Let GLBT youth in IN know they're wanted

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Updated posted by Brien Blaylock 14 months ago

$500 in 4 days! That's amazing, you guys have no idea how awesome this is! Storytime! I actually met both Tiffany and Kara (who both donated) through IYG! These young ladies made a lasting impression on my life and I hope I'm able to give that back to young people in IN! Thank you again to everyone who's donated. Just $500 to go to goal!


Updated posted by Brien Blaylock 14 months ago

$390 in 3 days is amazing, thank you everyone! I'm going to leave this page up until I hit that $1,000 mark I'm going for! I also appreciate everyone's helping out, passing the word around! No kid should be made to feel lesser because of who they are!



Updated posted by Brien Blaylock 14 months ago

Thank you so far to everyone that's donated, and to all future donors! I can't say enough great things about IYG!


Created by Brien Blaylock on February 13, 2013

GLBT youth need to know they have a place in the world. With the recent Indiana teacher stating publicly that gays do not have a purpose in life, we need to show the young adults of Indiana that EVERYONE IS wanted and accepted, no matter what their orientation, gender identity or preference is. 

When I was 14 years old, my grandmother took me to the South Bend chapter of IYG. That group made a huge difference in my life, showing me that I wasn't alone and that other people dealt with the same struggles I did. From that group, I made friendships that I will never forget, and finally felt that I belonged somewhere.

Now, I want to help pass that onto others, hopefully with your help! 

I am hoping to raise $1,000 to help IYG continue to make a difference in Indiana!

From the IYG webpage:

Indiana Youth Group (IYG) provides safe places and confidential environments where self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth are empowered through programs, support services, social and leadership opportunities and community service. IYG advocates on their behalf in schools, in the community and through family support services.


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I actually met Brien through friends at IYG along with many other great people that have made such positive and lasting impacts on my life. This organization deserves your donation...not just because they can make a difference of LGBT kids - but because they can affect ALL kids.

posted by Tiffany Davidson 14 months ago

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Molly McDougal

13 months ago



Tonya Rein

14 months ago


Love you Brien!



Patrick Foster

14 months ago


Keep up the good work Brien! This is important!



Kara M Alwine

14 months ago



Lee Griner

14 months ago


Growing up in Indianapolis, I know how hard it is to be yourself in a place where LGBT youth are told they're "broken", "making a wrong choice", or even "abominations". Please let my donation go towards letting these youth know that they're beautiful human beings, they should hold their heads high, and live life how they love to live it.



Lisa Horan

14 months ago




14 months ago



Kristi Reynolds

14 months ago


I'm happy to support a great organization that helped my BFF when he was a teen!



Tiffany M Davidson

14 months ago


Let's get this thing moving people!




14 months ago


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