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Going to switch the direction of this fund raising effort in the short term to try and defray the costs for Team T-Shirts for the East Coast Team and Supporters that are a part of TeamUS... more


Updated posted by Bob Dionisio 11 months ago

I would like to thank everyone who help me and the guys get to France this year. As we are not able to use this fund raising venue for next year I am very open to ideas on how to raise money for myself and the rest of the East Coast Battle of Nations Fighters and Support Staff to attend the event next year. I would like to shoot for travel and lodging help for those who make the team and traveling to support us.


Updated posted by Bob Dionisio 11 months ago

More and more of the Team are arriving in France. I go to join them tomarrow. I am packed (except for the white linens), shield is freshley painted (white sword on a red field) and I am tying up loose work ends. For those who did not know the Hockey World cup is also going on. Both the US and Russia won their first games. Thank you everyone for your support for both myself and the Team Shirt Drive. The guys and gals love the shirts and we will be doing a Team photo that we will post later.


Updated posted by Bob Dionisio 11 months ago

Last cossfitclass was last night. We concentrated on clean and jerks this week. Everyday was a 20 minute cycle they called a WOD (workout of the day). Monday was 400 m run, this reverse hang pull up thing (10) and 10 sit ups while throwing a 20lb ball against a wall. Wed was 800 meter run, followed by 30 burbie jump on a box things and then repeat for 20 minutes. Last nights 20 minutes was 200 m run, 15 clean and jerks and then 15 squat and throw a ball up against a wall as u came up, We also worked on assisted pull ups with bands which was pretty cool. every night i left the place covered in sweat. Most of my guys are starting to get on planes to head over to France. We have had one loose a passport already. Everyone is still working on armor who is not heading over yet. I just have a shield left to paint (while Elena does). I got some good support last night as well from an unexpected source who I was having a disagreement with. All the support and chatter online has been awesome as well. There are actually parties being held to watch us fight at places like the Historic Haven in Fredricksburg which shoudl be a blast!!!

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Created by Bob Dionisio on March 4, 2013

Going to switch the direction of this fund raising effort in the short term to try and defray the costs for Team T-Shirts for the East Coast Team and Supporters that are a part of TeamUSA this year. There are 29 of us. They are. Cost of shirts is $580 ($20 per shirt). Current donations to the shirts are $135. Number currently reflect on the site includes prior donations to me so out of the current $450, $135 is for shirts. Looking to raise as close to $580 as possible to reduce out of pocket costs for the guys and gals.

1. Alric O'Connor- Fighter (Atlantia)
2. Kel Dalton Support (Atlantia)
3. Catlin Brooks Fighter (East)
4. Scott Stricklin Fighter (Atlantia)
5. Maria Dedvukaj Support (East)
6. Bryan Cannata Fighter (Atlantia)
7. Debbie Minyard Support (Atlantia)
8. Jaye Brooks Fighter (East)
9. Jana Brooks Support (East)
10. Anne Gates Support (East)
11. Zorikh Lequidre Fighter (East)
12.Trey Sutter Fighter (Atlantia)
13. Janine Sutter (Support) MED
14. Michael Ivey Fighter (Meridies)
15. Pam Ivey Support (Meridies)
16. Arthur Donadio Fighter (Atlantia)
17. Patricia Do...nadio (Support) MED
18. Greg Fabic Fighter (Atlantia)
19. Sherri Fabic (Support)
20. John Hill Fighter (East)
21. Stephen Terrell Fighter (Atlantia)
22. Grettir T Slow Support (Aethelmearc)
23. Dave Olsen Fighter (East)
24. Don Brant Fighter (Aethelmearc)
25. Kati Takis Support (East)
26. Mark Schrader Support (East)
27. Sonny Reid Support (East)
28. Jocelyn Schreiber Support (East)
29. Bob Dionisio Fighter (East/Atlantia)

My name is Bob Dionisio and I am a member of the 2013 United States team that will be representing our Country in the most intense form of Medieval Sport Combat on the face of the planet.

Team USA and I will be traveling to France in three months to compete in the Battle of Nations , an international, full contact with steel weapons, no holds barred, western martial arts competition and festival. Last year was the first year America sent a team, I was on that Team thanks to many of you donating to me last year. Last year they laughed at the Americans. They thought we would be a push over. Last year Team USA came in fourth. This year we want to win it all.

Unfortunately being a Knight in armor is not cheep, no matter what century you live in. The weapons, armor, travel costs, and lodging add up quickly. The average competitor here in the U.S. spends close to $8,000.0 of personal funds just to represent America. This is a young sport in the United States and corporate sponsorships are slow.

In effort to help defer some of the costs I am following the centuries old practice of seeking patrons to help me on my quest. Any thing you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. This year there will be twenty six countries participating. With your help ,hard work and a bit of luck your Team USA can fight to the top and bring home victory.

We all do this out of love for the sport and love for our country. Please help us on our Quest

Besides coming in fourth last year TeamUSA did a few other things. We showed the other countries what American values were like, we brought sportsmanship and a showed them some of the tradations of our culture in the SCA (those of you who are in it) and we also led the way for many of the other Western Teams that are now showing up this year (well except for Team Quebec who had attended in past years).

For more information and news about the Armored Combat League and the Battle of the Nations please go to,


Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Kevin Maxson

12 months ago


Make us proud!



Sherrill Montgomery

12 months ago


Since I don't get to be there due to family problems, please HIT someone for me (really really hard)



cynthia kingman

12 months ago



Tim Prickett

12 months ago


Good luck guys. Wish I could join you. Be safe, be mighty!



Martha Fletcher

12 months ago


It's okay if I get a thank you and it IS signed by Bob. I would not be offended. *giggle* Go Team USA! Martelvonc



Duane Moore

12 months ago


Much love to you brother!



Morwenna Trevethan

12 months ago



Joe Pierson

12 months ago


Brothers in arms my friend.



Nicholas Freer

13 months ago


Destroy them! (but don't get them admitted to hospital)



Keith Kempenich

13 months ago


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