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Hi everyone, I'm Grace, founder of Help Some Paws and I have booked my 2week trip to Hong Kong and China in August visiting animal rescue centres. During my trip, I'll be visiting: •... more


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On behalf of the animals in China, THANK YOU!
You did it! We have reached our donation goal!


Created by GH Hsp on July 2, 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm Grace, founder of Help Some Paws and I have booked my 2week trip to Hong Kong and China in August visiting animal rescue centres.

During my trip, I'll be visiting:
Hong Kong Dog Rescue Centre;
Yixin•Home for Rescued and Stray Animals;
Together Animal Aid Centre;
Ruby - founder of Ruby Animal Rescue (RAR); and
Xiaoyun Yang's Common Home for Stray Animals

Also, I'll be metting with few other animal activists who are the frontline fighters and rescuers.

A video made by Leicester Animal Rights Group (L.A.R.) in the UK was premiered at the benefit gig (CupcakesAndDubPlates) that took place on Saturday 6th July at the Music Cafe Bar in Leicester, UK.

In the video, founder of TAAC and Yixin were both given a chance to express their opinions on the current situation in China regarding the illegal dog (cat) meat trade and cruelty to animals cases in general. You can also see the animals you're helping!Watch the Video Here

The fundraising period will be a short THREE WEEKS only, and will end by the 31st of July, because my trip begins at the beginning of August.

Please make sure you share this donation page as much as you can during this short 3 weeks as we want all the people who want to give a gift to the animals have a chance to show and give their love!

THE DONATIONS WILL ALL GO TO THE ANIMALS at the shelters as a form of presents from all you animals lovers, who have been following Help Some Paws, caring for the suffering animals and supporting the animal activists in China.

Your donations for the animals will be spent on:
• Food & Treats;
• Essential healthcare; and
• Neutering surgeries;

Yixin•Home for Rescued and Stray Animals is now housing many of the dogs rescued during the 7th April event at Kunming, which has been documented via Help Some Paws' blog.

In return, the donors will receive:
• A trip journal on the Help Some Paws website;
• Proof of donation receipt;
• Photos & videos of the animals;
• "Thank You" messages from Yixin and TAAC;

All accounts will be transparently presented on Help Some Paw's website upon my return from China to the UK.

Donors' receipts will be delivered by email newsletter, Facebook page updates and on Help Some Paws' Website. We might even have some limited edition postcards and greeting cards made from photos of these rescued animals:-)

This is a personal trip and all travel expenses have been paid for already, so the donations will never be for any personal usage.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kindest regards,

Grace Han

Help Some Paws
Making Changes for Animals &
Raising Awareness of the Achievements
Made by Chinese Animal Rights Activists

Twitter: @helpsomepaws
Facebook: helpsomepaws
--- & ---
Grassroots Alliance for Animal Protection in China

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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Yay, we hit the goal! :)

posted by Sam Yunker 9 months ago

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Sam Yunker

9 months ago


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot imagine the adversity your organization faces -- and yet, you guys struggle onward, and help make the world a better place for our 4 legged friends.



Sophia Duehring

9 months ago



Katrina Moulston

9 months ago



victoria Maichue

9 months ago


You guys got my full support :D I hope someday the dog meat trade and animal cruelty will stop.




9 months ago



Rachel Brookes

9 months ago


Keep up the good work Grace. Supporting you and your team all the way!




9 months ago



Leicestershire Vegetarian & Vegan Group

9 months ago


We're pleased to support the amazing work you're doing (but sad that it needs doing in the first place!). Donations have been raised by raffles, tombolas and cake sales with prizes kindly donated by various companies.



lorraine price

9 months ago


You inspire me.I have so much respect for you........Together we can change the future for Chinese dogs...chin chin




9 months ago


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