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Hello All! I have created this page because my dear friend Marima needs help. I met Marima while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia and she gave me purpose during my... more


Updated posted by Cameron Asam 13 months ago

WE MADE IT!!! Thank you all so much for your contributions both financially and through reposting! Each of you have contributed to saving Marima's building. For those who wanted to contribute and didn't get the chance, anything beyond our goal will go directly to Marima for materials for her embroidery business. Thank you!


Updated posted by Cameron Asam 13 months ago

We had another wonderful day yesterday! We are nearly at our goal as we've breached the 90% mark! We are so close! Please tag, e-mail, pin, tweet and do anything else you can think of to spread the word! (I think we'll hit our goal today)! Thank you all!


Updated posted by Cameron Asam 13 months ago

Everyone has been amazing and so generous in spreading the word and donating to Marima. We are currently at 86.82% of our total just 3 days! Generosity is pouring in the world over, we've received donations now from every continent in the world (except Antarctica). Lets rally together and do one final push so we can hit our goal in record time! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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Created by Cameron Asam on March 2, 2013

Hello All!


I have created this page because my dear friend Marima needs help. I met Marima while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia and she gave me purpose during my time there. We worked together almost every day for over a year to build her embroidery business and in the mean time, became great friends. When I first met Marima, she had just recently realized her lifelong dream of purchasing a building so she would have a place to store and sell her beautiful embroideries. Marima had just invested her life savings of $14,500 USD (just over 4 years local salary) into a 60% down payment, while mortgaging the rest.


Just recently Marima underwent back surgery, which put her out of work for 3 months. She has been unable to work while recovering so between her mortgage payments and working tirelessly to put her two children through college, the bills have piled up and she’s in danger of losing her building.


Marima needs $5,500 or she will lose both her store, her initial investment and her livelihood. I only ask for your donations because I believe wholeheartedly in her cause and know that if everyone gives a little, we can end Marima’s financial burden and ensure that her children will successfully finish school.


Marima belongs to a small minority of Kazakh people who live in Western Mongolia. She is a Mongolian citizen but ethnically Kazakh. Mongolia is a male dominated society with very few women building businesses. This has all culminated to make her accomplishments that much more remarkable.


Please, please help Marima!


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email me or call:

1 248.505.1189


Thanks so much!




Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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Dear Cameron and those warmhearted people who donated to my sister! I greatly appreciate your contribution to my sister Marima to save her store. You truly did a wonderful thing. Your generosity will directly benefit not only Marima and her family, but also for some Kazakh families (Kazakh housewives those who work for making embroideries for the store). Again, thanks so much for all you've done for us. Wishing all of you the best Byeibitgul Khaumyen Sincerely,

posted by Byeibitgul Khaumyen 13 months ago

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Aster Shiferaw

13 months ago




13 months ago



Jessica Friedman

13 months ago


Cameron, I don't usually support fundraisers and the like, but this is a beautiful story and I'm proud of you for raising the money for your friend. My money isn't much, but I hope it can help the cause at least a little bit. Jess



Geoff Grecynski

13 months ago



Katie Holder

13 months ago



Debbie Hammer

13 months ago


Cam, you are making such a difference in this world of ours. God Bless, Debbie



Matthew Marino

13 months ago


I know Mark Rosenwald (M14) 2003-2005, he recommended that I get in touch with you. I am interested in purchasing a wall hanging for my new place. Is it possible to reach Marima and look at her stock of available wall hangings for sale? Is it possible to mail them to the USA? I have so many questions. I'm glad I can help you help Marima.



Aly Kanoute

13 months ago


Very nice initiative, congratulations!



Fahimeh Baziari

13 months ago


Now that I have somewhat of an idea of what the PC is like....Having a purpose is key! I hope Mariam knows what she did. Also, the cluch that I have of hers, is awesome!



Jacquelyn Johnson

13 months ago


Good Luck! Bless you. xxxxxxxx


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