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Updated posted by Gerardo Solano 6 months ago

We just had our first home study visit today. That went very well. We are moving next weekend and planning a fundraiser yard sale soon after that.


Updated posted by Gerardo Solano 7 months ago

Wow, can't believe all the paperwork. We are working diligently to get it all done. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and support!


Updated posted by Gerardo Solano 7 months ago





 We received our pre-approval from China! We knew we would but it is exciting to watch the steps unfold. We are moving along with the paperwork. One day at a time!
Thank you for your help and prayers!







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Created by Gerardo Solano on September 9, 2013

Five years ago, our family was blessed with our son, Gabriel. He was born with Down syndrome, along with vision, hearing, digestive and other issues. From the onset, our challenges as a family have been many but it didn't take us long to realize something in the process: the love we have received from our son has far exceeded any obstacle his challenges have brought. Instead, Gabriel has taught us to be more patient, less selfish and most of all, to have more fun! If that wasn't enough, Gabriel's unconditional love and Godly spirit has helped our family grow closer in love than we ever knew was possible.

Over the last three years, our family has considered adopting another child with DS, primarily because of our desire to become parents again but realizing both Gabriel and our new child would aid each other in so many levels: emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically. After much discussion and prayer, we have decided to take a leap of faith. Her name is Darla and she is in China. This sweet 1 1/2 year old little girl has already endured heart surgery but has recovered well and is healthy. We understand she responds to her name, makes eye contact and is very alert. Darla is even starting to walk with help!

It is common knowledge that many countries, including developed nations such as China, still do not regard those with special needs as our country does. Special needs orphans, if not adopted young, are routinely released to the streets by their sixteenth birthday. It is a heartbreaking crisis as these physically or mentally delayed individuals have no means of survival. They are often abused and die of starvation. My heart literally breaks at the thought of a precious soul suffering in this manner, all because they are not considered "normal." As a family, we realize we can't right this travesty ourselves, but we can save this one little "starfish."

As we've witnessed from many who have traveled this road before, the international adoption process is complicated, lengthy and financially draining. Our family is not rich, and while this process could prove to be taxing in more ways than one, we're not about to give up just because of the challenges we will face. Our precious Gabriel has taught us that.

That is why we are asking for your help. We understand our economy is just beginning to rebound, and like us, you may feel the financial pinch or even live "paycheck to paycheck." But whatever your financial situation is, we humbly ask you to consider helping us rescue Darla. No donation is too small to help, and the rewards your heart will feel will be worth its weight in gold!

Thank you for reading this, and for forwarding this link to as many people as possible. Most of all, thank you for your consideration in helping us assure Darla doesn't end up like so many other precious souls. With your help, we'll bring our little starfish home very soon!

Yours in prayer and thanksgiving,
Constance, Solano

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Sarah Fregulia

6 months ago



Nina Calanchini

6 months ago


Cannot wait to meet Darla and play with her! Love from The Calanchinis



Junia Twelker

6 months ago



Roberta Wiles

7 months ago


Beautiful! Best of luck Gerardo and family!



Abby B.

7 months ago


Can't wait to meet this sweet girl!!



donna kinnison

7 months ago



Arturo Rangel

7 months ago



Susan Weckter

7 months ago


To get you started :)


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