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“I’ll keep fighting for myself, because I am worth it and I deserve to be happy” Those are the last words I said as I left the Biggest Loser Ranch during Season 14. I can tell you that t... more


Updated posted by Francelina Morillo 1 month ago

I cannot believe I am only 11 days away from my first surgery (I will be having two)! It surreal! For the last couple of days I just have been appreciating the fact that this WILL IN FACT actually happen. Thank you so so much for all your support! You are truly helping me change my life! I don’t think there are enough words out there to express how grateful I am. I wanted this for so long and in many ways I honestly thought it would not happen. But one after the other I kept getting blessed somehow. First, finding the surgeon, her donating her time, and even then... I still didn't think it would happen because it truly is completely out of my budget (most ppls budget I would say). I remember when Dr. Capla told me she would wave all her fees and I was in shock I couldn't believe she waved over $70,000 of fees and it would still be around $20,000. I was sure I wouldn't be able to have it done. All I could do was open my heart to you guys and ask for help. What a humbling experience that was. It honestly has it taken so much weight off my shoulders. I was able to speak about the excess skin that I had been so embarrassed about and that in itself was so therapeutic. Thank you so much for accepting me as I am...flaws and all..This surgery will happen and that is THANKS to you guys---Another blessing! If you would have asked me two years ago that my life would be where it is today—I would not believe you! As accomplished as I was at 350lbs I fell very little (the irony). Life was in fact passing me by and I was watching it hopelessly. I have made a complete 180 right before your eyes. I couldn't be more grateful for you all and I am blown away by how many of you guys are still cheering me on! What a journey....what a story... My favorite quote these past few months “ I forgive myself for having believed for so long, that I was never good enough to have, get and be what I wanted. ” Thank you for changing my life.


Updated posted by Francelina Morillo 3 months ago

Hard picture to share but an important one. The picture on the right was taken when I auditioned for #biggestloser (keep in mind I had already lost close to 100lbs by this point) picture on the left is now. I think it's important to share this part of #weightloss. #excessskin is a reality and something you shouldn't be ashamed of. The picture on the left doesn't do justice to the amount of excess skin I have. It's everywhere! Legs, arms, back etc. It's uncomfortable, painful (certain parts are paper thin and literally split open) but despite all that I have not given up (as u can see from all my post! I am working hard CONSISTENTLY) There are many steps to #weightloss and I am on this final step. I am getting ready for #excessskinremoval. I literally think about it all the time. Not only will the discomforts subside but I will be more capable of reaching goal weight without all the extra. Additionally, I will finally get to see the the product of all my #hardwork! I use this picture to remind you... Not to quit! Thinking back, when I was over 350lbs... I thought so many things were out of reach for me... I can't tell you how many times I cried literally praying to GOD for strength to change... I wanted to feel alive.. To just be normal... I look at myself today and I am overwhelmed with joy! Despite the skin, I am a beast in the #gym, I have an amazing boyfriend, and my job is literally to #motivate and #inspire with #biggestloserrunwalk! It's possible... You can too!!!! Please don't give up!! U deserve to REALLY live this #life! Imagine that.... Truly being #happy And feeling complete?! P.S As you can imagine this is a pretty pricy surgery and if you can skip coffee a day or two please feel free to donate to my gofund account. Here is the link---> If you can't ... No worries please send me prayers and good vibes. Thank you so much for all your love and support! #massiveweightloss #weightloss #weight #fitness #fitfam #change #motivation #inspiring #biggestloser #drjennifercapla #train #transformation



Updated posted by Francelina Morillo 4 months ago

"..Keep in mind how far you have come...and NOT how much more you have to go... " From this pic, you can imagine why I have the amount of excess skin that I do..I have officially scheduled my surgery for the month of February! I am SO READY for this next step. It really is incredible what you can accomplish when you start believing in yourself. Please don't give up...


