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Howdy, Chris "Citrus" Sauthoff here. I had a stroke in Nov of 2011. My right arm lost sensation and I thought that I would never be able to ride a bike again. One of my favorite p... more


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Updated posted by Chris Sauthoff 11 months ago

Only like $6000. To go!


Updated posted by Chris Sauthoff 11 months ago

May is Stroke Awareness month! Please help me get this machine! I really think we can change some lives for the better!


Updated posted by Chris Sauthoff 12 months ago

I still have this dream! Can u help?

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Created by Chris Sauthoff on February 23, 2013


  Chris "Citrus" Sauthoff here.
 I had a stroke in Nov of 2011.  My right arm lost  sensation and I thought that I would never be able to ride a bike again. One of my favorite pastimes! It was a very tough battle, but I am doing so well and enjoy riding SO much, that I really want to share it with other stroke survivors that are less fortunate in the recovery area than I. 
 I found a great company that is going to help me get a perfect machine that I could take people that are paralyzed on one or even both sides of the body! 
 Interestingly, the person who rides in front of this machine is called the "Stoker"!  I am considering calling the whole thing "Strokie Stokers" Whenever I am having issues, I say I am just being "strokie".
  So the machine costs $6,295....maybe Less!
 I am not going to charge anybody for rides. This is something that I just want to offer as a service.  SO that mugs can feel the wind in their hair again, perhaps pedal along and let me to the driving and shifting and braking! 
  It will be great therapy for the rider(me) the Stoker and U by donating!
 I am very excited at the prospect!  Please help by donating to the cause!  
  5% of your donation will be scooped up by gofundme...just a heads up. 


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Robert Eggerr

11 months ago




11 months ago



Richard Hickey

11 months ago



Frank Roddy

11 months ago


Keep ridin' that bike and keep jammin'



stephen schloss

13 months ago


Yeah, Cit!!!



Jason Tornero

13 months ago



Peter Rejcek

14 months ago


Great idea, Citrus. Good luck.



James Brew

14 months ago


Sorry this is all I can do for now, job hunting right now.



William Romero

14 months ago


Great Idea my brother. You're a good man.



Pam Noonan

14 months ago


You're a good person Chris, I love you so much.


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