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This fundraising campaign is being established for the passing of Derrick "Dudeman" McDougal. Derrick was was known for his kind heart, love of his dogs, and that amazing little home he... more


Updated posted by Olympia Memes 7 months ago

Derrick's services have been arranged for this Friday at 1pm. All of Derrick's friends are invited to attend

Thank you so much for everything you have done for this man.

For information on the service please follow this link:


Updated posted by Olympia Memes 7 months ago

Update: Great news. Derrick has been released from the coroner and is now in the hands of some great people down at Woodlawn Funeral Home. Today I was able to meet with the funeral director to begin the process of arranging Derrick's cremation and talk about the Scattering Ceremony.

The scattering ceremony will be scheduled in the next few weeks as soon as his family has had the chance to get all the appropriate documents in order. Everyone will be invited to come help see off this man who touched so many. We will be doing the ceremony outside. It's going to be beautiful.

For any questions regarding Derrick's service please contact Stephen Wilson at Woodlawn Funeral Home at (360) 491-3000


Updated posted by Olympia Memes 7 months ago

Derrick's family has been found! Derrick will finally be laid to rest, partly in Olympia, and partly back near his childhood home at a lake where is mother's ashes were scattered.

The money you raised has done far more than just help pay for a friends final resting place. It lifted an entire community.

Per Derrick's family's instructions, any remaining funds from this fundraiser will be equally donated to Concern for Animals, and a homeless shelter in Olympia. I will be supplying receipts as soon as any money is exchanged so hold tight.

Thank you to everyone who has given their time, money, hearts, and for all of your comments and prayers in helping to find his family.

It has been a job well done, Oly. I am so privileged and humbled by you.

Rest in peace Derrick. We will see you soon.

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Created by Olympia Memes on September 2, 2013

This fundraising campaign is being established for the passing of Derrick "Dudeman" McDougal.

Derrick was was known for his kind heart, love of his dogs, and that amazing little home he made from tarps and trailers. If you ever met him you didn't forget it. Derrick lived on the land and the kindness of others, but his pets were always well fed and happy.

Derrick's untimely death has rocked the streets of Olympia. If things weren't bad enough, we are now faced with the daunting task of trying to locate his next of kin so that they can arrange his final resting place.

As a homeless man of the streets, Olympia became his family. Olympia, it's time for us to step up again and do the right thing for one of our own. If family does not come forward we need to have the ability to give Derrick a send off of dignity and compassion.

Working with the people at Woodlawn, we could have Derrick buried and memorialized for $4,000.00. The price breaks down as follows:
$1,200 Plot
$500 Casket
$400 Marker
$1,100 Funeral Director
$750 To remove/replace earth at grave site

The above option is not a popular one in the community as everyone knew Derrick to be a free spirit and the thought of containing him in the ground just doesn't seem fitting.

There is also an option of having him cremated, and then his ashes buried in a smaller plot. We would need to raise $3,000.00 for that.

At the very least to give him a proper cremation we will need $1,225.00. A standard cremation after taxes and fees comes to $800.00. To scatter his ashes in Woodlawn's Scattering Garden and adding his name to the wall with a small plaque will be $425.00.
I would also like to purchase an urn to keep with some of his remains should his family be located.

I will personally be taking 100% of proceeds directly to the funeral home.

At this time (9/5/13) none of the family members have stepped forward to claim Derrick.

Many people have come forward with concerns for his three dogs, and as of today they are still being cared for by a friend of Derrick's.

Feel free to leave your respects for a gentle soul gone too soon from this world below.

Thank you,

Oly Memes

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Hello all. My Name is James, Derrick, or Dudeman as most know him, is my brother. I unfortunately have just been told the news. Derrick was always a wild spirit. He could never be tied down anywhere. Ever since childhood, he has been an inspiration of strength and kindness. Anyone that knew him, loved him. I am so glad to hear that he touched so many others lives in his journeys. He will be forever missed. Thank you all for your kind and loving words. And thank you for your support. I know he loved you all, as you loved him, the man did not have the ability to hate. His life was based on Peace and unity. From my family to yours, my condolences, and prayers for your loss. Thank you again.

posted by James Cantagallo 4 months ago

I just heard about this from a friend of mine. I live in spokane, wa. Where I met dude man when I was 12 years old living at a homeless teen shelter called crosswalk. Dudeman was a very good friend of mine. I grew up with him. Have had many memories together. When he left spokane, he left with just his bike and his dog. He told me he was going to travel the west coast and see the wonderful things it has to offer. I had no idea he ended up in olympia. I am now almost 25 years old and always thought we would see each other again. I miss him very much and very sad to see the world loose another kind hearted and old soul. He will be missed dearly.

posted by Jennifer O'Neill 4 months ago

I'm the last to know about dude man. I'm devastated. Where are his dogs?!?! We've talked repeatedly about his dogs and I would be more then happy to have them. I have given him flea medicine shots and food and would again in a heart beat! He was a great pet owner, great person, and one of the true good people left on this earth. He is greatly missed.

