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Our son, Lucas, went from headaches to a MedullaBlastoma in a matter of 2 days. Our world has been turned upside down. In a matter of two weeks he's had 3 surgeries so far. The first... more


Updated posted by Susan Halaburda 15 days ago

One year ago yesterday we brought Lucas to the hospital for headaches. After his cat scan, around two pm, Dr Saad gave me his diagnosis. Medullablastoma. We immediately went to children's where he had many surgeries. I remember this like it was one minute ago... it brings back so much heartache and pain. And that's just for us. I can't imaging what Luke's gone thru. He's so strong and brave. He knows he's sick but still pushes on. He's our warrior, the love of our life! He's so sweet and kind! Thank you all for helping us out thru this. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! We are still fighting! It's a tough battle, and with his cancer spreading, it may be a futile one. But we'll never give up for his sake! And we are so grateful to you all.


Updated posted by Susan Halaburda 1 month ago

Last week's MRI showed improvement on his Brian and spinal column! ! But the lumbar puncture showed there are still cancer cells in his spinal fluid. So next weds is his next chemo admission. :( the chemo has been so rough on his little body! He's had multiple platelet infusions. He's tired, weak and has had the worst cold. But he's still positive and happy for the most part. He was feeling particularly bad this week with joint pains. He asked, "am I ever going to get better? I'm tired of being sick." How do you answer that? I told him of course he will. He misses school, having friends, seeing his cousins, life. He's always busy, playing, always imaginary things. Building machines, having his own store, video games, play dough. Such a trooper, so mature and wise for his age! It's such a pleasure just watching him! So please keep us in your prayers once again this next week. We have to knock these bad cells out!

Thank you all so much for your donations! I haven't had the time to thank each one of you, but we appreciate the help! I hope you know that and understand. My job has been less than understanding. They are looking for ways to get rid of me now. I don't blame them. But I am bitter of their lack of compassion. What would they do if they were in our shoes?


Updated posted by Susan Halaburda 2 months ago

So today we were sent home! We were so excited about it, but didn't realize he had to have nine meds drawn up twice a day, or the negative emotions he'd feel. There's no time to clean up, or time for us, it's a round the clock job! How am I supposed to return to work and expect Mark to get thru this alone?So many decisions to be made, so little experience in doing so.

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Created by Susan Halaburda on April 20, 2013

Our son, Lucas, went from headaches to a MedullaBlastoma in a matter of 2 days. Our world has been turned upside down. In a matter of two weeks he's had 3 surgeries so far. The first to place an EVD (temporary shunt) as the headaches were caused by pressure building up in his brain due to the tumor blocking the path to drain his cerebral spinal fluid. The second was the craniotomy to remove the tumor as much as they could. This tumor turned out to be malignant. The third was to place a permanent shunt as his body would not drain the CSF on it's own after the tumor blockage. So now, were waiting to have an MRI, lumbar puncture and mediport placement. Should be this week. This will let us know if this cancer has spread to other parts of his body as this is frequent with this diagnosis.

Obviously i have few words on our feelings. This has been horrifying for both our families.

He was always a healthy kid. He'd actually only been on antibiotics once in his life due to pneumonia. So to get this diagnosis has been mystifying to say the least.

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Our family is praying for your little boy as well as. your family! Our son Collin has Mrs. Danko and he sends his love and well wishes to Lucas as well! HUGS!

posted by Allysia Doan 2 months ago

My daughter and other dancers representing Dakota high school dance team are stopping up for the benefit before their nationals dinner. Where can they get the flyer? It's my understanding they need to bring a flyer

posted by Jimmy Hazzard 2 months ago

I had the chance to work with Lucas this year in a small group setting as well as one on one. He is such a wonderful, hard-working little boy, I miss seeing his smile here!! I am praying for you buddy and will keep you and your family in my prayers. Stay strong!

posted by Gina Rinaldo-Baggallay 11 months ago

I am so sorry to hear this news about Lucas. I also have a 6 year old at Ojibwa and I can't imagine what your family must be going through. Please know we will keep Lucas in our thoughts and prayers!

posted by Dottie Furman 11 months ago

So sorry to hear this! My son is a kinder at you so a school. I can't even imagine! Prayers to you and yours. I am a fireman in Detroit and would love to give Lucas a tour, let him squirt a fire house, sound the air horns, the whole 9 yards. Ease contact me at if Lucas would enjoy this. God be with Lucas and your family.

posted by Jerry Apel 11 months ago

Lucas is in my kindergarten class. We all miss him dearly and wish for a speedy recovery!

posted by Gina Munaco 11 months ago

Prayers being sent for Lucas and his family. God be with you all.

posted by Barbara Beatty 11 months ago

Lucas is my son Mark's only child and is dearly loved by our whole family. This photo was taken only two weeks before his tumor was discovered. He just turned 6 years old and was a kindergartener. He has gone through a lot in the last 2 weeks and has a tough road ahead of him. We are fervently praying that his cancer has not spread and for the hand of God to reach down and cure him. I love you so much Luke

posted by Karen LaFave 12 months ago

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My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.



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Thinking of you and Lucas, Sue.



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We are praying for you Lucas



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We are all sending well wishes and positive thoughts your way. We have been inspired by your story of strength and perseverance!




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Mary Perry

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God is Good...Bless You Lucas



Mary Ellen Guilloz

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