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Created by Francelina Morillo on September 27, 2013

“I’ll keep fighting for myself, because I am worth it and I deserve to be happy” Those are the last words I said as I left the Biggest Loser Ranch during Season 14. I can tell you that today, I am still fighting for my health (mind and body) and I am happy. If you follow me on Instagram (@franmo42) or twitter (@francelinaM14) you have been a part of this journey with me. For those of you who did not watch the show, I used to weigh approximately 350 lbs and lost almost 100 lbs on my own before applying for the show this alone made my experience very unique.

Before the show…
I was a very accomplished straight A student during college. I double majored, worked 2 jobs, and still found time to give back to my community. Despite how well I did academically, I was struggling emotionally. I lost my father right before going to college and my family was so burdened financially after his death, that I did not have the chance to mourn his loss properly. I ignored my emotions and feelings for a very long time and instead focused on building a career for myself. My goal was to take my mom out of the financial hole we were in after my father’s death. It's ironic because I had built the perfect scenario to get into medical school (I did research, double majored, volunteered, etc) and when it was time to apply, I was embarrassed. I felt ashamed that I wanted to be a doctor and help others but I could not help myself. Ashamed and aware that perhaps, I had devoted myself into so many projects and building my resume so that I didn’t ever have to look at myself. When I finally took a look at myself, I could not believe it. I did not even recognize the person I saw in the mirror. Despite everything I had accomplished, I felt like a failure. I think back now about how lost that girl was and how much my world has changed since then. Months after deciding I would put medical school on hold, I lost a significant amount of weight and started dealing with my “demons.” At some point, I could not lose any more weight and that’s when I decided to apply for The Biggest Loser.

On the Show…
When I went to the open casting call I would have never imagined I would actually be chosen. When I did I could finally see it. I could picture the new me. But it wasn’t all puppies and sunshine. I remember when we had to do our first official weigh in and all the girls were in their bras and shorts. I couldn’t believe it. No one else looked like me despite the fact that our weights were not all that drastically different. It was the skin and the fact that my true starting weight was 350lbs. I cannot tell you how embarrassed I was that the world would see something I despised. I was horrified but being desperate enough to change my life, I followed through with my decision to be on the show. There were so many times that I came back from a workout completely chafed from all the skin rubbing together. Many times that my cast mates cried along with me. The more weight I lost the worse it got. How do you stay motivated like this? How do you keep going? Even at finale, it was bittersweet.

I couldn’t help but think about the fact that I started my weight loss journey before my entire cast and here I was at the culmination of it all and I still was not done. You know, you start a weight loss journey and you picture yourself at the end and that’s what keeps you focused, that picture of you in the end. For me, it’s been a long road and when you have such a dramatic weight change its hard to see your real shape because of all the excess skin. I still don’t know what that final picture looks like but I know there’s a final picture. I am grateful for the opportunity I got however, my success was not always clear to me because of the enormous amount of excess skin. Your mind is a powerful thing and there were times where I couldn’t see the positives. But now, I can see clearly. I have my health and my life back and although I still struggle with this part of it,I am in a better place than I was before. Progress is progress. I’ll take the skin over diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure ANYDAY!

**The photo above is just a preview of some of the things I am going to show you guys along the way, this one is to focus on the problem area of my arms. No matter how hard I work, or how strong I get, my arms will never tighten up. I dont only have the loose skin problem on my arms, but I have this same problem all over my entire body, which makes it very hard to accomplish the fitness goals that I have set for myself, and to even live a normal life. The black pants im wearing in the photo are not even really pants, they are compression pants, something I have to wear every single day, everywhere I go, otherwise my loose skin would shake, move, and make me feel even more uncomfortable than I already do. As the process goes along, I will work up the courage to post more photos of my stomach, legs, back, etc. Thanks for allowing me to work into the process of really "bearing it all".**

