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We lost a dear friend and the world lost a brilliant and talented musician suddenly on April 15, 2013. Scott Miller left behind his beautiful wife Kristine and daughters Valerie (age 10)... more


Updated posted by Jozef Becker 8 months ago

Scott's family and friends offer deep gratitude for the generous contributions and loving remembrances and tributes to and for Scott. We love you all and take solace in this overwhelming response. Thank you.

We also received $600.00 (not shown on the page yet) from the Sacramento tribute show at Shine. Thank you to all who organized and attended that beautiful show.


Updated posted by Jozef Becker 10 months ago

Dear Friends,
We are warmed by the loving tributes and generous donations in Scott's honor. Thank you to all for reaching out and giving so much.


Updated posted by Jozef Becker 11 months ago

Dear Friends,

This has been a very sad and uncertain time for my daughters and me. You have all provided comfort with your support to help secure the future education of the children Scott and I together called our greatest joys in life.

It is clear from the messages I've received, the sentiments I've read, and the expressions of gratitude to Scott for touching your lives, that you appreciated Scott as a gifted artist, talented engineer, respected citizen of his community, devoted father, and as a supportive husband and best friend to me. The loss of him from this world is profound. My heart aches not only for Scott, my children, and myself but for all of you as well.

I am extremely touched by your thoughtfulness and concern and am eternally grateful to you. Somehow the world manages to go on and I wish you all some peace for the journey.

Thank you all very much.


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Created by Jozef Becker on April 21, 2013

We lost a dear friend and the world lost a brilliant and talented musician suddenly on April 15, 2013. Scott Miller left behind his beautiful wife Kristine and daughters Valerie (age 10) and Julianne (age 7). In addition to his musical gifts, Scott was also a valued, talented and dedicated engineer with Mark Logic in San Carlos, California. Scott was the sole provider and dedicated father and husband to his girls and Kristine.

Scott's family and friends are bereft and grieving, but many dear friends have expressed their concern, commitment and dedication to providing some financial support for the educational future of Valerie and Julianne, and in honor of Scott.

Whatever gift or donation you can make is sincerely appreciated. If you are unable to donate, just hold the love for this man and his family in your hearts; it means a lot to all of us.

In love and peace,

Jozef Becker and Kate Flynn Becker and Nan Becker


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There are some things tears can't express. I wish you all a profound grieving and eventual peace. Scott was clearly a very special man and loved a very special family. Love, Paul

posted by Paul Kelly 11 months ago

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John Benson

2 hours ago


God, where to start. Still mourning this loss. The sentiment is not commensurate with the $$ amount, although I wish I could make it be so. To his family, please know that he hasn't and won't be forgotten. His amazing intellect, and his ability to portray the human experience in a deeply meaningful empathetic and eloquent (and fun!) manner is and has been a great gift. I know that I and many others do not intend to forget that.




1 day ago




1 day ago



Chris Springer

12 days ago


With gratitude for the exquisite music Scott Miller gave us. And with best wishes for his wife and daughters. C.S., Tallinn, Estonia



Stewart W.

12 days ago



Mark Zenone

1 month ago



Tony Hogard

2 months ago




2 months ago



Stewart W.

3 months ago


Like Scott's legacy, it doesn't end. From one landmark, taking it forward toward the next.



Matthew Budman

3 months ago


It's an honor to push the fund over the $50K mark. Scott's music enriches every day of my life.


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