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Hello there! Thank you for checking out my Cirque Arts Fundraiser! I am currently back from a training hiatus due to rehabbing an old shoulder injury. I've been saving money to train... more


Updated posted by Shyla Cameron 4 months ago

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my page! It was inactive for months due to a shoulder injury and PT/yoga/rehab; I now start prelim classes in Portland, Maine the 2nd week of January! Any bits of spare change and sharing this page helps in the efforts for me to further my Circus and Aerial Arts Training! Gracias in advance and Happy Holidays!!!!! - Shyla the Aerial Leopard >^..^<


Updated posted by Shyla Cameron 15 months ago

Just a quick THANK YOU to Matthew Ryan for his awesome Donation yesterday to the Gypsy Aerial Project!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3 Every little bit helps- We've already raised 4.4%!!!!!! AMAZINGGG! Please feel free to share and re-post the link!! Gypsy Panda my lovely assistant below and myself - Thank you all in advance! xo



Updated posted by Shyla Cameron 15 months ago

WOW!!! Can you FEEEEEEEEL the LOVE!?!?!?! 2...count them....TWO fifty dollar donations in 24 hours?!?!?! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! <3 Thank you for making my day Phil and Sean!!!! $2,400.00 more to GO!!! PLEASE - Share and donate to a great Arts Cause!!! <3


Created by Shyla Cameron on January 11, 2013

Hello there! Thank you for checking out my Cirque Arts Fundraiser! I am currently back from a training hiatus due to rehabbing an old shoulder injury. I've been saving money to train; and am almost there.... Since I was a child, I've always been more comfortable, the closer to the sky I get. Flying in planes, Climbing trees, Studying Astronomy and Astrology, Circus Arts, Roller Coasters, Carnival Rides (the ZIPPER!!!!), as well as being completely enamored with Cirque since it's creation around my birth-year in the early 1980's. (Not to be confused with "Circus"-the first use of "traveling show" in 1791.) Growing up, I found an intense; lifelong ; honest; and frustrating love/hate relationship for the Circus. Being an animal lover from birth-and now a Wildlife Conservationist/Wild and Domestic Handler/Dog Trainer, I just couldn't grasp why they would treat animals the way that they sometimes do. How they cage them, like so many have tried to cage people such as myself, and them. It's why some of us are on the road; we don't like living in box cages. I learned to separate my love for animals and circus arts as Cirque grew into Cirque du Soleil. I have trained previously, in Florida, and am now looking for some solid framework to build on my dream of being the best circus arts performer I can be. My goal is to become an experienced and trained Aerial Artist- primarily specializing in Aerial Silks and Static Trapeze. The school I would love to attend has recently started it's progression to be the first Nationally Accredited College to offer a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts/Circus Arts. This school (The Circus Conservatory of America) is as big of a deal as, well, it's bigger than anything I've encountered in my life. And it's opening right in my hometown of beautiful Portland, Maine. The preliminary courses I'm taking at Circus Atlantic, put me at 4 classes a week for a 12 week duration. As well as a Jewelry Metal-Smith Class at MECA to further my business studies. Prelim Classes with Circus Atlantic and MECA start Jan 11, 2014. And I need to make my payments ASAP. That gives me a few short weeks to make this happen! Our economy is tight, and money is hard to come by. I know this all too well. The purpose of this page is to help raise money for a lifelong dream of mine. A donation of a dollar or even fifty cents is a HUGE contribution. 1000 one dollar bills....makes my goal. :D I appreciate any and all help, donations, kind words, and advice, also. Traveling Gypsies always love cookies and shepherds pie as well! Thank you so much for all of your continued love and support! <3<3<3

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Matthew Ryan

15 months ago


As an Army paratrooper and mountain commando, I love being in the air or in the heights.




15 months ago


Hey Shy, Met you down in Myrtle a few years back with Ken U. Hope all is well and good luck. Heading down this year again to Myrtle let me know if you go!




15 months ago




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