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We are thrilled to be adopting from Bulgaria!   Both Molly and Erik have always had the desire to adopt children. We have a desire in our hearts to help children and give them chances... more


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Updated posted by Molly Bruvold 15 months ago

Hello everyone! Today Erik & I received our I-797 approval from the US government which officially approves us to adopt from Bulgaria!!!!
The next step takes about a month or so as we continue to wait for the official word that we have been matched. We have been told to expect this any day now. Following that, we should receive our first travel arrangements :).
Thank you all for your support....and bundle up out there!


Updated posted by Molly Bruvold 16 months ago

Hello everyone,

We had an exciting Friday! After waiting for over a month for our final draft of our home study and approvals from the Hague Convention, we got word that the paperwork had come through. The process was delayed as paperwork had been lost in the mail and forms had to be recreated...We learn more and more everyday that patience is a virtue. For those of you who are new to adoption lingo, the Hague Convention is the authority that approves international adoption to make sure it is legal and in the best interest of the children being adopted.

Molly rushed downtown Indianapolis before work on Friday to pick up the paperwork so we had the remainder of the information to send to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). The forms that will initiate our childrens' immigration process and officially approves us to adopt from Bulgaria were mailed out on Friday. We will now wait for word on yet another finger printing and then the official approval form which takes approximately 3 months.

In the mean time, we are working on gathering documents for our dossier. A dossier includes several legal documents that are sent directly to the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) in Bulgaria who approves us to adopt and coordinates our travel schedules. This cannot be sent to Bulgaria until we have the approval from the USCIS. We are commited to having our ducks in a row to move to the next step in order to get our boys home as quickly as we can.

Thanks for all of your support and prayers! Hopefully we will have another update sooner rather than later!

Molly & Erik


Created by Molly Bruvold on December 4, 2012

We are thrilled to be adopting from Bulgaria!


Both Molly and Erik have always had the desire to adopt children. We have a desire in our hearts to help children and give them chances they may not have otherwise had.  We look forward to them becoming a part of our family, as well as meeting our friends. 


We have already received a preliminary referral for three boys!


Our referall happened sooner than expected, as the boys are considered special needs due to their older ages and that they are all brothers that can only be adopted by somone like us, who are thrilled to adopt all three of them at one time into our family. These will be our first children, and likely our only children.  We couldn't be more excited to be keeping their family together as well as adding to our own family!


Why Bulgaria?

At the beginning of this journey we realized and understood that adoption would be a lengthy process (taking as long as two years or more).  After failing to naturally conceive for a few years, we decided now was the right time to move forward with our desire to adopt. With the help of our adoption agency, we quickly realized Bulgaria was a perfect match for us due to the clarity of their process, the children needing homes, as well as our own family ties with Eastern Europe. 


When could the boys arrive home with us?

We have been committed to this process for nearly six months. As each day passes, we get more and more excited hoping the boys could be here before the 2013 Holidays. Between now and then there are still many steps to complete, forms to submit, two trips to Bulgaria and preparing our home for their arrival. We will keep you posted on this process.


This also gives us some time for fundraising.

The full cost of the adoption process itself could be over $80,000.  This includes legal fees; travel to and from Bulgaria; medical, nutrition and housing costs for the boys; as well as immigration and other governmental fees. In addition to these costs, we are also buying more furniture, bedding, clothing, books and toys for the boys. 


We are sharing this information, not as an expectation of our friends and family to make donations, but rather as a way to allow people to donate if you are so inclined. This also serves as a great way to share information with our friends and family as our process continues.


We certainly appreciate all the support and interest everyone has shown us so far. Our GoFundMe page will help us keep everyone up-to-date while we focus on doing all the paperwork behind the scenes!  We look forward to these boys joining our family and sharing our journey with you. In the meantime, please keep them in your prayers.


Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a possibility for us, either through your friendship, continuous support or donations!


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Mary Ruth and Jeff Banta

13 months ago


We are so excited for you! Wishing you all the best on this journey.



Katie Boots

14 months ago


Good luck, Molly and Erik! You and the boys are in my thoughts and prayers during this hopeful time. Love, Katie



Amy Hein

15 months ago


As the mother of 3 sons, I know they will bring you much joy. And they will be blessed to have you as their mom.



John Haven

15 months ago


Molly and Erik- Good luck with everything and we'll be praying that all goes well!!



Pat Drahota

16 months ago


What an amazing decision. God bless you and your three sons.



Anthony Bloom

16 months ago




16 months ago



Janice Foulds

16 months ago


Wishing you the very best! You were a great coach to Tess - you'll be a fantastic father!




16 months ago



Vicki Grassau

16 months ago


Can't wait to meet the newest members of the family - you will all be in our prayers


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