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Created 5/11/13 The Silver Tour is producing the first ever SENIOR Rally and Lobbying event in our nation's capitol. We will partner with SSDP (Students for Sensib... more


Updated posted by Robert Platshorn 10 months ago

This is a final thanks for all your support for The Silver Tour DC Lobby Day. Almost 150 Congressmen heard first hand from seniors, patients, veterans and students, the demand for Safe Legal Access to cannabis.
For the first time lawmakers saw a cross section of Americans come together for a shared goal. Many are finally aware that this issue is important to a majority of voters that live in thier districts. You made this possible.

You also made it possible for a large number of people to lobby for the first time in their lives. Now that they know it's not impossible, they will do it again and again. All of these things will hasten the end of cannabis prohibition in America.

The picture is mostly shots from our standing room only reception. Silver Tour donors and Weed Maps made it happen.

Now I will concentrate on educating seniors and the mainstream by airing the new version of "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" on commercial TV stations in as many states as funds allow. It airs as "paid programing". If you haven't seen it here is the link, .

If you'd like to help us air the show donations can be made at the Silver Tour website

Thanks again! You have made a real difference. Your Silver Tour pins will go out in about two weeks when a new supply arrives.
Warmest Regards
Robert Platshorn


Reception The Silver Tour in DC 2013


Updated posted by Robert Platshorn 10 months ago

Good new about the NEWS! So many activist publications have already written about our Senior Lobby Day, now the national mainstream press coverage has started in advance or our trip.
The hottest International on line and on TV magazine, VICE, has published a great feature story, "Does Granny Need Ganja?" .

And yesterday there was a piece in ROLL CALL, the hot sheet for Washinton insiders, outsiders, wannabe s and the international press
"Pot-Seeking Seniors Hope to Light a Fire Under Pols" Heard on the Hill

This is only the beginning. National and international coverage will deliver our message to Congress and the voters. Change will accelerate. Your contribution and WeedMaps support has made this possible.

In case you haven't heard, our Congressional Reception now includes an historic show of solidarity by some of the most important and diverse organizations in the country. See the picture.

As we've grown, so has our expenses. But as you can see, we will get millions of dollars of publicity for ending cannabis prohibition. I'm still hoping for two bus sponsors or more donations to keep us in the comfort zone financially.

One new expense is my travel. The US Parole Commission finally decided to let me travel to DC. When I get back home, I begin sending out the rewards.
Thanks so much to all the past and future supporters. You made it happen.


Our Gang of Many


Updated posted by Robert Platshorn 10 months ago

Several people have contributed at our Silver Tour website. Thank you so much. This event keeps growing in size and historical importance. Conressman Polis will be visiting and speaking at our reception. Here's a big surprise, Republican power broker, Grover Norquist will also be there to speak. There's more, in a show of solidarity, LEAP's Neill Franklin will speak and bring with him a number of leaders of the Black Community who will be demonstrating that morning in front of the White House, to end the Drug War.
These are important allies that have not been with us in the past. There is strength in solidarity. We will make history on June 17th.

Oh! Did I mention that the US Parole Commission has finally granted me permission to join you all in our nations Capitol.
Thanks so for all your past, present and I hope continued support. I'll see you in D.C.
Tomorrow I will notify all ticket holder of final arrangements and agendas.


London 1969 My Office

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Created by Robert Platshorn on January 24, 2013

Created 5/11/13
The Silver Tour is producing the first ever SENIOR Rally and Lobbying event in our nation's capitol. We will partner with SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy, ) to lobby the House for passage of a budget amendment to prevent the DEA from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states with legal cannabis. .It should come up for a vote in late June. Our lobby day is Monday June 17, 2013. If passed, it opens the door for other states that are holding back on medical or legalization for fear of the feds. There is strong media interest to cover the event. Seniors in DC for cannabis is a huge news story, especially when they arrive hand in hand with students from SSDP. The feature event of the day will be a luncheon at the National Press Club or a location on Capitol Hill. All funds are being raised by The Silver tour.

