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Hello All! Brody is a 5 year old white boxer. On June 11, 2013, when coming home from the park, our car was struck by a hit and run vehicle and rolled over several times causing Brody t... more


Updated posted by Brody Deathslayer 9 months ago

Update: Brody's bloodwork came back today and his liver levels were looking higher than normal...we will be monitoring him closely for the next two weeks but he will need to be rechecked...


Updated posted by Brody Deathslayer 9 months ago

Update: Picked Brody up from the hospital but the vets are unsure of what is bothering him...The good news is they x-rayed his spine, abdomen, and pelvis and did not see any broken bones. They put him back on pain meds (a bit heavier of a dosage, this time) and anti-inflammatories; and he will need to be seen in 2 weeks for another follow up. I have lowered my goal amount by $1000.00 based on his improved prognosis, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can keep his bills to a minimum. Thank you to all of our supporters; stay tuned for more updates.


Updated posted by Brody Deathslayer 9 months ago

Update: Dropped Brody off at the Animal Hospital today for more tests. He is getting some bloodwork done, along with an abdominal and pelvic x-ray. Picking him up later on today, keep Boo Boo in your hearts!! Thank you to all who have donated, so his treatment can be possible :)

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Created by Brody Deathslayer on June 20, 2013

Hello All!

Brody is a 5 year old white boxer. On June 11, 2013, when coming home from the park, our car was struck by a hit and run vehicle and rolled over several times causing Brody to be ejected out the window during the crash. He was rushed to emergency care and has suffered from a pneumothorax (air within the chest), a punctured lung, and a fractured rib. It has been over a week since the accident occurred, but Brody's recovery has been slow, and he will need extensive aftercare and follow up treatments--something we cannot afford at the moment.

So far Brody's vet bills have been somewhat reasonable, and we have been lucky up until this point because we have been using care credit to cover the expenses. However, we have officially reached our credit limit and our car insurance does not cover any medical expenses for pets, so we have no options for reimbursement.

At this point, Brody needs to return to the vet to see an internist, because we believe he may have injured his spine or hips. The vet had initially suspected his arched posture was due to muscle soreness, but his condition has not improved (he walks like a scared cat), so he will need to be seen again for more radiographs--which run at $250 per x-ray.

Brody is not just our pet, he is a member of our family, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure he has a speedy recovery. Times are tough right now, and I am not usually the type of person to use any sort of fund-raising sites, but I feel like we have exhausted most of our options.

Our goal is $3500, and I know that may seem like a lot, but the cost for veterinary care is not cheap. Even if we cannot reach our goal, every little bit helps--even if it's only a dollar!

We greatly appreciate all donations! Thanks for looking, and please share our page with your friends :)


Nikki & Joe


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Thank you to all who have donated...To the anonymous donor, whoever you are, THANK YOU so much for your generosity. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate your kindness.

posted by Brody Deathslayer 10 months ago

Thank you, I love you too!! We are all very lucky to be alive, I still can't believe this someone could just leave the scene of an accident like this is just beyond me...

posted by Brody Deathslayer 10 months ago

I hope you all are ok. You know how I feel about helping animals that are sick. Littlefoot cost us an arm and a leg, thank goodness for care credit! I'll see what I can do to help. I love you guys

posted by Danielle Ponnwitz 10 months ago

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9 months ago


Feel better brody



Danielle Ponnwitz

9 months ago


More to come! Littlefoot says to tell Brody to get well soon!



Kristen Goodman

10 months ago


I am praying for Brody.



Sarah Arnold

10 months ago


Hi Brody, here is hoping you recovery quickly. As a Boxer lover and rescuer hate to see any puppy hurt.



Kristine D

10 months ago


I have no idea who you are, but my friend Laura posted about your dog. I sincerely hope he gets better because I know just how much they can mean to you



adam parkin

10 months ago


with love dad!



Petie Gateley

10 months ago


Petie is a little Chihuahua that heard of Brody pain and asked his mommy so send money to make him better. We hope this helps.



Kelsey Shipman

10 months ago


Nikki and Joe, We are so sorry to hear about your pup.We hope this helps a little and will pray for a speedy recovery for Brody. Love, George and Kelsey



Kevin McKinney

10 months ago


Hope he makes a full recovery.



Tara Hall

10 months ago


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