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The main goals of the project are to (the goals are further explained below the following list): 1. Break the stigma attached to people with special needs 2. Create a sustainable way o... more


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Only a few days more! Please donate ANY amount you can to provide Dzorwulu Special School and AACT with learning and teaching materials and to improve their infrastructure. Don't ignore this, please donate.


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Please please donate and share. Just a few days more.let's disable the label!


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A few more days left! Please Please donate! thank you

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Created by Efua Kumea Asibon on March 29, 2013

The main goals of the project are to (the goals are further explained below the following list):

1. Break the stigma attached to people with special needs

2. Create a sustainable way of providing learning and teaching materials (especially technologically advanced materials) for efficient learning and teaching at Special Schools

3.Ensure a safe, clean and conducive atmosphere for effective learning at Special schools

4. Harness creativity and develop skills in special students


Special Education in Ghana is given very little attention by the government and the Ghanaian society in general. While volunteering at AACT and Dzorwulu Special School last summer, I realized that the children were very brilliant and creative but lacked the appropriate learning materials for efficient and exciting learning.

Due to the woefully inadequate resources, the teachers also struggled to teach effectively. The schools had very few books .I recall sitting in a class learning about the organs in the human reproductive system without any visual aid whatsoever. The learning environment was also not conducive and disability friendly: the walls were peeling, there was a low level of hygiene observed and there was no maintenance of the infrastructure.

 After making these observations I realized that these problems needed to be addressed immediately. This pilot project hopes to lay the foundation for a solid and sustainable special educational system in the two special schools involved with the hope that it will serve as a model to be replicated in other special schools.

To sustain the project, the donated learning and teaching materials will be used to create calendars, cards and other craft pieces during a summer program organized by the DISLABELLED team. These items will be sold to raise funds for the school to re-stock their learning and teaching materials after what we have donated has been depleted. We are also liaising with student groups at different teriary and secondary instituitions to visit AACT and Dzorwulu Special as part of their community service programs to continue the workshops that we start in the summer. This will build long-lasting partnerships and will further sustain the project.

We have started fund-raising by selling button badges and organizing bake sales. We hope to raise about $450 from the button badge and bake sales.


The other members of the DISLABELLED team are Sedinam Worlanyo and Nana Ama Akowuah.                                    


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I am so proud to be part of this, It has always been my dream to help others. Now I have that chance to do so, For in Helping you too will be Helped. Dislabelled will make a difference

posted by George Neequaye 11 months ago

God bless you, Efua! please fund THIS!!!

posted by Phoebe-Priscy Amoako 12 months ago

im so proud of what you are doing and God bless u so much

posted by Osmond Fasha 12 months ago

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Amy Amuquandoh

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Efua, you're awesome for making this happen! It's heart-warming to think about the lives you are going to impact with this project.




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