsoring me in this trek for our Veterans.

The reason why I am doing this race is to raise money for honor our veterans and if all it takes is 64 miles of cold and misery and walking with three of your good friends that will never quit on you or allow you to quit on them, then it’s well worth all 64 miles. Veterans give so much more than that, for them to come home and struggle through life, it doesn’t seem fair to me. I am proud to help Housing4OurVets and to be able to give back a little. For my father, brother, uncle, grandfather, friends, and to all that have served our country, this race is for you. Please help us honor our veterans, and pledge. Thank you.

I joined the Marine Corps back in 2005 and served 5 years before getting out. I am now a veteran attending college to start my career in the civilian world. When my friends first told me about the Fat Otter race I thought it would a crazy and fun hike to attempt. Then they told me about trying to use to the hike to help raise money to vets without homes. I know some vets have a harder time at it than others when they come back. I think this would be a good chance for me to help them out. I am now more motived to attempt and complete this crazy, frozen, grueling hike for the other vets, and will give it my best.

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I wanted to say that what these guys have been working towards is a really great thing and they should be proud. Even if they don't make it to end of the trail, all the training and determination they have put into this shows all of us more than winning the race...their hearts are in the right place. Thank thou for all you have done, and good luck!

posted by Jennifer Parmer 3 months ago

My question is do they all have to complete the race, or could just one continue on if the others decide they cannot continue?

posted by Jennifer Parmer 3 months ago

Happy New Year?

posted by David Soergel 3 months ago

This is awesome! Thank you for doing this.

posted by Robin Bright 5 months ago

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Kelly Danielson

3 months ago



Todd, Julie and Jake Kaas

3 months ago


So, so proud of you Derrick! We love you.



Eric Taylor

3 months ago



Gonzalez Family

3 months ago


Great Job Guys!! Wish you all good luck!



Tom & Robin Rios

3 months ago


May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you men and the veterans you seek to help.




3 months ago


Sorry I can't donate more. Money is tight with the new house. Good luck out there. You're all better men than me!



Kimberly Garces' BMHS students

3 months ago


Donations were made by Mrs. Garces' Spanish 1 and 2 students at Beloit Memorial High School.




3 months ago



erika zimney

3 months ago


So proud of you Joel! !!



erika zimney

3 months ago


So proud of you Joel! !!


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