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Imagine if a child was born into your family who developed a passion for a particular sport but the family held limited experience in it? After Jamonte Collins Jr. (a.k.a. Dooey) was bor... more


Updated posted by Jc Jr Motox 9 months ago

We did it! We have reached our goal. Thank you all for supporting our youth amateur motocross racer, Jamonte Collins.


Updated posted by Jc Jr Motox 9 months ago

We appreciate everyone's support. Today, we will be withdrawing all of your donations which takes a few days to transfer to us. Then, we will finalize the purchase of the Cobra CX 50 Jr.


Updated posted by Jc Jr Motox 9 months ago

The deadline is July 25th. We've almost reached our goal. Thanks everyone for your support. Hugs and Kisses to all!

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Created by Jc Jr Motox on June 7, 2013

Imagine if a child was born into your family who developed a passion for a particular sport but the family held limited experience in it? After Jamonte Collins Jr. (a.k.a. Dooey) was born into our family in 2008, we felt compelled to learn about the sport of motocross.

As an infant and toddler, Dooey chose to primarily play with only toys that had wheels. He started riding a bike without training wheels when he was 3 years old and later began riding a dirt bike while he was still 3. As he developed, his passion for dirt bikes grew. Right after his 4th birthday, he became a contender in the sport of motocross. What would you do if you noticed that your child had such a passion for something particular? Would you help him or her in whatever way possible to reach his or her fullest potential?

Our family found a way to purchase a brand new KTM 50 SX dirt bike for Dooey. The reliability of a new dirt bike was perfect for our inexperienced family. We didn't have to worry about trying to assess or repair mechanical mishaps as often as we had with a used dirt bike. After purchasing the new bike and racing in many local events, our family later learned that Dooey could not compete in any of the AMA sanctioned events with the type of bike purchased due to AMA's rules, his bike type and his age--but instead we would need to purchase another type of dirt bike or his goal to compete at Loretta Lynn's would vanish.

Maybe your family would have pondered on the same question over and over again as our family had, "How will we be able to purchase yet another reliable bike?" One solution, led us here to start this campaign for our young deserving motocross athlete, Dooey.

Dooey just recently turned 5 years old and he has become pretty good in the sport of motocross (see video above). Although it is difficult for our family to help him by ourselves, in our hearts we believe that together we can collectively help this young child obtain a Cobra CX 50 Jr. allowing him to be a contender and possible winner of the renown Loretta Lynn's Amateur Motocross Championship.

We understand the impact of what helping a child and/or family truly means especially when it involves a child. So it is our aim to regularly maintain the bike and then, after Dooey has moved-up to a different class, the bike will be donated to Kidz Motozine (an-up-and coming non-profit organization) for another deserving child's usage.


Additionally, Dooey may become the first contender from our family to qualify for Loretta Lynn's -- so let's make history together! Thank you all in advance for considering to support "A Child's Dream!"

For updates on my status:
Facebook- @JamonteCollins321
Twitter- @jcjr321

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We did it!!!!!




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My personal savings from not racing (paying race fees) for the Months of June, July and I will not race in August 2013.

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The best friend ever!



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Good Luck Dooey!



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