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On Tuesday 4/2/13 we woke up to find our barn was on fire! I was the first on the scene and the barn and horse trailer were engulfed in flames. Freckles had just had her litter of pups i... more


Updated posted by John Miles 12 months ago

Freckles Pup! Just 4 Weeks Old this week and growing fast!



Updated posted by John Miles 12 months ago

Please Visit us at our facebook page Freckles Is A Hero for updates, pictures and videos of Freckles and Pups!


Updated posted by John Miles 12 months ago

I will get some pictures of her pups this evening and post them for everyone to share! They are growing fast!

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Created by John Miles on April 3, 2013

On Tuesday 4/2/13 we woke up to find our barn was on fire! I was the first on the scene and the barn and horse trailer were engulfed in flames. Freckles had just had her litter of pups in the barn the week before. I started fighting the fire when I saw freckles run INTO the trailer that was also ON FIRE!! I sprayed the water in her direction and the next time I saw her I reached in and grabbed her and threw her clear of the fire!! Freckles was literally on fire when I grabbed her. She landed clear of the blaze and took off out of sight. I continued to fight the fire until my family arrived as well as the fire department and police. We were able to finally extinguish the blaze when one of the firemen said he heard something! We dug through the ashes and UNDERNEATH the horse trailer were two puppies. The Fireman reached under the trailer and pulled them out of the ashes. We rushed them into the house located Freckles and rushed everyone to Powhatan Animal Hospital where the best TEAM of Doctors, Tech's and Employees were waiting for us to arrive. Freckles is burned very badly and was in shock! She was rushed to the back for further assessment. Both pups checked out clear and were able to come home with us. Freckles is stable at this point and her road to recovery is sure to be a long one. She is getting help around the clock and by the best in the business. They are doing all that they can to help her pull through this and I have faith that she has the fight to pull through. Freckles pulled these two pups to safety before I had to pull her out myself. They are going to let me come visit her tomorrow so we have put a stuffed animal in with her pups until then letting the stuffed animal collect the scent of her puppies. We are hopeful this will comfort freckles and give her the will to continue her fight for life. Freckles is a hero to us!! The doctors know she is strong but also believe she is depressed with the loss of her pups (she had 7 pups total). I tried to get the team at Powhatan Animal Hospital to talk a little to me about the cost but couldn’t get any real answers since they are focused on survival and recovery. This is going to be expensive. We don’t know exactly how much the bill will be but it will be more than I can imagine affording. If you can find it in your hearts to donate to the Freckles Fund it will help take care of Freckles and the team that continues to work around the clock to give her every chance to survive. Thank You for your consideration and please say a little something extra in your prayers for Freckles and her pups.  

Miles Family


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Freckles is such a brave mum to do what she did for her babies. She will be in my thoughts and prayers and I pray for a full recovery for her.

posted by Barb Taylor 12 months ago

Thoughts and prayers are with Freckles, her pups, and all who are aiding in her recovery. God Bless!

posted by Kathie Duffer 12 months ago

Glad she's doing better!

posted by Josh Adams 12 months ago

John, she looks so much better, she has a long way to go, but you guys will get her there. So glad to see this.

posted by Renee Day 12 months ago

i can't help until Friday but i will definitely donate then. my prayers are with you and your family.

posted by McKinlay Dennis 12 months ago

This is just so upsetting and I cant imagine how you, your family and poor ole Freckles is feeling at this time! I posted this link on my 'Basset Hound Lovers' FB page to pass this on. Please keep us all updated on your beautiful girl. Hugs to Freckles!

posted by Jana Lamb 12 months ago

My prayers are with you and your family sweet girl. I know the Lied has you in his hands. I'm so sorry this has happened.

posted by Judy Futral 12 months ago

Freckles, your a good girl, Our Basset Frank the Tank are pulling for you and your puppies. You did a job well done and now get well.

posted by Richard Ackerman 12 months ago

God Bless you Freckles...I hope you have a speedy recovery so that you can be back with your puppies....I also have a Basset named "Matilda"...I can't imagine if this happened to her.....stay strong for Freckles...I feel good Karma coming your way....

posted by Cindy Schmidt 12 months ago

I will share this heartbreaking and touching story what a loving mother to save some of her babies! My love for Bassets is immense and I will try and send something when I get paid this week...God bless and the blood of Jesus upon Freckles!

posted by Shannon McCollam 12 months ago

God bless you, sweet Freckles, and your sweet pups and your family. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Tallulah and Big Al, my 14 and 17 yr old basset hounds, send their love and licks as well.

posted by Lara Marshall 12 months ago

Thoughts & prayers are on the way!! I wish I could do more. I just lost my basset, Molly, 3 weeks ago. Get well soon Freckles!

posted by Cynthia Moose 12 months ago

Sending thoughts and prayers to this family and Freckles!!

posted by Alesia Gillam 12 months ago

Miles Family and Freckles my prayers go out to you! Hoping for a speedy recovery! Get Well soon Freckles...

posted by Stacey Goforth 12 months ago

Thoughts and prayers going up for Freckles and her puppies....St. Francis(Saint of all animals) is sure to keep an extra watch over them and keep them safe..speedy Recovery Pooches!!!!

posted by Crystal Kreitzbender 12 months ago

John, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Freckles.

posted by Richard Prather 12 months ago

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David Tetlow

9 months ago


What a sweet doggie! Hope she recovers completely.



Jeanette Soto

10 months ago


Best wishes to Freckles!



Kelly Bowie

11 months ago




11 months ago



Shannon Jones

11 months ago


As a lifelong basset hound lover, I am incredibly touched by Freckles and your story. She is beautiful even with her scars and the puppies are absolutely adorable.



Barry Plott

11 months ago


Wish I could do more for you Freckles, but I will do what I can when I can for such a special girl. Much love to you all...



Sara Gelder

11 months ago




11 months ago



Lola Flora

11 months ago


What a brave girl. Continue to get better and god bless



Brenda Riley

12 months ago


Love and prayers to you


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