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Hi my name is Bright eyes I am a forgotten street kitty's I found a nice an caring human that takes care of forgotten street Moggies like me he took me in an let me half my kittens but I... more


Updated posted by Quinton J Smith 3 days ago

Meow Meow Hi this is Bright Eyes calling Meow Meow we have some good news our humans have bend given a old thing call a truck an it is like a us a cast away throw away to rot now it is at Paw Town Cats my human call the truck Mr. Green with your help an support our humans will have a way to take us to the vet or to get us more food without riding a bike an hurting his back but I will keep laying an purring on his back to make him feel good an it makes me feel good too my new little sister an bother will soon have a furever home my human told me this will be the first time a Paw Town Cat will be adopted out an the human that is adopting my sister an bother has kitty's for them to play with an are going to a good home Meow Meow I wish more humans would take in more forgotten street cats an kittens like my humans do they would Meow Meow be saving a life an get all the kitty kisses they want Meow Meow I love to give kitty lick to my humans so will you Meow please keep giving to Paw Town Cats not just for me but for the one's like my bother an sister that just keep coming and just like me Meow Paw Town Cats was my last hope for life Meow Meow please give so our humans can keep saving more forgotten street kitty's like me Meow Meow Bright Eyes. =^..^=


My little bother he is one lucky kitty

I wish all kitty's wore lucky like him.

This is Mr. Green the cast out truck.


Updated posted by Quinton J Smith 17 days ago

Meow Meow it's me Bright Eyes Meow to Gail Hertz and Aleksander Lindemamm and Melissa Nunez for your support for my humans I am doing just great Mama Eight one of the new forgotten street mama kitty's an her kittens have a new home here at Paw Town Cats now she has room to move an take a brake from the kittens just you human mum's do to take time out from your kittens but my humans still need your help they when out of there way to save me an my kitten Meow it is time for me Meow to help them Meow Meow help me help my humans so they can keep helping more forgotten street cats an kittens like me Meow Meow Bright Eyes. =^..^=


Mama Eight's new home. =^..^=

Mama Eight Kitty. =^..^=

I look so so good Meow Meow. =^..^=


Updated posted by Quinton J Smith 19 days ago

Meow Meow again Bright Eyes calling I got my shot today an I am doing just great "BUT" we need your help our humans Internet bill is due without the Internet I can not keep you updated on how me an my sisters an bother are doing we have two new baby kittens who are being care for by my big sister Mama Eight she got her name because she has big paws eight toes an all four paws Meow Meow more than ever we need your help our water is running out things like water and the thing our humans call cooking gas must come in by a big thing call a truck or my human must ride his bicycle ten miles round trip to get water an food for us his body is beat up he is in pain all the time he got a bad back an it is hard for him to get out an get things like water see he had to sell the thing called a truck so he could save my life Meow Meow I don't want to see him in pain I know when he is in pain an I lay on his back an purr to make him feel better so will you humans that read this Meow Meow please help our human keep this thing called the Internet running it is our only line to the outside world an if I or one of my sisters or bother gets sick there is no way to call for help an one day my humans will get a new truck an you know Meow Meow I miss riding inside the thing called a truck so Meow Meow please us if you can Meow Meow your kitty Bright Eyes. =^..^=


My new baby sister on the scale. =^..^=

My new baby kitten bother on the scale.

Me on my new toy it is so fun to play.

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Created by Quinton J Smith on April 2, 2013

Hi my name is Bright eyes I am a forgotten street kitty's I found a nice an caring human that takes care of forgotten street Moggies like me he took me in an let me half my kittens but I was to weak to take care of them myself so my human is taking care of my kitten for me there was something wrong with me I was to weak to open my mouth to eat or drink my human had to feed an give me water using a feeding tube an had to help me when I needed to use the litter box he made a support strap to help me walk that's how weak I was my human took me to the vet an they told him I have Addison disease this disease is rare to kitty's but this is just one of the health issues that forgotten street Moggies have to face this kind an caring human saved my life now I have to take a drug called PERCORTEN for the rest of my life to stay alive at a cost of $146.00 a mouth my human just do not have the ability to pay for this at all on his own, considering that he is caring for 53 forgotten street Moggies like me an it just brakes my heart seeing him so sad. I understand that times are tough, but he really needs your help anything will help at this point and I would appreciate it so greatly it would make my human so happy so will you Please give to my drug found for two years. Once again will you Please help my human help me you can read his story on how he is taking care of the forgotten street Moggies like me it on or you can cut an paste this URL ( also check out Paw Town Cats blog at Paw Town Cats which is my home now is the only hope for forgotten street Moggies like me with your help he can help even more Moggies like me live a happier and safer life I thank you all for caring I am Bright eyes Meow Meow.

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Keep taking care of those kitties, and God bless you.



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Wish I could give more.



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Hi Quinton! Looks like things are going well at Pawtown!



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Thanks for all you do for the moggies!!


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