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Updated posted by Rene Ruston 5 months ago

JoJo is staff favorite at Best Friends!

Here is an update from the professional staff at Best Friends. His caregivers call him a "role model". :)

"JoJo has settled in nicely. His caregivers love him. He is now living with another dog and has been doing well meeting new staff. I have attached a couple of pictures and here is an update for you from one of JoJo's caregivers:

JoJo is doing great! He has quickly become a staff favorite. He is social and comfortable with everyone he meets and is very smart. JoJo is now living with a shy female dog named Amina. Amina has bonded with JoJo and he is helping her to build confidence and be more trusting of people.

When Amina first meets new people she is fearful and will shut down but when she watches JoJo interact with them she becomes more comfortable because she sees that he enjoys their attention and is not afraid. Amina will approach people and accept treats from them when JoJo is by her side. JoJo has done a lot for Amina and I plan on him helping me to socialize many other shy dogs in the future. He is such a wonderful role model!

JoJo is one of the most outgoing dogs that I care for. He loves going to the dog park and exploring the two acres of fenced in land. He will wander off, with Amina following close behind him but he will always check in with his caregivers after a few moments of being out of sight. He also loves riding on the golf cart. JoJo was a little nervous of the golf cart at first but now it is one of his favorite activities. We are all very fond of him.

Thanks for checking in on this special guy. "


JoJo and girlfriend Amina


Updated posted by Rene Ruston 6 months ago

JoJo's family would like to thank all his supporters and...
Talitha Davies Wegner Law

Denise Travis and Myself and our whole family and friends want to thank your team for making JO JO's escape possible, we couldn't do it without you and others that helped us. When I said I would appeal his case, I was driving home, Denise crying and me thinking how will I be able to do this I can't let the kids and the dog down.
The Private Investigator, Victoria, called me asked how hearing went, I told her, she said "call Dolores, she had trained JO JO". I did and told her they wanted to put him to sleep but I appealed it. I couldn't believe she wrote back, saying" did you know how many interested in this dog?"

I said back to Dolores, " if so many interested, could you ask if they would pitch in up to five dollars 25 cent 1.00" all I asked. She wrote back and said we had help for JO JO. It was a miracle, no one ever has been on our side like that, we were so amazed, that our prayers were answered. I thought if I could gather some money, then maybe I could do this but, to file and the court. I could not of done any of it alone. You Talitha and your team are ANGELS, and all the ones who followed the case and protested with us.
We may not have a lot but we do have LOVE and when it comes to the last of all evil we as a family stick together, for what we LOVED.

I hope he will be happy finally. We feel bad of losing him, but since he was rescued, we feel he will be a pup again. He had such love and play We pray he gets it back
Again Thanks so much for everything you all have done for the dog and us, We do appreciate everything from the bottom of our hearts, we can't possibly thank you enough.

In a few weeks we are going to visit your office to say thank you in person, we want to show our appreciation, I hope it will be alright, we have been planning, but now, when Denise is better.We will keep in touch.
do have a good day.


Bosquez, and Wheeler family

From Team JoJo: we would like to thank our supporters. The county of Los Angeles has been put on notice. We will not tolerate injustice. $20,000 in court costs and fees and $500,000 in attorneys hours (thank you Davies Wegner Law for your pro bono assistance!) We fight on. This is not the end. We will continue to fight for this family's right to own a dog and also for the faceless JoJo's who die at the hands of Marcia Mayeda every day. Please continue to spread the word and help us put an end to her abuse of power over those that cannot defend themselves.



Updated posted by Rene Ruston 6 months ago

In a spectacular display of government waste and after 2 1/2 months of fierce battle with Marsha Mayeda and her county counsel Diane Reagan, Team JoJo breathes a sigh of relief as he was finally released to Best Friends Animal Society's sanctuary. The lovely girls who came down to get him whisked him off as quickly as possible to remove him from the boney clutches of those that fought so viciously to kill him.
We want to thank Best Friends Animal Society for generously answering our call for assistance. Unlike Ms. Mayeda, they looked at ALL the evidence surrounding JoJo's case. They did not hesitate to accept JoJo. He was a very happy boy and seemed to know he was safe. I don't mind telling you that joyful tears were flowing. :)

MAKE NO MISTAKE: the ONLY thing keeping JoJo alive was the hard fought court of appeals stay of execution: The stay of the TRO. There was a small window of time between the judge's ruling to lift the TRO and our ability to appeal the decision for which Marcia Mayeda immediately instructed Lancaster shelter to put JoJo first on the list to die. Only the humiliating slap from the court of appeal wiped the smile off their faces (yes they were laughing as they waddled out of the court room when they thought Judge Lavin had given them the silver bullet to kill JoJo). Less than 24 hrs later the Appeals court reinstated the TRO and the DACC knew they would be in contempt of court if they killed him. Wiped the smile right off their faces. Team JoJo's legal team is a FORMIDABLE force. So grateful for their dogged determination to right this wrong.
Knowing their first choice to kill him was off the table and facing a year or more of litigation, Marcia Mayeda and her county council Diane Reagan recognized defeat. They attempted to eek out a few bones for themselves by inserting punitive demands on the conditions for which Best Friends could keep JoJo. This took some time for JoJos legal team to remove.
Ms. Mayeda basically wanted him treated like "Hannibal Lecter". Best Friends​'​ ​facility is set up for animals with their care and comfort in mind. The provision of maximum love, kindness and attention to every animal's needs. Best Friends couldn't accommodate Hannibal Lecter treatment so Mayeda was forced to capitulate.
If it wasn't so serious, it would be amusing. When we pointed out that Best Friends was entrusted by a Federal judge to care for the Michael Vick dogs, the county counsel had the audacity to intimate that JoJo was far worse than the Vick dogs. The absurdity of such a claim is laughable. They don't bother to bust the fighting rings right under their noses in Los Angeles and yet they are personally acquainted with Vick's dogs??
​​ They have no first hand knowledge of the Vick dogs, so their claim speaks volumes on how they come up with their "shotgun" opinions. It's how JoJo ended up this way in the first place. They do "NO" investigation and run purely on assumptions and here-say when deciding a dogs fate.

