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On September 8, 2013, Joni went to the emergency room with some severe stomach pains. She expected the news to be some sort of stomach virus or food poisoning but the findings were much... more


Updated posted by Mike Stephens 1 month ago

She's the strongest woman I know!!

I am so excited and proud to say that mom has made huge strides in her health and overall outlook! She is now on a daily pill form of chemotherapy and has been responding great to it. Her wound is healing more and more every day and she will soon be able to get rid of the wound-vac (no one is more excited about that than her!).

She is on a month to month checkup routine with her doctor to do blood work and see how her body is responding to the treatments. She is not out of the woods by any means but she takes every day with a new found appreciation and will continue to fight. Her first checkup is this coming Thursday and I am confident it will be nothing but good news.

She is looking great and feeling great and has even started exercising again! I never doubted the fact that she would give this cancer hell; she is entirely too strong mentally and physically. Words cannot describe the pride we all feel just to be associated with such an amazing person. I am the luckiest one because she helped make me who I am today; She is MY mother!

Below is a recent picture of her and Julia, a family friend who recently donated her hair to “Locks of Love” in mom’s honor. It is because of people like her and all of you that mom can continue to stay strong and fight this every day. Please continue to support her in any way you can; we appreciate every prayer, every donation, every card, every delivery of flowers, every message, every phone call…

We all love you so much! Go HAM mama!! haha


Mom and Julia


Updated posted by Mike Stephens 2 months ago

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!!

A lot has changed since our last update. Mom is still recovering from the second surgery she had to clear up a hematoma that developed after her hysterectomy. Hopefully she will heal from that in the next few weeks so she can resume treatment.

We also found out that the source of her cancer was not the ovaries, it originated in the breast. Her diagnosis has since been corrected to stage IV breast cancer. Her primary doctor and the plan of action have also changed to properly combat this rapidly reproducing cancer.

The road to recovery has now become much longer for her with no end in the near future. She has many chemo treatments and doctors appointments ahead and needs all the help she can get to remain strong throughout.

We all know she is strong enough to fight this every single day. Please continue to donate, leave messages, and pray for her; she and our family need the strength now more than ever for this long road ahead. I will keep you updated with any new information, Thank you all again!


Updated posted by Mike Stephens 4 months ago

Sorry for the late update...
Mom had her surgery yesterday to remove the cancer and remove the obstruction in her intestine that has been causing her so much pain and keeping her from eating. The surgery went very well, the doctor said it was a "miracle" how little cancer remained inside of her. At this point the remaining cancer cells on her liver should be cleared up by the next 3 months of chemo she has to complete.
She is in a substantial amount of pain today and has been having some blood pressure issues but all that is left for her to do is to heal up and get ready to finish chemo treatments. She needs your love and prayers now as much as ever, please keep sending her messages and sharing her story. Thank you all so much for everything you do. We love you and Merry Christmas!

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Created by Mike Stephens on September 15, 2013

On September 8, 2013, Joni went to the emergency room with some severe stomach pains. She expected the news to be some sort of stomach virus or food poisoning but the findings were much worse. She was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer which had spread into her liver.

With no family history of cancer and otherwise being a very healthy person, this came as a complete shock to her as well as the entire family. Luckily she has been referred to a great group of doctors and nurses and has already begun chemotherapy treatments and other treatments for the sickness and pain in her abdomen.

She is a loving mother, a devoted wife, and an amazing friend to countless people. Given her outgoing personality and extremely compassionate nature, she has never met a stranger. With the loving support of her entire family and friends behind her we know she will overcome this just as she has any other obstacle in her lifetime. She has always been there to give support to anyone in need and now it is her turn to receive it.

We have set up this website to help with any medical and household bills she will have while undergoing treatments to beat this cancer. She will be undergoing chemotherapy treatments once a week for the next six months along with surgery to remove the cancer once the doctor sees fit. She and her husband run their own small business selling books and could use all the help they can get during these hard times. As you can imagine traveling all over the city for each book fair will be difficult for her during treatments, so she will miss some of the fairs. We appreciate any and all donations, however large or small; they will go to a wonderful and incredible woman. Feel free to share this story and page with as many people as possible. Any funding we raise that she does not use will be donated directly to a cancer society of her choosing.

She is one of the strongest people I know and I am certain she will beat this cancer. She and our entire family are so grateful for any help you give. If anyone wants to leave her a few words of encouragement please leave a message on this website or on her Facebook account, Joni May Stephens-Jacoby. Again, thank you all and god bless!

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Joni, You are in our prayers, get well soon and be strong. Sincerely, Tere and Carlos



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Joni...Praying for you!



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Joni, We Love You, and are praying for your total recovery! ~CHS Class of 1980



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Love you, Joni!



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Praying for you, Joni.



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