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Sadly a friend, site owner, and proud WWE family member lost her mum and sister in a house fire. Not only did she lose two people she adored... she lost her house, her home, everything.... more


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Family tragedy brings WWE superstars and fans together to help

By Scott Fishman

Superstars, divas and fans have recently shown how powerful the WWE Universe and social media can be in times of tragedy.

Dana Ghazzawi and Caleb Dreyer, of AJ Lee fan website, woke up to shocking news a few days ago. On Tuesday, June 18 (United Kingdom time) their friend and fellow staffer for the site Shirleigh Kaur (affectionately called Shirlz) lost her home in a fire. She and other family escaped, but her mother Caroline and sister Hayleigh did not make it out.

Shirlz and the rest of her family were taken to the hospital and treated. Dreyer says the team scrambled together for hours trying to get something put together to help her and her family.

"We we're also hurting, because we also knew Hayleigh, but we had to be strong for Shirlz," he said.

"So we got the fund started and it started off to a good start. Now, we're still promoting it and trying to earn as much money as possible. Our ultimate goal is...$9,000/$10,000 in US dollars. The idea was just pretty random. We felt useless, and we wanted to do something to help our friend, so we asked via Twitter if people would be willing to donate. They said yes, and it was a done deal."

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We have a few announcements to make. If you follow us on Twitter, you already know about these.. if not, keep reading. Dana and I were thinking about ways to give back to you all, as you guys have worked so hard to help us. We know you did it out the kindness of your hearts, but we wouldn’t feel right without giving something back!

So, we are giving away 3 8x10s of AJ to three random donors. We have already picked the three donors and they will be receiving e-mails from us soon. If one or more of them does not want the 8×10… we will pick someone else and they will be sent an e-mail. The 8x10s are at NO COST TO YOU. They’re being paid by us with our own money. The 8×10 is NOT autographed… but it’s free! Who could pass that up?

Dana has also offered to give away an autographed (by AJ, Dolph, and Big E) WrestleMania shirt, to a random donor, that she got when she attended WrestleMania Axxess earlier this year. The shirt is, again, at no cost to you… however, there is a catch! Seeing as we want to raise as much money as possible for Shirlz and her family, we will only be giving away the shirt if we reach £5,000 by Monday night! That’s not too much to ask, right? So if you can, please donate! If you can’t donate, please… spread the link around and help us reach our new goal and help a family rebuild their lives from the ground up!


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We did it!

Today, 06/21/2013, we reached our first goal of £3,000! We would like to thank you all so much for donating. We NEVER imagined this fund doing so well, for that... we appreciate you so much!

Now, we set our eyes on £6,000! Every penny is needed for the Kaur Family. This money will help them rebuild their lives. You all are amazing!!!

So, keep donating (if you can), spreading the word, and help keep this a success! We couldn't ask anything more of you! Thank you!

- Dana, Caleb, and Taylor


Created by April-Jeanette .Org on June 18, 2013

Sadly a friend, site owner, and proud WWE family member lost her mum and sister in a house fire. Not only did she lose two people she adored... she lost her house, her home, everything. We set this page up to show that we care and are here for her and her family. Follow the trend on twitter: #RIPHayleigh




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I would also like to help out.

posted by Timmy Sulock 10 months ago

Just wanted to know whether you have received my donation yet as it hasn't shown up on the side and I want to help. Thanks

posted by Daniel Cornes 10 months ago

I have a question. Does this fund accept US dollars? i'm new at doing online funds and I want to help this cause as much as I can. Thanks.

posted by Stephanie Guzman 10 months ago ngland-london-22951779 From BBC News Please donate. The family has lost everything. But most importantly, they lost a mother and sister/daughter. When I read that comment about not posting proof I was appalled. How can someone be so callous about a family that is experiencing such tragedy.

posted by Valentyna Holloway 10 months ago

Proof? http://www.thisislocallondon.c atal_fire__Neighbours_distraug ht_after_blaze_which_killed_tw o_women/ ngland-london-22951779

posted by Jen Lee 10 months ago

@Andrew Toronyi : If you're not here to help, after this was legit covered by BBC - I suggest you kindly take it elsewhere. BTW: ngland-london-22951779 your proof.

posted by Eliza Gonzales 10 months ago

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Kobie Minter

4 months ago


From one fan to another. Keep strong through the trying times.



Richard Carruthers

6 months ago


So sorry for your loss. Stay strong.



dan odamo

7 months ago


rip hard kaur.....missing ya and all the jokes we had together your gone but never i know you love chocolate private joke xx #missya#iknowyouhatemyhashtags #lol#thisosjustforyou#xxxxx



Karen Gravis

7 months ago


Money raised by Karen, Craig, Samantha,chris and maxine by climbing the up at the o2.



Laura Dohertys Family

8 months ago


With deepest sympathy x




8 months ago



Karina Santos

9 months ago


The money I made from this month :)




9 months ago



Lucia Fabian

9 months ago



Tracey Stow

9 months ago


Sending my love and condolences to Rose, Bill, Justine, Shirley, Maureen and all the family, you are all in my thoughts at such a sad and difficult time X x x X


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