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Please save preethi from rare disease.  (I came across above video post that poor child preethi is fighting from death, which made me this response...) Update: just spoke with her father, asked him to be brave and mentioned his daughter will... more


Updated posted by Pravin Jarugula 15 months ago

Paper cut from Local edition Dec 29th..

From Paper Cut:
"Preethi prastutam Asian Gastroenterology hospital lo kolukuntundi annaru...

Amey shariram lo kaleyaniki - gundey ku anusandha nichey Naram chala balaheenam ga undi ani, Doctor'lu anduku chikitsha andistunnaru anaru.

Muudu varallalo preethi kolukoni shastra chikitsha cheyinchukunenduku avasaramaina shakti samakurchu kuntundi ani chepparu."


Updated posted by Pravin Jarugula 16 months ago

Enough funds have been raised through media and other sources. Thank you very much one and all for your extended support.

The total donations are transferred to preethi's father account through Money2Anywere and Remit2India (2transactions) of total amount 7,75,224 INR.

Preethi is currently in preoperative care at Asian Institute of Gastroenterology.
Operation date is not scheduled yet. Doctors are waiting her to recover for performing surgery.

Praying and hoping preethi responses well for the operation and recovers completely.
Thank you all for supporting this cause!!
Will post further updates.


Updated posted by Pravin Jarugula 17 months ago

Preethi Live Interview and report from NTV...
Watch her speaking from 4:47 ..

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Created by Pravin Jarugula on November 10, 2012

Please save preethi from rare disease. 
 (I came across above video post that poor child preethi is fighting from death, which made me this response...) 
Update: just spoke with her father, asked him to be brave and mentioned his daughter will be in our prayers and we are there for the support.

Thank you Thank you all for your huge support..

$10,000 is only a part of help... 
As the support is overwhelming, I am going to increase the limit to $15000

Please share for awareness. 

Preethi is suffering from rare disease and would require about 40-50 lacs (INR) for her liver plantation and other surgeries. She wants to live and continue her studies and fulfill her fathers goal. Her father being a taxi driver couldn't afford surgeries, and is seeking help from others to save his daughter life. (He raised 8 lacs till now).

Paper clippings are attached in this webpage.

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated !!

This page is intend for collecting donations and make awareness for the people.

your donations will be collected and posted to her father 

I am going to get all the further details and updates from her father and make sure every penny counts. 

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated !!
ps: Hope this reaches to many and they be a part of Humankind..Wish Preeti get well soon


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Hopefully have a speedy recovery .. God Bless you

posted by Krishnavajjala Ramakrishna 16 months ago

God bless you preety and my prayer to HIM for you..........!!

posted by Bittu Varma 16 months ago

This hospital seems to be greedy. Why don't they do the operation at lesser price if possible ? Anyway, may gold bless you Preeti and our prayers are with you.

posted by Anjith Kumar Paila 17 months ago

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posted by Devesh Reddy 17 months ago

Donated, GOD will definitely fulfill your goals and your parent hopes. God Blesses you.

posted by Satish Kumar 17 months ago

Donated. Hey Preeti, after you're discharged, can you pls go to TV9 n talk to em for a 10 min show? I would like you to show everyone that you're a real player! Get out of the hospital soon!!Best!

posted by Rohit Kumar 17 months ago

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God bless her and she will definitely get well



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God please help!!!



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