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My mother and father live in New Mexico with no other family close by. In 2011 my father, Allen Vaughn, was hospitalized. My brothers and I loaded up the car and hit the road to New Mexi... more


Updated posted by DeAndrea Vaughn-Doom 15 months ago

Today has just put us over the $1,000 mark! Thank you all who have contributed and shared so far! You are all amazing and everyone in my family thanks you so much for the help and support!


Updated posted by DeAndrea Vaughn-Doom 15 months ago

Hey everyone, here is an update: Allen has been moved to acute care in Albuquerque. He has heart failure which was caused by the infection. He is still very sick and is still unable to see or walk. The stitches and staples from his brain surgery have been removed. He will have a heart test in aboutw 2 weeks to see if the infection is still present.


Created by DeAndrea Vaughn-Doom on January 5, 2013

My mother and father live in New Mexico with no other family close by. In 2011 my father, Allen Vaughn, was hospitalized. My brothers and I loaded up the car and hit the road to New Mexico to be with him. He had to have a heart valve replaced. We were all very worried, but he pulled through.

Last year in December, right before Christmas, my father got very sick. He and my mother thought it was just the flu, so they just tried to treat it on their own. He then had a heart attack and a stroke. He was rushed to the hospital. From there he had a very large uphill battle to fight. The valve that was replaced in 2011 had become infected. The infection spread through his heart and his blood system. He lost his vision and can only see shadows. He has two blood clots in his brain and has already undergone one brain surgery to remove an abscess and some infection. The physical therapy people at the hospital have been working with him to get him to be able to stand and to walk, but with the sickness combined with his lack of vision is making it difficult for him.

My dad has been working since he was a young kid. Because of this recent episode he will probably never be able to go back to work again. He has been in the hospital for almost a month now and will need more time there and in physical rehab. With all the time he has been in the hospital and how much more he will need, our family has come in need of some financial help. His medical bills are only increasing. I have set up this donation page to hopefully help out both my parents and my family to pay for the help he needs. 

Anything you can donate would be very appreciated from our entire family. 

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Prayers and Love across the miles from Missouri... Summer 2013 is looking good for you to ride your motorcycle up here for a visit!

posted by Kathy Oxner 15 months ago

Hey Allen and Alma, we have been keeping up with you through facebook and some friends. Just know our prayers are with you every day. Keep the faith and positive attitude. We will be watching to see how things are going. Love and prayers are with you.

posted by Debbie Everitt 15 months ago


posted by Debbie Burt 15 months ago

allen and alma i am praying for you both....and will send this out to you both...

posted by Cecelia Croft 15 months ago

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Brenda Vaughn

14 months ago


Get well soon ,our prayers are with you.




15 months ago



connie garrett williams

15 months ago


Hope you get well soon. Connie garrett williams Conroe, tx



Michael Mistretta

15 months ago


My prayers go out to the Vaughn family for a full and speedy recovery.



Valerie LittleJohn

15 months ago


Best of luck to you and your family! Get well soon.



Curt DuRocher

15 months ago


Best wishes to your pops!




15 months ago (Offline Donation)



Matt Hobart

15 months ago



Jeremy Hoffman

15 months ago




15 months ago


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