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This is a campaign to raise money to get a new 3D printer for 7hills Makerspace. Our old Makerbot is so tired and worn out. In fact, he is not even working at the moment. It's sad, reall... more


Updated posted by Greg Richardson 3 months ago

Thank you all for your wonderful support of this campaign. Together with offline contributions, we were able to raise the $950 needed to get a new 3D printer for the space!! On the recommendation of John Grout -- AKA "3D Printer Consumer Reports" -- we have a sparkling new UP Mini 3D Printer on the way!

You can read more about it at

I will send out a notice when it arrives. We'll kick off the New Year with a 3D Printer Party for makerspace members and the community at large.


Updated posted by Greg Richardson 5 months ago

Hey supporters! We're at about $900 including commitments made off the site. With a little work, I think the space could have its new 3D printer operating over the holidays. Anything you can do to spread the word, remind people of the campaign, use social media, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Remember, the benefits will accrue to the whole community. Anyone from the public will be able to come in and print on Thursday evenings at Make-Night.


Created by Greg Richardson on September 13, 2013

This is a campaign to raise money to get a new 3D printer for 7hills Makerspace. Our old Makerbot is so tired and worn out. In fact, he is not even working at the moment. It's sad, really. No-one even goes over to his table anymore - they know. Just glance over there next time you're in the space.

He has served us well, but it is time for him to move on. We will give him a comfy place to live out his retirement. We will place a bunch of his crappily-printed items around him and make like a shrine or something.

It's just that there are these new sparkly models out there that can do all kinds of new things, and damnit, we want one.

So, which of the gazillion brands and models of 3D printers will we replace him with? I have no idea. I guess this will depend on how many of you donate, how much we raise, and what everyone thinks. The Grand Pooba of 3D printing at 7hills likes the $900 UP! Mini. I would like to see us get something with a little larger build area. Of course we all like the Replicator 2.

Tell us what you think if you have opinions. And if not, give us cash. Trust us. Believe in us. Be the maker.

Unofficial Reward Levels:

$10: You can look at our new printer from a distance.
$20: You can stand close enough to smell its warm plastic.
$50: You can have your picture taken with it (no touching).
$100: You can print stuff on it.
$200: You can let your relatives print stuff on it.
$500: You must be rich. Why don't you just buy your own?
$1,000: We will come to your house and ask permission to use it.

P.S. That was obviously tongue in cheek. 7hills Makerspace is open to the public every Thursday night. Everyone from the community is welcome to come in and touch, smell, have their picture taken with, our just use our 3D printers and other contraptions. :-)

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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The 3D Printer (and all of Makerspace) are open to the public for free use every Thursday night!

posted by Tricia Steele 7 months ago

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Josh Brown

5 months ago



Stacy Cates

5 months ago



Tricia Steele

6 months ago


Worth it so that my staff and my clients can use it!!



John Grout

7 months ago


Operation Take-Back-The-Crown-From-HackB erry-Lab: here you go...take my crown



Denny Nolan

7 months ago



Zane Cochran

7 months ago


I can't wait to have my photo taken with it!



Greg Richardson

7 months ago



Ryan Simmons

7 months ago


I'm in 100%! Do we need a cool video showing off how much we need one? I think we could make that happen. Ha ha!



David Howerin

7 months ago


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