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So as you all may or may not know, Mr. Burns is looking for a partner or someone to take over The Talent Farm. Whether you’ve been going there for years or have only been to one show, it... more


Updated posted by Jamie Leibowitz 6 months ago

Hey guys! So if anyone is looking to pay with PayPal GoFundMe has a site that they paired up with to make your transaction a little more easier. It's called WePay. You won't need to create an account just to finish the transaction or be taken off to another site. Its quick and simple and can be done all right here! Thank you all so much for your support you guys are amazing!


Created by Jamie Leibowitz on September 19, 2013

So as you all may or may not know, Mr. Burns is looking for a partner or someone to take over The Talent Farm. Whether you’ve been going there for years or have only been to one show, it has provided a home and foundation for our local scene as well as our fellow traveling friends. Although we may be separated by genres we are all a part of the same community; a community that was helped created by Kevin Burns and The Talent Farm. With that being said, it is time to come together and help keep our home alive.

There is a goal placed but we are aiming to raise as much as we can. Anything helps. Your help and support counts.


This is 100% going to Kevin Burns to use for expenses for The Talent Farm and what he needs to keep it up and running.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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I suggest using kickstarter as well, It's a more popular program.

posted by Joshua Arnay 6 months ago

guys! I've started tweeting out to artists who have played here and asked for their help. As of right now, Hop Along and Modern Baseball have RTed it. Anything helps. Just an idea. I dont want us all to get annoying over twitter and stuff but it's just a thought. I'm also going to make a tumblr post.

posted by Gabriel Marquez 6 months ago

Guy under me; don't be a dick. Either help out, or leave your opinion to yourselves. We're not here to spread negativity. This is a community, if you don't want to be a part of it and would rather cry over the internet because a venue didn't meet your first world problem standards; then just simply don't donate. But don't influence others not to help. It's rude and selfish.

posted by Kevin Lopez 6 months ago

Maybe in the future install some working monitors. Then, replace those stage lights that always blinded me and heated the stage to 666 degrees, that should shave a few bucks off of the electric bill.

posted by Mace Steffy 6 months ago

If you're reading this comment, thank you for coming this far. My name is Kevin Burns, and I am the caretaker of one of South Florida's longest surviving all ages music venues and recording & rehearsal studios. Let me first say that I'm humbled by the actions of my younger friends who started this campaign, and somewhat embarrassed that I have not been able to sustain in my duties as caretaker of such a notable venue. I kind of feel that I'm letting a lot of people down, but in this day and age, with the economy as such, things have finally caught up to me and I can't seem to make any headway at the present time. Business is cyclical, rent & electric are not. With your help, if I am able to reach this goal, I can get past the immediacy of these obligations, and focus more on finding additional ways to thrive. This may or may not work out, but I feel it's worth fighting for at least one last time. If I am forced to close my doors, life will go on for all of us, and as they say... Maybe it's for the better. But if I can have my way, I will at least keep the doors open until I can find someone that perhaps has a better business sense than me, or I'll enlist the services of a creative team to create a greater flow of action here. If you can't contribute, I still appreciate your taking the time to understand the situation. Word of mouth is a beautiful thing when used in a positive way. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in a partnership venture or outright takeover of TTF, please let me know. I can be reached at the studio 954-438-3488 or Thank you for your kindness!

posted by Kevin Burns 6 months ago

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Signature Escape thanks you for the hospitality!




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Helping as much as I can :) I support the talent farm



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We support TTF!



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