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At Christmas, we were looking at rings. In January, she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Six weeks ago, they told us it was 90% gone. Three weeks ago, she started getting heada... more


Updated posted by Jeffrey Lang 7 months ago

The past month has been difficult...Jen spent a week in the hospital due to difficulties with pain management and symptom control. While in the hospital, almost every night was filled with friends and food, laughter and conversation.

She has been waking up with intense pain in her knees and legs the last two nights, and we had to up her pain meds today. Couple this with wonderful times spent with family and friends, my work being very understanding and allowing me flexibility with my schedule, and amazing support from strangers, and you have a mix of bitterness and sweetness, sadness and joy, that emotionally stretches and snaps back...building resilience.

As she sleeps and tries to get rest, we envision that this is only temporary and will pass.

The difficulty is only out-shined by the gratitude and presence, the strength and courage of my lovely wife.

The continued support of the many angels in our life, their show of compassion and commitment, soothes the bite.

We will continue to search, to treat, and to hope and live in hope (fittingly, this is the motto of the state I was born and raised in).



Updated posted by Jeffrey Lang 9 months ago

It's official!! The engagement has happened and I met with a wedding planner today. Jen is getting out of the hospital tomorrow and will be home recovering. Currently, she is looking at bedding to find soft, comfortable, light, cozy, comfy stuff...she's thinking linen ;-) xoxo



Updated posted by Jeffrey Lang 9 months ago

Thank you everyone! I'm so grateful and Jen received her first radiation treatment on Friday and was super stoked that she was able to eat breakfast this morning, and gelato this afternoon, and mash potatoes last night. She is getting her strength back and we are planning our engagement photos...this is amazing. Xoxo

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Created by Jeffrey Lang on June 27, 2013

At Christmas, we were looking at rings. In January, she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Six weeks ago, they told us it was 90% gone. Three weeks ago, she started getting headaches. Last Friday, they said the cancer had metastasized to her meninges and spinal fluid.
When we got the prognosis, and everyone was still in shock, she turned to me and in her matter of fact, completely confident way said, "We're getting married".

Please help me make this a reality for her!! And help us fund whatever adventures we can think of as we live out every last day to the fullest!!


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Hello Jeffrey, My friend Lida went to school with you and shared the link on her page. I am a single parent, however, I reposted the link few times and prayed... I decided to check in for an update and feel nervous not to see anything. This week was hard for me... I hope for happy news for you and Jenn! Love like yours is absolutely rare in this world and it is so unfortunate that often such painful obsitcales get in way of lives of two who sincerely live, care and wish for a future together. If I soon will be able to donate anything at all in memory of few people who died young... to help you guys, I will donate to you guys! It may not be much, but it is better than to an organization. You guys are real people, in real pain, with huge bills... Those 2 lives were lost to cancer in last 10 years and one friend was sick all his life and died at 30 couple years ago. I will let you know, but whenppossible, please send us an update. ~ Irina (Ira Khaykin)

posted by Ira Khaykin 8 months ago

Hi Jeff, I just saw the Today show story today and I am in shock right now. Jenn used to do my sister's hair and my own about 8 years ago...please tell Jenn hello for us and that she is in our prayers. Though her time in our lives was brief, she made an impact and our memories are filled with nothing but happiness. Give her love from Myka, Erin, and Louise from Sanctuary Salon.

posted by Myka Williams 8 months ago

Jeff, I'm so sorry I am unable to donate right now but I just wanted to let you know that you and Jen are in my thoughts and prayers. I was so moved when I saw the photos of your engagement posted, and it warms my heart to see two people so in love and this amazing community you have supporting you. Thank you for sharing your story and I will keep praying and sending healing thoughts and energy to your Jen.

posted by Jennbalaya Ya-Ya 9 months ago

Jen and Jeff, So sorry to hear about the challenges you have been going through. I know you have a lot going on right now, but please take a look at this site--http://www.alternative-c It really has eye-opening information. A very good friend of ours used one of the protocols listed here in her successful cancer fight--over 5 years in remission.

posted by Kimberly Stancil 9 months ago

Sending lots of loving thoughts to you both!

posted by Beth Harmon 9 months ago

Hi Jeffrey! I don't know you but I take zumba classes at Studio Rincon in Menlo Park, and just recently found out about Jenn's condition. I Wish you both many blessings and I am asking the Universe to be kind, to send love, strength and good energy, and lots of healing power. I will pass by Studio Rincon to make a donation. I will also share this link with everyone I know.

posted by Cristina Paula 9 months ago

Hi Jeffrey- I don't know you that well- I just took your class at WG yoga a few times... I have been following Jen's story and just know I think about her and you always- sending love, comfort. and healing...

posted by Miriam Landini 9 months ago

J&J deserve every blessing anyone can give. If you can't donate, share their story. It's free.

posted by Emily LeDeau 9 months ago

You guys are amazing. I'll be sending this link far and wide.

posted by Miko Matsumura 9 months ago

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Jen, Wishing you and Jeff the most amazing wedding and honeymoon! May tomorrow be the happiest day of your lives! xoxo


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