Ms. Mayeda was free to ask Best Friends 3 months ago to take JoJo, but, made no attempt to find him any sanctuary and refused all the offers we provided. Her first choice was and always is: to kill. Marcia seems to relish racking up the bills for both you, the taxpayers and Team JoJo. In order to release JoJo they county requested our promise not to sue them. They knew they were caught and faced not only continued public humiliation, but hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees should we pursue action. We did not want JoJo to face another year in jail while we wait for trial, so we agreed. His safety comes first. That said, court costs have risen to nearly $20,000 and donations are much appreciated to mitigate that cost. We thank you for your generosity. We could not have waged this fight without support.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mayeda received yet another raise to her already bloated salary of well over 6 figures. The County CEO gave himself a raise while he was at it.
Your tax dollars at "work". Or, lack thereof.

We, also, ask for you write to your County Supervisors and voice your opinions about Mayeda​'s failure to lead and utilize resources where they would make a difference: enforcement of spay / neuter laws, animal licensing ​, investigation of ​dog fighting rings, ​follow up on leads regarding ​back yard breeding ​ and​ puppy mills, illegal sale of animals on the street, hoarding, animal neglect and abuse​. As tax payers, is it too much to ex​​pect that animal control spend some time and money on these activities?​ If the County Supervisors will not hold Mayeda accountable and instead reward her with a raise - then we shall hold the Supervisor accountable. It is clear we have a political problem on our hands and it is time to organize and be heard and let the Supervisors know that they can no longer put their heads in the sand. There is nowhere else to look and no one else to blame. Accountability is catching up to them all. ​ Let's hope their books are in order.​


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Created by Rene Ruston on August 21, 2013

JoJo was a good family dog - living with small children and playing with other neighborhood children until he was taunted and teased. In addition to hurling pieces of concrete at him and spraying him with a hose, they would coax him into coming in contact with his electric fence. They would laugh at him when he cried out in pain. Two of his tormentors were eventually bitten,due to these antics and Los Angeles County Animal Services was called out. They presided as judge, jury and executioner in what can only be described as a biased hearing. JoJo doesn't deserve to die. JoJo has a family with children who love him and tried to fight for him, but, all of their evidence of the torment was ignored. Kind attorneys are helping the family pro bono to fight for their rights. Despite their generosity, expenses for JoJo's case are climbing. Los Angeles County demanded a bond of over $5,000. There are a multitude of court filing costs and expenses. Rock and Rescue and S.T.A.R.T. are assisting with those costs but need assistance from donors to keep up this fight.

Please also sign this petition demanding JUSTICE FOR JOJO and seeking the exercise of discretion under the law to place JoJo with any appropriate restrictions, rather than kill him for defending himself.


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I hope that people realize that Jojo was defending himself. The neigbourhood children obviously have had no training in how to approach dogs.

posted by Celeste Keenan 5 months ago

I sure hope this family has been able to move away from these disturbed and abusive neighbors. Of course the children harrassed and tortured JoJo - they were following in Dad's footsteps. Children learn this sort of behavior and go onto torture more defenseless animals and graduate to abusing other people.

posted by Barbara Frasier 6 months ago

Restrictions should be place on the kids, not the dogs and the parents should be drug into court and held responsible for these court costs. I hope the attorneys are filing a civil suit against the parents, also; I would.

posted by Roxane McElroy Webster 7 months ago

Friggin little bratty kids should be the ones locked up!

posted by Doug Hodges 8 months ago

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Christine Witcher

2 months ago


Go JoJo. I want you to have a loving forever home. I would take you but I've already got 7 rescued dogs already. I pray for you JoJo.



Ted Rose

3 months ago


Good Luck JoJo



Morgan Berumen

3 months ago


I would have bit those asshole children too if they were taunting me too... That's what's wrong with my generation nowadays no respect for life, animals, or others.



Lori Butterworth

5 months ago


It is time people like the County prosecutor and the vile little thugs who gained enjoyment from seeing an animal suffer, also paid for their cruelty and criminal behaviour.



Anne Kempster

5 months ago


Wish I could adopt Jo Jo.



Gay Currier

5 months ago



Keswantee Rajkoomar

5 months ago


Hope this small amount will help .I really love you Jojo if I was in your country I would have adopt you immediatetly God will surely give you the best home Its my prayer to Lord .I have my Mili who has been sent to Australlia from Mauritus due to migration actually she is quarantaine and the sufferance am bearing I only know I do know also she is really missing me very much .Oh God plse take good care care of My Jojo and my lovable Mili



Patricia Logan

5 months ago


Thank you so much for helping this family and this poor dog. That female prosecutor is an evil witch with a truly mean spirit. I wish I could give more!




5 months ago



Stacey Wood

5 months ago


JoJo, you deserve a happy life and you were only defending yourself. Have a happy, happy life knowing that you are loved more than you know!


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