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Jeremiah is my son; he and Courtney were married in March of this year. A few weeks after they were married, he went to the doctor with an aching pain in his knee. The doctor took an M... more


Updated posted by Melody Sproat Sanning 8 months ago

I got some good news yesterday from Courtney, they received Jeremiahs test results: She said,The tumor has gotten "Slightly" smaller in size and the surrounding inflammation is all gone! This is good news! He is maintaining his weight and his blood work looks good! He is really worn out but they said this is normal this far into the process. Just wanted you all to know how things are progressing. Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers! As you can see they are making a difference!!! When I talked to him a few days ago he told me I could stop worrying! He said "Mom, I've got this! Its gonna be OK!" If you know me at all you know.... I'm gonna worry! But today I am feeling thankful, and a bit relieved. The fight isn't over but we are making progress!


Updated posted by Melody Sproat Sanning 8 months ago

I talked to Jeremiah last night he is doing fine. He said he is worn out from the Chemo. He receives treatment # 4 tomorrow, and should get his scan results back as well. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers today that everything goes well. Thank you all for your support!
I am hoping to go to Texas the end of September it will do my heart good to see him. Although I talk with him and see photos I will feel better when I can give him a hug.


Updated posted by Melody Sproat Sanning 9 months ago

I just wanted to let everyone know that despite the heat on Sunday we had a really nice turnout for the Benefit. Thanks to everyone who showed their support, we were able to raise enough for one treatment! I enjoyed seeing all of you! If any one has photos of the day please send them as I am making a scrapbook for Jeremiah.

I am so very thankful for all of you! Your support means so very much. When it first hit me that the insurance company was not going to cover his treatments and I began this journey to find funding I knew it would be difficult, but after hearing "I'm sorry we can't help you" so many times I began to wonder if we were going to find a way to make this happen. I will never be able to find the words to express how grateful I am for everything that all of you have done. Together you are making a difference, together you are saving a life.

We do have some T-Shirts left over so for anyone who would like one if you make a donation of $30 and send me your address, I will send you a shirt.

(Thank you Suni for the photo!)


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Created by Melody Sproat Sanning on June 9, 2013

Jeremiah is my son; he and Courtney were married in March of this year. A few weeks after they were married, he went to the doctor with an aching pain in his knee. The doctor took an MRI and referred him to a specialist. The specialist told him there was a large mass around his knee and thought it to be bone cancer. I will never forget that call. I never imagined or could ever have prepared myself to hear those words… “Mom, I have cancer” This specialist said he wanted him to see another doctor, this Oncologist is said to be the best in Texas.
There was such an urgency to find out exactly what it was, how far it may have spread and just what the course of treatment would be. He was squeezed into appointments, rushed into tests, scans, and biopsies. It was actually frightening, how quickly things transpired. Yet at the same time I was grateful that he was in such good hands. In a few weeks they had the answers. It was not the bone cancer they had first thought but Lymphoma Stage 2-B. Everything happened so quickly it was hard to comprehend everything. I can’t imagine how frightening it was for Jeremiah and Courtney. The doctors devised a treatment plan, 6 months of Chemo, one treatment every 21 days and they have been very positive regarding the treatment.
Then as quickly as it all started, it stopped. Their health insurance policy is a new Mini Medical policy not a major medical policy. There is a limit (a very small limit) to how much it will pay for procedures, tests, and office visits, and most of all it does not cover Chemotherapy. I have a hard time with the realization that your health, your life, comes down to how good your insurance policy is, or how much money you have or in this instance do not have.
I have searched many agencies, foundations, and drug companies for any available funds to help cover the cost of the Chemo. It is hard as “Technically” he is insured even though they will no longer cover anything. Every day that the cancer goes untreated, it has the opportunity to spread. At the time the tests were taken, the cancer was centered just above Jeremiah’s knee. He cannot put any weight on his leg, and is in constant pain. He has not been able to work since March. Courtney is working as much overtime as she can to maintain all of the expenses until Jeremiah can return to work.
Even after all of the funding we have found the cost of the Chemo is still beyond our reach. Each treatment is going to cost approximately $1800 and he will need a treatment every 21 days. So he will need about 10 treatments.
So I come to you with heavy heart and troubled mind. If Jeremiah ever made you laugh, or if you were ever drawn into listening to one of the stories he would tell. You know how full of life he is. He and Courtney deserve a chance to live a long and happy life together. I ask of you to please do what you can to help. Jeremiah and Courtney are in Austin, away from all of their family and many of their friends. The road ahead of them is a long and difficult one and we would like to make sure they can focus all their energy on surviving this devastating disease. This site will allow financial donations that will go directly to Jeremiah and Courtney to pay for the necessary treatments. Whatever you can give, weather a monetary donation or just your positive thoughts, prayers and love is deeply appreciated.

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Thank you!

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: thank you to everyone who has donated! I can't explain how much this means and helps us!!!!!

posted by Courtney Forman 10 months ago

Thinking of and praying for all of you...

posted by Sara Noble 10 months ago

This can't be happening .. I don't have the money to help this second, but I will think of something! Prayers will be sent your way every day! Stay strong!

posted by Tara Clark 10 months ago

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