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The Naylor Family needs everyone's support in helping them get through this hardship that has put a perspective to life. Our little Jenna Benna is in the ICU recovering from brain surgery caused by a aneurysm and blood clot. Now we are ask... more


Updated posted by Shannon Padgett-Lopez 5 months ago

A JENNA BENNA Update (10-31-13 @ 2330): It has been several days since I’ve posted anything about our little angel with her broken wing, so I want to bring you up to date as a lot has been happening. First, her last MRI showed that she still has quite a bit of swelling and that the hematoma left from the actual aneurysm was still healing slowly.
We are now going on day 27 and even though Jenna still has a feeding tube and a main line IV, she is progressing remarkably well with her physical therapy, to the point of even sitting in a wheelchair for a few minutes each day. Even though she has to be assisted in getting out of bed and into the chair because of the deficit on her left side, she insists on standing for a few moments before sitting down. Can you say DETERMINED??? She still has a crooked little smile but the twinkle in her eye is getting brighter every day.
The following is some of a posting that Tammy wrote earlier today that gives you a little more insight into how Jenna is doing: "Every day we do a little more than we did yesterday. This has become a motto every morning. Today we drank out of a straw ( I forgot that this is a learned trait), we sat in a wheel chair longer, we focused a little bit better, and we whispered a little bit more. Jenna now has permission to YELL at me (she got a kick out of that) to get my attention. Her vocal chords are too weak to speak, and she can't eat yet because she is too weak to swallow, applesauce and oatmeal will have to wait.”
On top of everything that the Naylor’s have going on, they were involved in a car accident on the way home the other evening. I’m not sure how Tammy can keep her sense of humor but here is what she posted after it happened: “Soooo in true Naylor fashion... The kids and I were involved in a car accident after leaving Jenna tonight. We were rear ended on the 60. Carmyn and McKenna were transported with back pain. We are fine and will be discharged soon. I'm honestly waiting for the punch line...or a picture of me next to Murphy's Law... “
In closing this late night update, I again want to share part of a post that Tammy made the other day as she says it so eloquently… “We have amazing people that will help us and root for us, and cheer Jenna every step of the way. Most importantly we have GOD and the prayers of so many. To know that you are not alone in agony or even defeat is priceless. To watch the power of prayer work before your eyes is nothing short of breathtaking… God is Good!!! Keep those prayers coming!!!”
Yours truly,


Updated posted by Shannon Padgett-Lopez 5 months ago

Jenna is on her journey to recovery. We are so blessed to still have her in our lives
22 days and counting in ICU, is a pretty penny, but our Jenna Benna is priceless. I would love love love to reach our goal for them, but there has been less and less activity on the site. If you wish to make a donation please do soon I may cash I out soon and deposit into an account we set up for Jenna at Chase by the end of the month:)

Thank you thank you for all your continued prayers, thoughts and healing energy for our family.
I love you Jenna!! You got this girlie:)


Updated posted by Shannon Padgett-Lopez 5 months ago

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”
― Audrey Hepburn

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Created by Shannon Padgett-Lopez on October 6, 2013

The Naylor Family needs everyone's support in helping them get through this hardship that has put a perspective to life.
Our little Jenna Benna is in the ICU recovering from brain surgery caused by a aneurysm and blood clot.
Now we are asking for PRAYERS that the swelling stays down and a full recovery.
As we all know, with life's devastations, prayers, and recovery the after math is always BILLS from the ambulance, helicopter transfer, surgery, at least a month long stay in the hospital, and therapy.
If you can find it in your heart to donate any amount you wish to help the Naylor Family focus on Jenna's condition and recovery. Ease their worries on their financial situation.
We appreciate all your help and support.

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Keep fighting jenna!! Get better soon!!

posted by Cheyenne Leach Martin 6 months ago

Get well soon jenna!!!! Prayers coming from the vanbuskirk family!

posted by Laura Vanbuskirk 6 months ago

God Bless Jenna! Get well soon , prayers coming your way. Get well Jenna, Taylor and Ryleigh

posted by Joanie Baginski 6 months ago

Praying for you Jenna and your family. My Friends and Family are also praying for you, God is with you even when you don't realize it. Stay strong Naylors!

posted by Janinne Mefford 6 months ago

Sending you lots of love from England, and tell your dad he must come here and paint my nails blue xxxx

posted by Tracy Burgess 6 months ago

Jenna, you will be back and smiling again soon. Everyone is praying for you and Tyler misses you so very much!

posted by Barb Warnick 6 months ago

Goodnight Princess, we all Love you ...

posted by Tammy Peacock 6 months ago

Praying for ya girlie. Hope you had a good day...

posted by Kathy McPherson 6 months ago

Shannon thank you for keepingus updated and making this page! What a great idea! this family would give the shirts off their back for any of us. This is the LEAST we could do! Love you Jenna Stay strong girl!

posted by Dottie Rankin 6 months ago

Love you Jenna Benna. You are showing us all what a fighter you are. Big hugs from Baylie and I

posted by Crystal Soto 6 months ago

Thanks for the up date. Jenna is in our prayers and thoughts.

posted by Christina Baca 6 months ago

Sorry should have proof read for all the typos bit emotional typing so please forgive me on that and i cant edit the original comment.. sigh... hugsss

posted by Rebecca Misenhelter 6 months ago

Love you my ladu and shared it as soon as i saw it, I have lots of loving friends in my little world even tjose i dont see much yet we all love our children and take care of one another, She will be great and healthy and is as beautiful as you, Helping all i can.. Love Prayer Light and Honor.... Hugs sweetie! I am here for u

posted by Rebecca Misenhelter 6 months ago

Jenna Benna we love you. I pray for you and your mom and dad to have the strength and fight to get through this. You got this! You are a fighter and and tough girl who never gives up. I love you so very much

posted by Kelly Martin 6 months ago

posted by Alyssa Kechely 6 months ago

posted by Shannon Padgett-Lopez 6 months ago

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Kyle and Melissa Jordan

2 months ago


We haven't forgotten about you guys! We love you all!




4 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Brooklyn McFadden

4 months ago


We love you Jenna!



Brittany and chad Hinsley

4 months ago


Still praying daily, merry Christmas Naylors!




5 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Brittany Hinsley

5 months ago


Chad and I love you. Prayers always!



Natalie M

5 months ago


Veritas church shall pray on the behalf of Jenna and her family. Thank you for the updates...and remain ever true to your strength. God bless you all.. Love



Dacinda Adams

5 months ago


Jenna you are in our prayers everyday! keep fighting girl~ Dacinda~ And my neighbor M.B.



Savannah Gutierrez

5 months ago


Jenna is in our thoughts and prayers.




5 months ago


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