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With Karl Bock in his second battle with his decidedly unique cancer and unable to continue working as an Executive Chef while undergoing chemotherapy, I've offered to step in and head u... more


Updated posted by JeAnne Frey 23 days ago

$1525 left! Thank you for the recent push!


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$1650 left to go. Please help us get there; every bit helps!


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$1650 left to go. So much has happened since we kickstarted KBCF. Please help Karl keep on keepin' on!

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Created by JeAnne Frey on October 2, 2013

With Karl Bock in his second battle with his decidedly unique cancer and unable to continue working as an Executive Chef while undergoing chemotherapy, I've offered to step in and head up a fundraising effort. Karl (Chef Mojo to his friends) and his wife, Tamara Winograd, are up past their ears in dealing with The Beast, so those of you who know Karl & Tamara and not me, I'm just here as logistics secretary and fundraising brain-stormer. We've formed the Karl Bock Cancer Fund and have an account set up for donations so that's where everything through this campaign site will go. We've got a few events & pitches in the works, and as you know, every bit helps!

Continuing with the pirate theme from Karl's first bout with Mullerian cancer, we're gettin' behind our Captain Mojo and raisin' the flag to keep his spirits strong! Ye don't need to garb yerself in pirate attire to sail with this crew!


Wow! The outpouring of support has been amazing! In 5 days, we're 1/5 of the way to our goal!

In addition to the appreciation from Karl and Tamara, I want to thank everyone who's contributed thus far to changing my life for the better. So many times over the years, someone has sent me a link or in some other way asked me for a donation and I thought what little I was in a position to donate at the time wouldn't be worth it. I can tell you now, I was flat-out wrong! To date, we've received donations ranging from $5 to $1000 and every single one is so greatly appreciated, words can't begin to describe it. Truly, bless each and every one of you!

I'd also like to write a few words about the kind of person Karl is, for those of you who don't know him personally. We're talking about a man who has been diagnosed with a form of cancer so rare, they have no protocol to treat it. He's facing an even larger question mark than one usually expects with a cancer diagnosis, and the treatment...well, chemotherapy is no picnic. He puts a fearless face on it, but I know it's not easy since from time to time he'll talk a bit about how he's feeling. So here's the kicker - I'm recovering from a head injury and still have some difficulty with post-concussive syndrome. When he's up to getting together, Karl always asks me how I'm doing!


It's as if he lost use of an arm and I squashed a finger in a drawer and he asks me how I'm coping. Thoughtful, a phenomenal chef, with a wicked sense of humor that seems to never quit.

Those of you you do know Chef Mojo, please feel free to share your "quintessentially Karl" stories at the Karl Bock Cancer Fund FaceBook page or leave a comment on this page. I came late to this party, only meeting him a few years ago through Tamara. Besides, the moral support is what really keeps them both going...and thanks!

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Russell Wauchope

23 days ago


Hang in there, Chef Mojo! Praying for you.



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Mark & Twila Brand

2 months ago


Karl & Tamara...Keep up the good fight! We love you :-) xo




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Mark & Twila Brand

3 months ago


Groucho Marx "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."



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