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Having grown up in Stoneham, I have known JP and Paul's Mom Liz and Uncle Peter Brown for many years. I, along with many other hometown friends, have reached out to help in anyway we ca... more


Updated posted by Cheryl Vinci Hollander 4 days ago

TWICE AS STRONG Book Tour continues tonight in Medford, MA...

Join us tonight April 18, 6:00 p.m. at BESTSELLER CAFE, 24 High Street, Medford, MA.

Meet JP and Paul in person. Join them for a little Q&A Time and Book Signing!




Updated posted by Cheryl Vinci Hollander 6 days ago

Thank you to all who have generously donated to the Norden Brothers LEGS FOR LIFE RELAY. The outpouring of support along the marathon route deeply touched all involved. JP and Paul are grateful for your love and support!


Legs For Life/Boston Herald coverage


Updated posted by Cheryl Vinci Hollander 7 days ago

Mother Nature will not stop TEAM NORDEN they near the 10 mile mark on their LEGS FOR LIFE RELAY...through pelting rain and wind this family continues to walk step by step, side by side with family and friends towards the finish line.

Special THANKS to Liz Cardoso of Global Click Photography for this amazing image of JP and his new kicks...BOSTON STRONG...words that we all live by...words that have helped carry everyone through the most difficult days this past year.




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Created by Cheryl Vinci Hollander on April 24, 2013

Having grown up in Stoneham, I have known JP and Paul's Mom Liz and Uncle Peter Brown for many years. I, along with many other hometown friends, have reached out to help in anyway we can. As the Brown and Norden families run back and forth to hospitals and navigate through non-stop phone calls others, like me, tend to behind the scenes tasks.

This GoFundMe Page was created on behalf of the Norden Family to help them out financially in the months and years ahead. Their medical bills will be beyond what any of us can imagine having two sons both loosing a limb. Surgeries, skin grafts, shrapnel removal, etc. will go on for months until their bodies are healed as best as they possibly can.

Cost of amputating a leg? At least $20,000. Cost of an artificial leg? More than $50,000 for the most high-tech models. Cost of an amputee's rehab? Often tens of thousands of dollars more.
These are just a fraction of the medical expenses victims of the Boston Marathon bombing will face. (read full article by clicking this link

Numerous accounts have been set up for the Boston Marathon Victims of which hundreds will be applying for. We are all grateful for contributions made to those accounts. This GoFundMe Account was set up for the Norden Family and will allow them immediate access to funds for JP and Pauls medical bills, long-term care and future needs.

If you prefer to make donations by cash or check (please make checks payable to: Norden Brothers Benefit Fund - Boston Marathon Victims), and forward to the following address:

Norden Brothers Benefit Fund - Boston Marathon Victims
c/o StonehamBank

80 Montvale Avenue
Stoneham, MA 02180.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

JP and Paul Norden Road to Recovery...Thank You Video created by Uncle Michael Brown and shown to all at our Forum Fundraiser, November 10, 2013.


JP and Paul Norden, two brothers from Stoneham, MA who each lost a leg during the 2nd bomb explosion at Boston Marathon. Their bodies were riddled with shrapnel and burns from the massive blast...

On Monday, April 15, 2013 a group of life-long friends from Stoneham (JP & Paul Norden, Jacqui Webb, Marc Fucarile, Jarrod Clowery, James "Bim" Costello and Steve "Bizz" Byrnes) were amongst the hundreds of thousands who attended the Boston Marathon.

The Stoneham friends were all spectators near the finish line waiting to cheer on their friend, Somerville Firefighter Mike Jefferson. After the first bomb went off they tried to move onto the street where they felt they would be safe -but didn't make it in time as the 2nd bomb exploded within 13 seconds. Brothers JP & Paul Norden along with friend Marc Fucarile shielded the Firefighter's Mother, Daughter and Aunt and took the brunt of the explosion. All three friends lost a limb.

Donations to the Norden Brothers Benefit Fund will help with countless medical bills, and long term care needs in the weeks, months and years ahead. Numerous surgeries are expected as the brothers bodies become stronger and the burden of worrying how to pay for whatever is needed should be the last thing they need to worry about at this time.

It is our hope that this fund will help these two innocent victims in the years to come. The outpouring of love, prayers and support has been overwhelming and for that they are forever grateful.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Please follow the Norden Brothers Journey by joining their Facebook page on the link provided below.

Please contact Peter Brown (Uncle) via email at

Cards of support, encouragement and well wishes can be sent to.

Norden Brothers - Boston Marathon Victims
55 Anderson St., #487
Boston, MA 02114


Boston Globe (April 29, 2013)

Wall Street Journal (April 29, 2013)

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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I wish a very speedy recovery

posted by DDr Pham 7 months ago

I wanted to say that you have a wonderful mother she has been there for both of you may god bless you and your famlys

posted by Cynthia Medina-Castro 9 months ago

I wish I could help these 2 men who lost a leg due to the monsters who threw bombs in Boston. I wish the 2 brothers a very speedy recovery. I think you should put your address up incase people who can't give money can send a card or send a gift in the mail or a gift card may get you more then money which is why a address would help. I wish a very speedy recovery to the 2 brothers. Maggie

posted by Maggie Cabral 10 months ago

i have peter brown contact i will get in touch with him,always be thankful in all condition,God is not asleep.

posted by Ihejieto Omeli 11 months ago

Great ABC segment! Hope it will help in raising the needed funds. You guys and your friends will remain in my thoughts, you are a true inspiration of strength and courage!!

posted by Claudia Abbes 11 months ago

Contribute and some way, all I can say is my heart goes out to them. ess

posted by John Scott 11 months ago

I got very emotional after hearing the brothers story and I wish I could

posted by John Scott 11 months ago


posted by Denise Howley 11 months ago

Wishing you the very best recovery. I wish I had extra money to donate but I will keep you in my prayers and wish you a speedy recovery. :)

posted by Christine Mousseau 11 months ago

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13 hours ago



Ann Gugliuzza

23 hours ago



Anthony Caracciolo

1 day ago


JP & Paul, My thoughts and prayers are with both of you, stay Strong!! Anthony



Allison E.

4 days ago


Love to Boston from New Jersey.




4 days ago



Yanyu Zhang

4 days ago


Boston, We are Strong!



Peter Devlin

5 days ago


You two are amazing!



Erin Vancellette

6 days ago


You guys are amazing. Boston love from San Francisco.



Shannon Dunn

6 days ago


I continue to follow your story and am inspired by your strength and courage.



Liney Collett

6 days ago


You guys are so inspiring!! You're both in my thoughts and prayers always!


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