Here I am 12 months out. I have kept the weight off and have truly made this my life style. I am a devoted runner and I just completed my first half marathon. I work out 5-6 days a week for 90 mins and I meal prep every Sunday. I recently accepted a position with Biggest Loser RunWalk to continue being involved in fitness and spreading the message of health from within. I am a COMPLETELY different person. Nonetheless, I am still not at the finish line. Coming off a show like The Biggest Loser people assume you finish at a size 4. There is a certain level of expectation and in many ways I have felt like I have to “prove” myself. I have to show that perhaps I am a size 14/16 but I am working hard. That isn’t what it should be about. The size is irrelevant what matters is that I am no longer 350 lbs, that I have a normal relationship with food, and that I was able to achieve a healthy lifestyle. That I took the opportunity I was given and valued and appreciated it and that I am paying it forward. For me, getting the skin removed is not about being smaller, skinnier, etc. Its about seeing the finish line, seeing my real shape, its about doing what I love most--running and not being plagued by incessant chafing and pain. I want to humbly ask you to help me reach my finish line.

Thanks to Danni Allen’s mother, I have been in touch with a weight loss surgeon. Danni's mother was at the finish line during my first half marathon and witnessed the pain and distress I was in after running 13.1 miles with over 40 lbs of excess skin and reached out to Dr. Jennifer Capla on my behalf. Dr. Capla has agreed to help me see my finish line and I could not be more thankful. She has donated her time to help me on this journey but there are still hospital fees and anesthesia fees that need to be covered (especially because there are multiple surgeries).

If you can help me anything will be appreciated. Believe me, I know better than anyone that times are tough. Being on the show set most of us back financially(and most of us were already in a bad place aka Salliie Mae). We were given a per diem of $100 dollars a day BEFORE being taxed in both states all while having the same bills to pay at home (rent, car, car ins, cell phone, utilities, helping my family, student loans etc.) until we were eliminated which for me was only 8 weeks and not to mention, once we were eliminated there were no per diems so I made no money for almost 4 months as I couldn't find a job while training for finale and having to buy all healthy organic food, and pay all those same bills. I could not be more thankful to my friends and family members at home who wanted this so badly for me that they helped me financially with food costs. I am definitely not in the position to cover the amount of money the surgery will cost but it is something I desperately want and need.

I am working hard and saving all I can but I still need help.I know not everyone will be able to donate 100, 10, or even 5 dollars to this cause, but if you even have 1 spare dollar, every donation helps. For those of you that can't donate anything, if you had some words of encouragement, or if you could even share this message and story for me.I would be ever so grateful. Help me see my finish line :)

With so much love,
Francelina aka Francy Biggest Loser Season 14

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Power of prayer is all I can afford.

posted by Janet Baker 1 month ago

Wow, less than 2 weeks away! Stay upbeat, strong and faithful during this time and looking forward to your next update after surgery. Your an inspiration !

posted by Marian Eberle Hayner 1 month ago

$4960 could make a ton of pillowcases!! regon-teen-makes-pillowcases-f or-hospital-patients-231642091 .html

posted by Jeanette Spraggins 5 months ago

Hey girl -- grats on your weight loss -- as a nurse I will tell you that there are places that will do the surgery for FREE if you donate the skin to patients needing skin grafts -- I know there is a place in Kansas City, Mo. -- check it out :)

posted by Sharyl Stedman 5 months ago

good luck, and I have to echo what someone else has said.. even with taxes, your per diem is more than I make, as a professional.. that being said, thanks for being so inspirational, keep going, you can do this! Im truly sorry, I can only offer emotional support, but I will think of you, and wish you well.

posted by Sandy Yeager Roth 5 months ago

Wishing you the best of luck

posted by Brittany Sloan 5 months ago

Excited for you! I love the biggest loser i watch it each week! I go up and down with my weight... I have 40lbs to lose its a challenge for me! I workout like crazy but the scale stays the same. I wish they would do a show with those who want to lose 50lbs or less. What we can do to lose those stubborn calories. I am excited for you and your journey! Everyone is an inspiration to me!