For those who don't know me, my name is Robert Platshorn. I was featured in the hit Showtime movie, Square Grouper. My Silver Tour was recently spotlighted on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, CNN Money and on the front page of The Wall St Journal.
We need a sponsor or sponsors for the luncheon and buses. "Sponsored by" and sponsor's logo will be large on all banners and signage at the lunch and press conference. The cost to sponsor the lunch/press event, is about $5,000. Bus sponsorship is $1,000. The sponsors will be national heroes to the millions of seniors, students and everyone in the country who supports medical marijuana and cannabis reform.

All sponsors can be anonymous if desired.

Arrangements can also be made to sponsor the entire event including buses, signage, giant traveling billboard and more. I'm hoping you may know someone who can become a sponsor for any amount . This will be the most historic D.C. event to date. Irv Rosenfeld, who gets his medical marijuana from the federal government and is also a Silver Tour Director will be on hand with me to meet with press and fans.

All funds are being raised by The Silver tour.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Would you like to have Alysa Erwin speak? She is a 16 year old who has beaten brain cancer with cannabis..

posted by Tracie Kolhoff 10 months ago radio is proud to be airing this segment now.

posted by Cory Marcus 10 months ago

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Friend of Truth


Sara Conrad

10 months ago


Here you go Bobby. I have a silver pin already and made a small donation at the Cannabis Cup. The people staffing the booth took a picture or it was live to you or something. I just wanted to say, I am so pleased to see the progress you have made!!!! The progress that we all have made this past year. I am there with you in spirit as a old enough to be a grandma, but not yet a grandma, who uses Cannabis for medicinal and recreational enjoyment. I'm super proud of my Congressman, Jared Polis. He rocks, doesn't he? Clone him and import him to Florida ASAP. Ask President Obama and the governmental type people in DC this for me, please. Why are you ignoring the will of the people of the United States who are your constituents? You work for us, not for big $$$ - not the 1%ers but the people struggling day to day, and we demand to know why you (dude, you smoked a ton and did lines too) are not answering our questions about the legalization and regulation of Cannabis. Look at how many states have legalized medical marijuana now. 19, including Washington, DC! And of those 19, 7 of them were in the last 5 years. When are you going to address the failed war on drugs? If what we've been doing and spending tons of money on hasn't EVER worked, why not consider legalization? Those nimrods in DC... medical marijuana is legal right there. What the hell are they so scared of? Getting voted out? The anti-cannabis ones will vote them out because they are pro-cannabis, but the ones that vote cannabis will keep them in by a landslide. Against cannabis? They will get voted for by the anti-cannabis people and voted out by the same landslide as above. The wheels have turned to far to go back and the genie is running free!!

Friend of Truth


Ken Wolski

10 months ago

Friend of Truth


Vicki Buss

10 months ago


This would be the best legal medication for seniors. Safer than any med on the market. Cheap, effective, helps with sleep , appetite, and depression. All problems of seniors. A reason to live til the next day.



Silver Tour Gold Member Bryan Rice

10 months ago (Offline Donation)



Several anonymous via Silver Tour website

10 months ago (Offline Donation)

Friend of Truth


Michael Wroclawski

10 months ago


I have waited over 30 plus years for med M to arrive in New York State lets make it happen I will wear my pin happily

Press Luncheon


Weed Maps

10 months ago (Offline Donation)

Friend of Truth


William Hinman

10 months ago


No need to send the pin - I have already donated the gold level - just trying to help as I can.

Friend of Truth


Eric Sterling

10 months ago


I am looking forward to participating in the lobbying on Capitol Hill by senior citizens on this issue. Eric E. Sterling, J.D. Assistant Counsel, Subcommittee on Crime, Committee on the Judiciary U.S House of Representatives (1979-1989)

Friend of Truth


Arthur Indenbaum

10 months ago


A dear friend of mine spent three years in prison because of these ridiculous laws. This is a place where liberals libertarians and T party folk can find common ground, it's time for sanity to take hold and legalize medical marijuana.


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