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John Dill is well known as one of the most gifted independent designers, art directors, dj's and photographers in the creative community.    On top of his incredible talent, John is... more


Updated posted by Lesley Dill Silvestre 6 months ago

Below is a Thank You from John Dill:

My strength through out this optical journey would not have been possible without family, friends, new friends and strangers. You gave me the opportunity to concentrate on healing and to embrace the experience fully. I could feel your loving energy every step of the way. You empowered me to share my experiences and take you along for the whole ride. I truly thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the renewed sight In my eye. While my vision may still be a bit trippy and distorted in my left eye, I see a lot clearer now - thanks to you all.

Special thanks for all of you who contributed to the Gofund, paypal or fundraiser events in LA and NYC. This was a very humbling experience for me and I will never forget your generosity. All the money raised was used for both my medical bills and living in singapore during my recovery. While I had travel insurance, which I believed would pay for some of the cost, it turns out the horror stories are true. I'm trying to fight them as I write this - will keep you posted. If they do the right thing and pay what is owed, I will make sure the money is used to give back. My idea is to produce an art show sharing my journey in a visual way and also raise a bit of awareness for retina detachment. Proceeds will go to retina research or an eye related charity. Even if they do not pay, I will find away to produce this show and share my visual experience and give back. The date I have set is Friday December 13, 2013. As many of you know 13 is my jam and this date is perfect :)

To my doctors and nurses, you delivered the goods!!! Thank you for all your hard work and putting up with my questions, requests and entertaining my humor.

Much love, light and gratitude! J


Updated posted by Lesley Dill Silvestre 6 months ago

Hello Friends and Family,

I wanted to update you with a post on John's recovery progress that he shared on Facebook today.

John Dill~
It's been awhile since an eye update. Things have been stable over the last few months , I still have distortion and oil goblins floating by - reminding me of the silicone oil that once filled my eye. The distortion mostly affects the outlines of things, straight lines and typography . The typography part is a bit anoying as I design with it and basically see it everywhere . But my right eye is still stepping up for reading and working on my computer. Road signs on the other hand are still not my strong point ;) On the flip side , it's as if I have my own distortion filter on life - very interesting at times!!

Before I left Hong Kong, my doctor told me that I have a bit of cloudiness caused by the cataract implant . This is known as yag capsulotomy - basically when they perform the surgery they leave a bit of the old membrane to help the implant adjust and adapt. Overtime this membrain causes the new lens to become cloudy. Laser surgery is needed to break it up. At night see the effects of this the most .. Light sources shoot spiderwebs my way! It's hard to see sometimes , but if I look up and stare at a light , things pop into focus again . It's a very strange and visually interesting experience, but I'm glad it can be fixed.

This past monday I finally got to see a doctor here in NYC . He is a professor at Columbia and the teacher of my main doctor in Singapore and referral doctor in Hk . Needless to say he enjoyed seeing me :) My eye is looking good !! Besides the Yag bag -o cloudiness. I told him my insurance situation and he is going to figure out a reasonable laser situation . He also took 60% off his visit fee and did not charge me for photos taken. I was blown away by this , restored faith :) After the examination I started asking him questions about what I need to do differently now , he said "no sky diving or roller coasters" a bitter sweet answer , but I can live with it!! Only wish I made a jump earlier in life .. One can still dream of free falling. He also said the distortion will most not get better, My retina detached twice and i'm lucky to have sight. And lucky I feel!

Been busy bee since I've been back in NYC. Finally got a work studio situation set up in east Williamsburg . Time to start working on the interpretive art show of my optical journey . I've chosen the date Friday December 13, 2013, Please mark your calendars . I've gathered my journey in one place. I Will be documenting my art process , please stay tuned :)

Feels good to be back in NYC, embracing it's energy and elements! And so many hugs from friends , thank you!!

Much love , j


Updated posted by Lesley Dill Silvestre 11 months ago

Dearest Family and Friends,

My Brother, Mother, and I are so greatful for your support and generosity in support of John Dill Eye surgery. We can't thank you enough for all you have given and are so thankful to have you in our lives. John is still recovering and has a long road ahead. Your support has been the tie that holds it all together. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Xoxox The Dill Family

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Created by Lesley Dill Silvestre on April 1, 2013

John Dill is well known as one of the most gifted independent designers, art directors, dj's and photographers in the creative community.   

On top of his incredible talent, John is also an extraordinary human being. Everyone with the good karma to know him has seen that he is the kindest, most radiant, fun-loving souls on the planet. John is, unfailingly, the guy who brightens our day, is always there for us and never expects anything in return.

He has always created his extraordinary work in a remarkable way - using his one, 'good' eye - his left eye. John can't see much from his right eye - definitely not the fine detail that's so crucial to his work. 

A couple of weeks ago, some slippery tile may have changed John's life forever. He sustained a serious head injury and suffered a detached retina in his 'good' eye. He was rushed to emergency surgery in Singapore and thought he was on the road to an excruciatingly slow, but good, recovery. 

That all changed yesterday. At a routine follow up, he was hit with the news that the damage was not entirely repaired. He underwent a second surgery last night during which they inserted a larger bubble of oil in his eye (to stabilize pressure). 
The larger bubble makes his recovery time longer and dramatically increases the likelihood that he will suffer cataracts in that eye in the near future. 

Doctors are hoping for 90% recovery for John's central vision in his left eye. His peripheral vision will most likely have permanent damageIt will be several months before anyone can assess how much his vision will recover. Even when they have an "idea," it will still take another 3-4 months for it to stabilize. As a freelance designer, John does not have comprehensive health insurance nor disability insurance to cover his downtime. 

John's expenses continue to climb as his recovery time expands and he has no idea what kind of work he will be capable of in 6 months time. For all who have the great fortune to know him, now is our opportunity to give back to John and create good karma for ourselves in the process. Everyone else who would like to help is welcome to jump on the good karma train as well. 

This is the primary request to raise money to help John Dill. You can select from the amounts below or donate as much as you want and can afford. Everything helps. You can send money to him directly through PayPal using the email address - If you use PayPal, please be sure to select "send money to friends and family" so they don't charge a transaction fee. ALL funds raised will go directly to John to help pay his medical expenses and living expenses during his lengthy, and hopefully full, recovery. 

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!"
- Bob


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I hope have a full recovery very soon!

posted by Alexander Lloyd 12 months ago

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