Zuzu the Newfie needs knee surgery

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Zuzu is a 3-year old Newfoundland dog who has an unflappable spirit and love of life, but her legs just won't keep up. She has had 4 surgeries on her left knee in the past year, and we j... more


Updated posted by Mary Ford Glickman 7 months ago

Folks, this update is long overdue, but it is a happy one! Early in the summer Zuzu had her surgery and just 2 weeks ago, she got her clean bill of health from the ortho surgeon in Boston!

She is her happy, silly self, and even though she has a pronounced limp and probably always will (we have a long road of rehab ahead!) we don't care as long as she is happy and pain free.

She has even remembered that in the morning when her big sister wakes up, she greets her at the bottom of the stairs and then the two of them go for a snuggle on the couch. It has been at least a year and a half since Zuzu has gotten on the couch by herself. Just warms my heart to see it.

I will always be grateful to all of you who made this surgery possible, who believed in Zuzu like I did and never gave up. Thanks to you, and to the wonderful folks at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, I have my girl back!


Updated posted by Mary Ford Glickman 13 months ago

Hello all, it's been a tough couple of weeks fighting infection in Zuzu's external pins, but we are gearing up for a trip to Boston to see the surgeon on Monday. At that visit we will find out if the pins are coming out, and whether or not surgery on the right should be done immediately or whether it has to wait a bit longer (in which case we'd be looking at a brace or other stabilizing device to help the left side heal further before doing the surgery on the right).

Zuzu continues to play and be silly. We joke that she plays with us like a giant penguin, as she likes to sit directly in front of us on the floor and huff and puff and bounce around in place, eventually throwing herself into our laps in a fit of cuddles. ;)

She'll be happy to be done with the antibiotics, I'm sure! Wish us luck for Monday....and if you feel so inspired please do share our page out again, as we're coming close to some really big bills for continuing her care...

Many thanks,
Mary and Zu


Updated posted by Mary Ford Glickman 14 months ago

I took out Zuzu's favorite toy today (Kong Genius XL) and put a couple of treats inside. Think she's enjoying it? :)

I've found that it's really great, with all her surgeries, to have toys that make her work or think but not feel the need to stand up or bounce around. The Genius does the trick!

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Created by Mary Ford Glickman on February 15, 2013

Zuzu is a 3-year old Newfoundland dog who has an unflappable spirit and love of life, but her legs just won't keep up. She has had 4 surgeries on her left knee in the past year, and we just received the devastating news that she needs surgery on her right knee as well. As her surgeon says, she is a dog without a good leg to stand on...and we really want to help her to make it better. 

We would like to raise funds to get her right knee fixed, so that she can walk with us and go to her human sister's soccer games and complete her therapy dog training to help others. 

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If any funds remain after surgery, I will donate them to Newfoundland Rescue. 


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Salem G.

7 months ago


Hope you get better soon Zuzu so we can see you at Newfie Fun Days in Eliot, Maine next year !!!




12 months ago




12 months ago



Carl Worlock

13 months ago



Brandie Shydo

13 months ago


Thanks to Tricia for taking good care of Maggie, Carter, and Cleo in our grooming session yesterday. They all look great! And they enjoyed helping ZuZu too!!



Susan Johnson

13 months ago



Victoria Holt

13 months ago


keep going Mary and Zuzu, wishing you all the bes from the uk posse and Munchkin sends huge slobbery kisses and doggy hugs



Melissa Stanton

13 months ago


Big kisses from my newfie girls Mia, Chloe,&Cassidy



Shelly Kosaka

13 months ago



Jen Kane

13 months ago


I had so much compassion and help with my Murphy.. And My NN family have been such a big part of Newf Friends.. Not much but want to help a bit to Mary and angel Zu


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