posted by Monica Gomez 5 months ago

Watched you on the show (Biggest Loser has been one of my fave show for years now) and also saw this post thru Courtney. You are such an Amazing person Francy, I don't even have to meet you to know that because it just beams through you!! I'm so proud of all you have accomplished in becoming a more healthy woman & despite your frustrations have continued to fight. Like you've said, times are tough financially with most now a days, but honestly giving up a coffee once a week or walking to work to save gas $ is worth it to me to have an extra $5 a week to share with someone who Truly deserves it!! So that's what I'll be doing as My part, every week I'll donate what I have saved. YOU deserve this & I hope many more people are touched by your story and are able to help you reach this very important goal :-) I wish you All the best, and as one of my fave quotes says....."You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you'll Always end up where you were meant to be."

posted by Mary Stevens 6 months ago

Francy, keep up the great work. I personally have lost 140 lbs and still have another 100 to go. The journey is so hard and you've done it. If anyone deserves this it's you. I'll be making small donations as I can along the way. Go get me girl!!

posted by Lynne Kaska 6 months ago

I saw the link to your page through Courtney's on FB and I have to say I was extremely touched. I myself started at 330 lbs and have lost about 102 as of today. I still have a ways to go, but I'm already worried about how much worse my already obvious skin issues are going to get. But like you said, it's better than having heart problems or diabetes or any number of health issues due to obesity! I truly wish you the very best and hope you're able to raise the $ you need for your surgery. I dread the day when I'll have to do the same. Can't wait to see the results!!

posted by Jill Tracy 6 months ago

I watched you on the show and am so impressed with what you have accomplished. I have also lost nearly 100 pounds over the past two years (and am running my 9th half marathon in Long Beach CA next month!) and have similar skin issues that will require surgery to fix, and are a challenge to deal with every day! I am happy to donate something to help you, because I know how hard you have worked to get this far, and how the extra skin makes further progress so difficult. You keep on doing what you are doing and I wish you the best of luck with the surgeries :-) Jillian's DVD's and online support have also helped me so much - everyone needs to pay it forward! You go girl!!

posted by Shelly Brown Gunn 6 months ago

Last weekend I attended a workout with Jillian in Atlantic City. Although I still adore Jillian, the experience was a disappointment (unorganized, missing equipment, only 30 minute session w/ no Q&A or Meet & Greet) and it cost over $100. Hope everyone in that room sees your post and donates 10% of what they paid for that workout. Donating now. Good Luck!

posted by Marianne Pensa 6 months ago

"We were given a per diem of $100 dollars a day all while having the same bills to pay at home and not to mention once we were eliminated there were no per diems" That seems like a lot of money to me! More than what I make at my job. Good luck in your journey. I have yet to reach my goal weight but I will.... you are a true inspiration.

posted by Victoria Elizabeth 6 months ago

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Susan Matthew

12 days ago


Been following you since the show. Love your spirit and determination. I lost 80 labs, gained 40 back, down again and still working at it. I find your words and story very inspirational and helpful, so thank you and good luck to you and Jeff on your continuing journeys!



Shannon Kaiser

19 days ago


Hey boo! I'm so proud of how far you've come & your beautiful soul! I cannot wait for you to actually FEEL everything you've accomplished free from your excess skin that current Lu traps you. Lots of love your way!❤️ @beastmode_beauty




20 days ago



Meg Wood

21 days ago


Francelina! The episode just aired here in NZ where you had to leave the ranch and go home- you are SO fabulous and positive- good success with your surgery and awesome work for achieving so much! Meg



Rahmon Zuckerman

28 days ago



Judith Kaufman

28 days ago



Swarna Ramakrishnan

29 days ago


Stay strong and stay motivated! I am so proud of you BFF :) I will be praying for you!




29 days ago



Abby Anderson

1 month ago


I support you girl! It may not be a lot of money, but know that you have been a real inspiration to me to get my body--and my life--back on track. YOU DESERVE THIS!



Jeanette Hopkins

1 month ago


You rock!!!


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