posted by Aleda Bennett 4 months ago

I knew Dudeman about a year ago, when "baby girl" was Girly girl lol he was such a great person, he just wanted people to hear his music, even on his cells answerphone there is his music. Everyone knew dudeman but hanging out with him was always a mission, he was so energetic lets go here and lets go there u couldn't even sit down sometimes! Love goes out to his siblings. Such a waste, im still in shock :( I hope "the kids" (the dogs) are well looked after and stay together. RIP Dudeman xxx

posted by Monique Matson 7 months ago

I wish I had something to give. :[ I do like the plaque idea though. :]

posted by Renay Harris 7 months ago

i cant post the video of Derrick mcdougal to this but invite all to my page and click on dudeman city council !!! rest in peace .....

posted by Christina Long 7 months ago

I want to contribute, and the cremation and scattering garden sound appropriate. My greatest concern is for DOG Baby and Bear. Extra funds really ought to go towards their care. What's their status? Anyone know?

posted by Shannon Ford 7 months ago

I would like to donate but while I think burial costs are a fine goal for donations, I want to donate only if the orphan pets' care will be part of the promises to the memory of Dudeman.

posted by Gail James 7 months ago

Dudeman, great times smoking budz on the trail. D O.G. Baby Girl, and Bear are surely going to miss you.

posted by Jeremiah McMahan 7 months ago

I never knew his real name, but I met him at Street Reach ( run by City Gates Ministries ) when it was behind the Transit Station nearly four years ago. He had a bike with a cart, and dogs in the cart. I had a bike with a kennel over my shoulder, and chickens in the kennel. We had something in common right there, and one day, Cathy Talley ( another beautiful person, deceased - she volunteered at Street Reach ) introduced me to Dudeman and told him about my difficulties in carting around the chickens, to which Dudeman met me the next week with one of his old carts. It's in need of some repairs, but useable, nonetheless. It's in storage right now, but I still have plans to fix it up and make it into a portable coop for my birds to go with me the same way his dogs went with him. Thank you, Dudeman, for your incredible kindness.

posted by Jeremiah Sullivan 7 months ago

By the touching comments left here, thank you sir for touching our lives and making the world a little brighter. I hope his dogs find loving homes, and that they find out why this young man died. God be with you on your journey.

posted by Agnes Scott 7 months ago

do you think he would want a casket and a plot, which would be very nice, or do you think he would prefer to be cremated and the rest of the money donated to a charity that helps animals? I'm any case he was a joy to have I'm our community and he would be so happy to see all those that he has had a positive effect on!

posted by Amber Kirk 7 months ago

Such an amazing person. Always brought light and happiness among others. His view of the world was precious. I pray for him and his dogs and may his family and friends find peace as well with this tragic situation. We will be missed in the Olympia community. RIP.

posted by Cambria Harding 7 months ago

My heart is very heavy in hearing of Derrick's passing. If anyone knows what happened, please can you let me know? Also, do we know what is happening with his dogs? Derrick would not rest in peace if his dogs are not being taken care of. I can help find homes for them, please don't let them be taken to a shelter. It's the least we can all do for the "Dudeman".

posted by Tarina Thomas 7 months ago

I just saw him early last week & had a nice conversation with him about the new stuff he had done with his rig. He was so inventive. Such a kind, happy soul who genuinely liked people & loved his fur family. He brought Bear out for me as always so I could pet him. He complimented me on my outfit & gave me a big hug when I left. I gave him a little cash & he said what he always did...." you don't always have to give me something, you can just stop by to say hi". Such a sweet soul & I will miss him. R.I.P. my friend!

posted by Kathi Roth Stoops 7 months ago

How did this sweet man die?

posted by Jackie Mead 7 months ago

wow i remember dudeman he always helped me out and made me feel welcomed when i lived on the streets with him and the dogs and i remember seeing the hurt in his eyes when someone stole his big dog.and how everyone came to his help to look for it.

posted by Joshua Coley 7 months ago

Sooo sad! What happened?? He was always very happy! Peace be with you brother. Who has the dogs???

posted by Jessica Goforth 7 months ago

So sad I just saw him last week. Please let me know if you need anything for the dogs Concern for Animals would be glad to help. Please let us know if they need homes or care before taking them to the shelter. We will do what we can for these guys.

posted by Janey Hanson 7 months ago

I am not from around there but was touched by the story. I can not help but wonder how he remained homeless with so many people that loved and admired him. Being an outsider I know my opinion is worthless but instead of a statue maybe a social movement and our program to help the homeless get off the streets and possibly help shelter dogs find forever homes. I think an organization like that with his name on it would make him far more proud than a monument. He is an inspiration. It is important to remember why and honour your friend. Peace.

posted by Cathy Thomas 7 months ago

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From Derrick's siblings in honor of our brother's free spirit




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I've seen you at least once downtown. It's crazy how your presence as a local homeless man could lift up our hearts. We as human beings can learn a thing or two from your example of humbleness. Rest in Peace.




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Rest in Peace




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Love and respect Dudeman!! You showed us all what life is really about!! ~ Love ~


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