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My wife Marina and I really need your help. We're biking for the Wounded Warrior Project starting July 15th, It's just going to be the two of us riding alone along the C&O Canal from Was... more


Updated posted by Sean H. Hamilton 8 months ago

As we bring our blog to a close and on behalf of (LtoR) Marisa Cherry & Chris Nolte (Long Island Electric Bikes), Marina Bello, Sean H. Hamilton and James O'Leary & Tony Ntellas of the Wounded Warrior Project, we now make this check presentation on behalf of all our amazing friends and family who supported our ride.


Check Presentation Today:


Updated posted by Sean H. Hamilton 8 months ago

WELL WE MADE IT!!! We just returned home yesterday from our 350 mile, six day, DC to Pittsburgh bike trip. We want to let you all know how much your thoughtful donations meant to us.

Even though for one week Marina and I endured an unexpected 3 day heat wave, major exhaustion, 9-13hr ride days, major bumps, bruises and cuts, it was a constant remainder that we endured nothing compared to what many of our injured service men and women are going through now that they're home. Our wounded warriors are now seeking help in record numbers; many have lost their sight, lost a leg or lost an arm. This money you helped raise will mean the world to many soldiers that now need a prosodic leg, arm or seeing eye dog.

Most of these service men and women went into Iraq and Afghanistan combat with an admiral intention to help and thought they were doing what was right for our country. Now nearly half our soldiers who’ve served are asking for disability benefits from the Government. A VERY LARGE number of those soldiers are not being helped. This is where your donation towards the Wounded Warrior Project comes in.

With the Government (for one reason or another) turning their backs on them and their families, our soldiers need our support more then ever. Whatever peoples political beliefs might be these wounded soldiers shouldn't manage this alone and should not be forgotten. The money you gave shows that you care and will help make a difference.

Shorty we will announce the check presentation to the Wounded Warrior Project on your behalf.

It was our friends, family and listener donations that kept Marina and I going. We thank you and love you.

Sean & Marina
PS: Sooooo close to our goal: http://www.gofundme.com/4woundedwarriors

A special thank you to:
Chris Nolte at Long Island Electric Bikes (631.306.4542)
Dan, Marcie & Collin McCarthy
Marina's Spine Surgeons: Dr. Paul Kuflik & Dr. Chan Roonprapunt - Orthopedic & Neurosurgeon
Glen Echo Fire Department, MD
ISAGENIX Nutrition System: (310) 663-6370


Thank you!!


Updated posted by Sean H. Hamilton 9 months ago

Lets hop a train for the last 10 miles!!


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Created by Sean H. Hamilton on June 21, 2013

My wife Marina and I really need your help. We're biking for the Wounded Warrior Project starting July 15th, It's just going to be the two of us riding alone along the C&O Canal from Washington DC to Pittsburgh, PA totaling 350 miles while camping, in just six days.

For some of you not familiar with who I am, a little about myself. I'm Sean "Hollywood" HamiIton a radio personality currently syndicated on the Premiere Radio Network. I'm based out of New York City with my flagship station being Clear Channel's WKTU.

Our plan is to video blog the entire journey right here on GoFundMe. Our mission is to build awareness for our brave soldiers who fought for our freedom and safety and to give back to our Wounded soldiers. Outside of my wife not killing me we don't see a problem covering approximately 70 miles a day. We'll be peddle assisted with two amazing revolutionary bikes from E-Motion at Long Island Electric Bikes and not to mention physically fit with the help of the worlds leader in nutrition, weight loss and cleansing, Isagenix.

I know some of you who personally know us think that there is no way I could possibly go 6 days without an XBox or my wife Marina could never live without a hair dryer. Perhaps you know that both of us are Aries and both being incredibly hard-headed can't possibly last five days without breaking up somewhere along the way. Well... you might be right, it's definitely going to be interesting. This is why we will ONLY be collecting your thoughtful donation based on the miles we've covered.

I can guarantee you one thing, it's going to make for an interesting blog, so keep checking in nightly to see how we're doing (or not doing) along the way.


Long Island Electric Bikes (631-306-4542)
Isagenix - The World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing!



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You both are a huge inspiration. .. Your videos and pictures make me want to jump on my bike and ride to berger king instead of driving there... Just kidding... Great job :)

posted by Matthew Merenoff 9 months ago

Way to go guys..... I have followed you the whole way last thing at night at first thing in the morning. So so so proud of you two.enjoy the moments and the adventure what an experience love you both muah.

posted by Susan Hanlon 9 months ago

Out of water???? RAining???? No more battery life in the bikes! You are truly on an adventure you two! So glad for the updates and watching this unfold! Positive energy is accompanying you!

posted by Judy Musgrove 9 months ago

Way to go, guys!

posted by Jen Toll 9 months ago

Great cause great journey for a great mission!

posted by Francisca Ruiz 9 months ago

Oh yeah, me too - Marina has that competitive spirit - though I have to say Hubby Sean is right there with her!

posted by Judy Musgrove 9 months ago

Great cause and I put my money on Marina......

posted by Krystina Morris 10 months ago

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Happy to donate to this good cause!

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Our Honor to Contribute to this great cause for the Wounded Warriors. Thanks Marina and Sean for your Leadership. Best wishes Always, Bill & nicole Constain

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Congrats!!! good times 4 a good cause!!




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Given in appreciation of our military and also for all the laughs you've given me over the radio...

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Maye Landa

8 months ago


You guys Rock!!! So inspirational to see you guys LITERALLY go the extra mile for our nations great soldiers!!! Bring em home!!! God Bless!


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