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Officer Daryl Raetz has died after being involved in a hit-and-run accident Sunday morning. Daryl left behind a beautiful wife and 5 year old daughter. The family went from celebrating... more


Updated posted by Suzanne Murry 10 months ago

I want to thank everyone who has donated for the Raetz family. The community has raised more than $15,000, which is 10 times the overall goal.
Thank you!!!


Updated posted by Suzanne Murry 10 months ago

The amount of support continues to amaze me. The community has raised over $10,000, which is seven times the original goal.


Updated posted by Suzanne Murry 10 months ago

There is a wonderful organization called
Hands Across Anthem, that is also taking donations for the Raetz family.

Donations can be made at any MidFirst Bank to account number 2033008183 for the benefit of Officer Raetz's family. Donations can also be made online through PayPal at www.handsacrossarizona.org. Please reference Officer Daryl Raetz in the memo. Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE as Hands Across Arizona/Hands Across Anthem is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Because they are a 100% volunteer run organization, 100% of your donation will go to Officer Raetz's family to help with their needs and expenses.

Find them on Facebook at Hands Across Anthem.

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Created by Suzanne Murry on May 19, 2013

Officer Daryl Raetz has died after being involved in a hit-and-run accident Sunday morning. Daryl left behind a beautiful wife and 5 year old daughter. The family went from celebrating the purchase of a new home to this tragic accident.

Help us raise money for the Raetz family during this difficult time.

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Thanks for being part of our inspiration today, Daryl! ~HYS https://www.facebook.com/phot o.php?fbid=662910927074250&set =a.142675022431179.19054.10777 5589254456&type=1&theater

posted by Allysa Jeret 5 months ago

My prayers to Stephanie and her daughter, we are walking the same path and just know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Wife of Master Deputy Joseph Shane Robbins EOW 4/26/13

posted by Alisa Robbins 10 months ago

Please pass along information to the family about Angels of America's Fallen, a 501(c)3 nonoprofit serving the children of fallen military and first responders. They provide educational and developmental opportunities for the children from the time of loss all the way through 18 years of age. Costs for activities with a coach or instructor who can provide mentoring are completely covered. They will be there for Officer Raetz's daughter. www.aoafallen.org or Facebook Angels of America's Fallen.

posted by Joseph Lewis 10 months ago

i'm so deeply saddened by the loss of fallen hero daryl raetz, he was truly an awesome guy all around and died for all of mankind in order to better the world, i will be a better person knowing the sacrafice daryl made for all of us, pray and help his family, thank you daryl, you will be missed and remembered forever!

posted by Matt Henry 10 months ago

This tragic loss of a great man, has affected so many, so significantly, & will continue to do so indefinitely. During the most unbearably painful moments of life, take a break, remember to breathe & take care of your own basic necessities. Remember the past. Then move forward.

posted by Jenni Shaver 11 months ago

I had the honor of being HM2's Raetz's Chief right before he left the Navy Reserves. He was an outstanding Sailor and a damned good Corpsman! My heart and prayers go out to his young family!

posted by Teri Brookins 11 months ago

Stephanie, you are im our thoughts and prayers.. Stay strong and remember, you have soo much support, hugs.. Watts Family

posted by Christina Watts 11 months ago

Stephanie, Your Kaplan family is praying for you. We are so sorry. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I love you honey.

posted by Barbara McClure 11 months ago

I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that our family both blood and blue are praying for your family.

posted by Nicole Tevault 11 months ago

You have not broken me I lost a brother today, a reckless and unnecessary way. He did everything right, the way we were trained and yet he is not here. My brothers and sisters stand united today as we lower our flags, place shrouds on our badges and tissues in our pockets. We carry heavy hearts to work and to each call we go on, but you have not broken me. I think of all the things he will miss, his daughters beautiful life, his new house and growing old with his wife. He will miss Christmas, Thanksgiving, summer and snow. He will miss grandkids, family and holding each one, but you have not broken me. Someone took him too soon from life but they have not broken me. I will go to work tomorrow and think of him. I will fight harder, with every punch I will think of him. I will shoot straighter, run faster and still I will think of him. The person who took him has not broken our department but instead made us a family mourning our brother. We will stand up and fight. We will go on because others cannot. We will be strong for the weak and a voice for the silent. No, you have not broken me To my friend Daryl Raetz, You will be missed by so many -Shonda Patrick

posted by Shonda Patrick 11 months ago

My prayers are with your family during this terrible loss. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that god helps you and your family through this devistating time.

posted by Jennifer Vollmer 11 months ago

To Daryl's wife and daughter, Your wonderful husband and dad was in my original Academy class as well as 6 weeks prior of Pre Academy in downtown PHX. Daryl actually has been over to my house watching UFC fights back then. It was late in the academy he broke his hand riding dirt bikes and had to be put into another class. He was always a class act and well respected. It's been sometime now that I have run into him. My families heart and prayers go out to you and your family. May God continue to give you the upmost strength you need during this time. I'm terribly sorry for your loss. Daryl will be missed. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for your family. God bless!!

posted by James Nottingham 11 months ago

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mesha jackson

8 months ago



Starbucks @ Daisy Mnt & Gavilan Pk

10 months ago


This donation is from our customers and partners. You are in all our thoughts.



The Dee Family

10 months ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.



BB's Bling N Glam L Drake

10 months ago


I wanted to contribute to Officer Raetz's family, as I worked in law enforcement previously & have a special place in my heart for it. I handmade Fallen Police Officer crystal rings with the thin blue line in order to raise awareness & money for his family. His wife Stephanie & daughter Tatum will be receiving a ring from me this upcoming week, as a symbol of hope, love, & courage. My prayers are with them. www.facebook.com/bbsblingnglam www.etsy.com/shop/bbsblingngla m Love, Lindsey Drake




10 months ago



Nick and Sheena Barker

10 months ago


I had the pleasure of working with Daryl on 91j. One of the best cops I have ever worked with. He will be missed.




10 months ago



Donna LaHaye

10 months ago


On behalf of the Eick Family, Barker, NY, we send our heartfelt sympathy. (We grew up across the street from the Newman family.)



Richard & Lucy Dickens

10 months ago



The Sargent Family

10 months ago


We continue to pray for your family. God holds you all in His hands. We pray you rest in his comfort and peace.


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