Shakti needs eye surgery, please help!

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UPDATE: Shakti now weighs 47 lbs. She is doing so much better. Still getting her daily insulin shots which seems to be working. Shakti still cannot see due to the starvation. Shakti nee... more


Updated posted by Ivonne Lantigua 1 month ago

Shakti can see!!! She has come a long way since being found in a dumpster, abandoned to die. Thank you to everyone who has taken this sweet girl's story to heart. It's people like you who care and love animals that make this possible. Shakti's cataract surgery was featured on the local news. Here is the link to her story Shakti is recovering nicely from her eye surgery and she continues to receive daily insulin shots for the diabetes. Shakti is available for adoption to a loving home. If you are interested in adopting Shakti, please e-mail or send a message on facebook. Thank you again.


Updated posted by Ivonne Lantigua 1 month ago

Shakti, our sweet "dumpster dog" rescue is having eye surgery on 3/11/14 at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists. They are doing surgery to one eye first and the second eye on another day. If you can make a donation to help with the cost of the surgery, it would be greatly appreciated. You can read Shakti's story and progress on my facebook page. Thank you for your support.


Updated posted by Ivonne Lantigua 9 months ago

Shakti "the dumpster dog" UPDATE: Shakti was taken from Shaffer Animal Hospital to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Central Florida in Casselberry and she has been there since Friday (7/12/13) evening. Shakti has been diagnosed with diabetes and she is in ketosis which means her body is using fat for energy (hence the reason why she was not gaining weight). She has been on continuous IV fluids and 24 hour care which includes insulin shots and tests to check her insulin and glucose levels. She will be there until Monday, by which time we hope she has been stabilized enough to go back home. Shakti also had little protein in her body which required a blood transfusion from a healthy large dog. Leslie Yates used one of her dogs as the blood donor. Shakti appears to be a fighter and we are doing everything necessary to give this girl a fighting chance. Please help Shakti! The veterinary clinic bill will be approximately $4,000, which does not include her care a treatment after she goes home. We appreciate the outpouring of support and concern for Shakti. I know there is bad in this world, and Shakti did not deserve the treatment she got, but it is wonderful to see people coming together to help the cause of this sweet dog. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Please visit and search for Save Shakti, the "dumpster dog". Thank you.


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Created by Ivonne Lantigua on July 7, 2013

UPDATE: Shakti now weighs 47 lbs. She is doing so much better. Still getting her daily insulin shots which seems to be working. Shakti still cannot see due to the starvation.  Shakti needs cataract surgery so hopefully she will be able to see. Thank you to everyone who has donated to help get to where she is. We still have not met our goal and are raising money to help pay for her cataract surgery. Please continue to share. Thank you so much.

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My heart breaks reading this story, I hope Shakti gets well soon and that the people who did this to her get what they deserve!

posted by Kim Riley 7 months ago

Thank you for your love and concern for this sweet baby.

posted by JM Guyton 8 months ago

Poor sweet girl. You gals are angels for taking care of her. Would love to meet her when she is feeling better!

posted by Angela Hunt 9 months ago

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Tomas E. Rebimbas

1 month ago


Happy to see Shakti doing well, she looks great. Thanks Ivonne for being so caring. God will repay all your good deeds.



Joy LaFrance-Phipps

1 month ago


Thank you for helping this baby.



Emily Levin

1 month ago



John Goodger

1 month ago


Wish I could take them all




1 month ago



Terry White

1 month ago


I know it is not much but I know that every little bit helps. Can not wait to see her be able to see again. Shakti is such a sweet dog and I am so glad that she is being fostered in my neighborhood. I feel honored to know this beautiful girl.



Katherine Walsh

1 month ago


I hope this strong girl has a beautiful and wonderful new lease on life!



Karen Ponce

1 month ago


Thank You for loving and taking care of this sweet baby, We love you Shakti. ♥



Joanne Bolemon

1 month ago


Thank you, Ivonne Lantigua, for being the kind hearted person you are. I will always be grateful to you for my Percy and my Grayson, who wouldn't have had a chance without you.



Dawn brower

1 month ago


Sending you sweet prayers baby girl:):)


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